merry christmas {eve}


we’ve pulled out the air mattress and set up camp under the christmas tree for the night.   gonna sleep as a family under this big colorful tree  while we wait for christmas to get here!

have a very merry christmas!


  1. Audrey

    What a wonderful Christmas tradition! That sounds like such a magical way to spend Christmas together. I can only imagine the fond memories that will accumulate over the years of quiet moments together under the soft glow of the Christmas tree. :)

  2. Fannie

    How adorable!!! such a cute idea to camp out under the christmas tree!
    merry christmas love!


  3. Your tree is seriously cute. And your littles must feel so special having a sleepover on Christmas Eve!

    happy happy holidays to your family

    love, heather m

  4. Can i babysit your children someday? Please? They are adorable! Oh and i mentioned you on my blog :3

  5. How adorable!

  6. Sasha

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to your lovely family! I read your blog daily, though rarely leave any comments… But every time I see your posts, I feel like you are my model family and like I have a personal privileged sneak peek into your life. :) Thank you for sharing your family love with us!May all four of you have tons of LOVE next year too!

  7. Nicole

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  8. Leanne

    So cute!

  9. Laura

    Merry christmas :)!!

  10. Alisha

    Such a sweet tradition.

  11. bridget

    that’s the sweetest idea. have the happiest christmas!

  12. you guys are so cute!! i love this idea. happy Christmas :)


  13. Lauren Benoit

    What f stop and iso did you use?

  14. ???????

    I Love this post!

  15. Ariel

    that is the cutest idea! i love it. :) I hope you, Josh, E & S all had a very merry christmas. XO

  16. such a beautiful tradition! merry, merry christmas!

  17. Coryann

    What a sweet idea! I never thought of sleeping together as a family by the Christmas Tree. We will have to try that next year : )

  18. That second picture is adorable :) Your babies are perfect.
    And I love the new site, nice work!

  19. ??????

    This is a nice post!

  20. Vanessa

    This is adorable!!

  21. Stephany

    Can I ask where you got your beautiful couch? It’s just gorgeous!

  22. Jaana

    OK seriously? Stealing this tradition. That sounds so cute and fun! I would’ve loved to wake up next to the tree on Xmas morning as a kid! http:/

  23. mary ellen mitchell

    I just wanted to say that I like the new website design. I do think the “we believe” would be more powerful if you said something here about your personal faith, before directing folks to the Mormon webpage. It is just a bit much, and I would be curious to hear why you all follow the LDS church.

  24. Rachel Bakken

    This is completely & utterly adorable. You are such a precious family. Your kidlets will never forget such sweet traditions & will always know the value of family.

  25. Sheree H

    Very colorful tree!