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WE’RE RELAUNCHING OUR SITE TODAY!! and i’m simply thrilled with the redesign of our new website, WWW.LOVETAZA.COM!

i’ve been blogging and doing things for years now as taza, so it feels really good to put the blog and everything we do all together as LOVE TAZA.

i want to thank everyone for their patience since we’ve been working on this relaunch of the LOVE TAZA | ROCKSTAR DIARIES blog for many months now (since june to be exact. JUNE!) …i know you were just as annoyed with my outdated header as i was. ;)

designer breanna rose and web developer zoe rooney are the talent and brains behind this operation, and these ladies are seriously the greatest! they were beyond patient with josh and me and worked so hard with our requests and ideas and goals.

with this new launch come a few new changes and some exciting projects for 2013! we changed platforms (from blogger to wordpress) to give us more flexibility and control with our website design, so everything from the way you comment to the web site’s navigation is tailored to be just the way we want it:

* you can browse some of our favorite posts from the past on our new Once Upon a Time page!

* as you can see by the LOVE TAZA | SHOP button up top, we have a few fun things in store for 2013 and can’t wait to share them soon!

* expect more fun little videos to come this new year on the Film page.

* we have joined forces with SAY Media and updated our sponsor ads.

SAY will help oversee the large ad banner on our sidebar as well as future collaborations. i have thought long and hard about this and are really excited to be partnering with SAY Media.  as a mama of two little ones under the age of two right now, it often feels as though my only time to blog (and keep up with all things blog related) is during those late hours at 2 or 3 in the morning when our apartment is quiet with sleeping babies. i am glad to now have help with that area of the blog so I can focus my time and energy on my family, my life, and our site…which is what i really love.

we are still working out the final kinks from importing everything over from the old site, so thanks for understanding. with over 1,800 posts and 200,000+ comments being imported (wowsa! i’m not sure if blogging that many times is impressive or straight up embarrassing!), there are destined to be some glitches over the next few days.

as always, thank you so much for checking in and reading! it is hard to believe that i have been at this for over 5 years now!  while i’m still surprised quite often that anyone cares to follow along with our day to day life besides my mother, i can’t tell you how much i value my readers and love being a part of the online blogging community.  thank you so much for your encouragement and support over the years!

i love you so…

p.s. don’t forget to update your bookmarks, google readers, and rss feeds to our new URL :: WWW.LOVETAZA.COM

  1. Tracey

    Very cute site! and definitely worth the wait!

  2. i LOVE the new site! your family photo is just adorable! i’ve always wondered {and maybe it’s on here and i just never saw it} why do you refer to yourself as “taza”. i think it is so cute but just wanted to know how you came to it. :)

  3. Bre

    Just had to comment. :) I’m so happy to see our masterpiece UP & RUNNING!! xx – you guys have been so great to work with. More to come!

  4. Mickelle

    love the new design! and the cute family picture at the top!

  5. love the new site! and LOVE your family photo! so adorable!

    over the years i’ve wondered this, why do you refer to yourself as “taza”? it’s probably on the site and i just never saw it. but i’ve often wondered why you do. {it’s super cute}

  6. p.s. i am SOOOOOO excited for your shop to open up! OH MY GOSH!

  7. Michelle

    The new format looks nice! But here’s something I’m REALLY excited about: the Firefox adblocker blocks all your new ads!! Yay for not having to look at really distracting rollover ads in the sidebar!

  8. eliza

    i love it! it is SO fresh! however, i have loved all of your blog designs! i even remember the photo booth pictures way back when! gosh, i feel like i’m your blog friend from long ago!

    keep posting and keeping everyone entertained!!

  9. so so so excited!! love the new layout! i love following you and your family.

  10. Laken

    The new site is gorgeous! It feels so YOU :)

    Ps. I tried adding the new URL to my Google Reader, but it wouldn’t let me. It’s updating to your old BigCartel shop. Just wanted to let you know!

    • TAZA

      can you try emptying your browser cache and trying again? should help as we are getting all the kinks out. and thank you!!!


  11. i like the site! it looks clean and fresh!

    also, maybe i’m doing something wrong, but i tried to put the link ( ) into my blogger reading list and it’s not working…it keeps saying that there’s nothing at this link ( ). It’s not a big deal…I’ll keep trying but i thought I would let you know just in case other people have this problem as well.

    • TAZA

      thanks callie! i think the site is taking a bit of time to adjust. please try again a little later or empty your browser cache and try again. hopefully all the bugs should be out soon!


  12. Tiff

    Love the new look!!!!!!!!!!! I have to echo what another comment was left.. It is so YOU!! xoxoxo

  13. So fresh and cool and absolutely beautiful!! I love it!

  14. Alexandra

    I am in Canada and have followed your blog (and instagram) for over a year now. I just adore your little family, each one of you is just so lovely and I almost feel like I know you! Like if I ever saw you I could say Hey! and you would say Hey! back. Keep blogging and we will all happily keep reading :)

  15. claire

    LOVE the new look! Seriously impressed and tickled!

  16. Shannon

    This just made my day! What a great look.

  17. Liz

    i don’t think i’ve ever commented before, but i’ve been a faithful reader for awhile. just wanted to say i love the new site! i can’t even imagine all the works that goes into this blog – thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us!

  18. Melissa

    Love the new site!
    I just read another user comment by “Alexandra” and I have to agree! I feel like I know you and your family! Can we be best friends? I can’t wait to see where your adventures take you!

  19. Danae

    Oh my, this is incredible!! Totally caught me by surprise when I came over to your site.

    I use WordPress as well and am designing it myself, but it is NOTHING like this!! (I’m very beginner with design, very… beginner) Definitely impressive work to your designer!

    Congrats to your new blog design and I look forward to seeing all the new projects and posts that come with it :)


  20. Danae

    Oh my, this is incredible!! Totally caught me by surprise when I came over to your site.

    I use WordPress as well and am designing it myself, but it is NOTHING like this!! (I’m very beginner with design, very… beginner) Definitely impressive work to your designer!

    Congrats to your new blog design and I look forward to seeing all the new projects and posts that come with it :)


  21. It looks beautiful Naomi! So exciting for you to finally have it up after all that time! And I cannot wait to see what is in the shop come 2013. That was one of the first buttons I noticed :)

  22. Gwynne

    Amazing! I love it so much. Well done to your team! I’m also excited to see what’s to come in the new year. :)

  23. Alisha

    Loving the whole design. Everything from the font, to the layout is so fun and pretty :) I cannot wait to see the new shop!

  24. Emily

    A-mazing! I mean, I thought it was pretty awesome before, but this is something else! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us …

  25. Sonja

    This is awesome!!! Looks Great! Very you (guys)! :o)
    I love it!

  26. it’s so CUTE!! and glad you finally have all family members represented up top!! can’t wait to look thru all of the new stuff on the site! congrats lady!

  27. Leti

    CONGRATS! I love the new desing and the header pic! Samson needed his moment of glory :) Looks like 2013 is going to be a great year for you guys. Cheers from Argentina!

  28. Etyna look…love u & baby E :)

  29. Krista

    I love the new look!!! The design is so you!!! I cannot wait to see the shop!!!


  30. Cory Ann

    The new site is fantastic! The ladies did a great job : )

  31. Sarah

    Looks like a lot of hard work went into the redesign. Congratulations, it looks great!

  32. Diana

    Love the new site!

  33. Victoria

    How very beautiful! Best wishes!

  34. Julie

    I LOVE the new site! My blog roll still has your old link in it, but kicks me over here, so that’s cool!

  35. Emily

    I love the new site! I’m also in love with your glasses in the photos above!! Where are they from?

  36. lexi

    This is amazing! Congratulations! You will love WordPress (I have so much flexibility with them, which I love.) And five years — wow!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  37. valerie

    I like the look of the new site mostly. I have to say I think the ads are a little too big. they really take away from your photos which is the best part of your blog. Maybe you could resize the photos? It’s not the end of the world if not but I thought you might care to hear an honest opinion. Again, I do like the site but I just wish your photographs were larger.

  38. Chloe

    LOVE the new look! :)

  39. love, love, love it – the whole design is just so charming and sweet. xoxo.

  40. Maria Eugênia Caminha

    Congrats, seriously! I love how simple, happy and YELLOW this new design looks. It is super Naomi, I guess. :} Looking forward to the news you guys have. This is one of the few blogs I keep on following, just because I feel honesty and happiness. Huge hug. xoxo

  41. Vanessa

    Bre is constantly amazing me! this is so beautiful! happy holidays!

  42. Simone

    So exciting, it looks amazing! You have been busy.

  43. love the new layout. My old link to your blogger page got me here- will that expire? Enjoy settling into your new blog surroundings!

  44. michelle

    love the new design! congrats on everything and i can’t wait to see what goes up in the “shop” page :)

  45. Lacey

    This is amazing! I am so happy for you! Congrats on the new design, it looks great!

  46. Congrats, Naomi! Your new site looks absolutely wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed going through your Favorites section and reading through past entries. You have such a knack for putting your words together in such an endearing yet humorous way. I look forward to seeing what you put up in your Shop and to seeing more Films in the future. Eleanor mimicking you as a photographer is just the absolute best. :)

  47. Laura

    Taza I am a fashion student living in Chicago and I read every new post on your blog and love seeing your little family on Instagram. You don’t know me but I want to thank you for opening up your life to us on the Internet. I hope to have a family like yours one day so full of life and love. It is such a blessing to see a believer share the word and raise there children in the faith. I love seeing all the pictures of your baby’s Samson and elenore. Soo cute!!! You bring a little joy to my busy life in the city, something you can empathize with. Sorry to drag on. Keep it up I love your blog!

  48. Starry Girl

    Just love your new format!

  49. People read your everyday life because you’re like a little Mormon celebrity. You’re picture perfect family, clothes, home, etc. You went to Juilliard! You live in NYC! It’s more of a story-book then real life….I’m a fan! :)

  50. Mare

    LOVE the new layout/look. Seriously amazing and fits perfectly with where you guys are at now.


  51. Z

    welcome to wordpress! so glad the site is launching how you want it to – I love the refreshed look! can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2013!!!

  52. Sheree H

    This is fabulous! Congrats on the new site design. If it makes your life easier – then by all means partner with Say Media! I’ll definitely be checking out the designers that did your site :)

  53. love. this. the new design is killer and i’m so excited to see what is to come! what a great collaborative effort this must have been, and all the hard work most certainly paid off—looks refreshing and simple while still being original and authentic to your voice and perspective. :)

  54. Bea


  55. Rachel

    Awe!! Congrats!! The new site looks amazing!! I’m so excited for you guys!!


  56. Laura

    Hi, Naomi and Josh! I am pretty much in love with the new look! It really is fantastic, and I loved being able to see your favorite posts from the past few years! I’ve been following your blog since May and I have to say, it always makes my day when you guys have a new post!

    Thank you so much for letting your followers into your lives a little bit! You have a beautiful family and I hope someday that I am blessed enough to have one like it. :)

  57. Leticia

    Great job to all the ladies involved! It’s absolutely adorable!

  58. jessica grant

    cute update but sad to see your advert column is as wide as your content column.

  59. Laura

    Oh Naomi, the new design is a delight! I’ve just updated my Google Reader and it all worked perfectly. Looking forward to more beautiful posts in 2013!

  60. oceane

    Its beautiful, but really small when ur using an ipad or a android tablet like me. Its like the adds are bigger than ur contribution!

    • TAZA

      thanks for the feedback! we will take a look at it!

  61. Desire

    I really enjoy reading your blog! Love the new site.
    Go on with the things you do!

    You even have European fans, I’m one of them ;)

  62. Robmary

    Do you have it set up with google friend connect? Can you on a WordPress blog? Let me know :) love and have been reading your blog since before Eleanor was born, so excited to see all the changes!

    • TAZA

      sadly google friend connect does not work with WP. but all rss feeds should still be working!

  63. Ironiqa

    I love the new look of your blog! I enjoy reading it and it helps me with my english a lot, I think. ;P I’m so thrillled to be able to read about your lovely family, espacially about those two little angels, Samson and E. God bless you! Sending a lot of love from Slovakia. xoxo

  64. Jen

    oh I adore the new site!! and it’s so easy to look back on all your cute posts! I need to make the jump from blogger to wordpress soon and am scared… ha! yours turned out so nice though!

  65. kristina

    i am a little sad! just a little! I loved the other site and the layout, but this looks very cute and i am very curious what will come!

    congatulations to your new site!

  66. Amy

    Love the new format… excited to see your shop and more adventures of your beautiful family x

  67. Claire

    Luuuurve the new design!! Can’t wait to see what goodies you will be selling in your shop!! How exciting!! I get inspiration daily from your blog. You are such an inspiring family! Keep up the good work guys!! x

  68. Ewie

    Hi Taza!

    Congratulations on your new site! It looks amazing, well done!

    I think it must just be me struggling with the new navigation as no one else has commented – but when I click away from the main homepage I can’t get back to it! If I click the banner it says something about registration and a link back is t on the toolbar divisions either.

    How do you get back to the main homepage with your feeds once you click out of it?


    • TAZA

      hi ewie! i’m not sure what that is happening! i’ll check with zoe. you should be able to click the big logo up top and have it take you back to the main page. there are a few glitches we are still working out. thanks for your patience!

  69. Ewie

    No wait! I just figured it! It’s the black round banner! I’m dumb!



  70. I really love your new place!!! I follow you since long time ago and I love your blog… Congratulations for this fantastic blog!!

  71. Anne

    I’ve be loving your blog since a long time and with the new layout I love it even more! You and your family are so inspiring! Always a great start to the day with a nice cup of tea and my favorite blogs!

  72. Edna

    It looks amazing

  73. colleen

    i like it!!! (although i do miss it being centered, but like that really matters). i remember coming across your blog when i was working 100 hours a week at my first job in nyc – at that time you had about 200 or 300 followers. and i would spend so many late hours at work taking a break from my reality and enjoying yours…telling myself “it gets better!” haha. it’s so amazing to see where this site has come since then and how your little family has grown. congrats on it all naomi – you should be very proud.

  74. Anne

    i love your new blog! I was so suprised when it first opened up today, but totally love how it all turned out and it represents what you are as a family, Your new page is fun and it makes me happy to look at it and follow you guys through your day to day life! Your blog inspires people to enjoy everything they do, because that is what you try to do too!
    All the best and congrats from snowy Germany!

  75. Eli

    I love the new design, so fresh and colourful, just right in the middle of the winter. Great move!! xx

  76. tiffany

    fabulous! what a beautiful design you, josh, and breanna & zoe have created!! i know you must be so happy (and relieved) for it to be done!
    and an early merry merry christmas to you and yours…

    xo, t.

  77. Carly


    I love the new re-design. Well done Naomi, Breanna and Zoe. It looks like a perfect little place to share your families stories.

    Have a wonderful christmas and new year.

    Love from a fan in London. UK.

  78. Bekuh

    I love the new site! It’s so fresh, clean, and fun just like you! I think your content is going to pop even more now. Congrats!

  79. claire

    LOVing the new look! So fresh and funky and easy to navigate. Fantasticals x

  80. Katie

    The new site looks amazing and I bet you are totally excited. I love it. :)

  81. Nicole

    Congrats! The site looks amazing.

  82. Nicole

    Congrats! the site looks amazing.

  83. Dalia

    Congratulations! Your page looks awesome! :)

  84. toytulip

    I was recently thinking that you are way overdue changing your header, since baby Samson arrived!

    The site looks gorgeous! Keep up the happy blogging! :)

  85. Laura

    such a pretty design! the new page really looks awesome :).

  86. amanda

    love this! but your pictures are so small :( sad :( also i have adblocker so almost half the page is blank!

    • TAZA

      the pictures are actually the exact same size as my old layout! they haven’t changed in size a bit!

  87. Dulce

    I loved the new desing, but i’m going to miss the pic of your puppy :/ he was such a great character

  88. Wendi

    Gorgeous! Love the new look! And, yes, you’re right: I’ve been waiting for months to see what you guys come up with. It’s lovely! And I love that all your favorites are archived by photo.

  89. Sarah

    I love the new site! Looks wonderful!

  90. Carly

    I might try putting the ads on the right. That way the content hits you first, since people read left to right. As they are now, they’re extremely distracting. Which may be the goal if you want people to click on them … I honestly found the old layout much more appealing. People come here for your wonderful self and your great content, not to be hit in the face with a bunch of ads.

  91. Ana

    I absolutely love the new look! I am so excited for what is to come and I wish you and your beautiful family the best the world has to offer! :)

  92. caitlin

    Eeeek… love, love, love it!!!

  93. Beth

    The new site design is just fantastic! I love your blog & I’m excited to keep reading & enjoying your new changes:) Congrats!!

  94. Amy

    It looks soooo great! I’m excited for your new-ness!

  95. Ilaria

    I love your new website! Great job!

  96. Steph

    Ah!!!! It’s beautiful!!! The only downside for me is that you are twisting my arm to spend even more time on your site when I should be doing other things! ; )

  97. Valorie

    YAY FOR THE NEW SITE! Omg i love it! it’s so… you! Very cute site! and definitely worth the wait! I’m so exited for the next year in this new site! Merry Christmas!