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WE’RE RELAUNCHING OUR SITE TODAY!! and i’m simply thrilled with the redesign of our new website, WWW.LOVETAZA.COM!

i’ve been blogging and doing things for years now as taza, so it feels really good to put the blog and everything we do all together as LOVE TAZA.

i want to thank everyone for their patience since we’ve been working on this relaunch of the LOVE TAZA | ROCKSTAR DIARIES blog for many months now (since june to be exact. JUNE!) …i know you were just as annoyed with my outdated header as i was. ;)

designer breanna rose and web developer zoe rooney are the talent and brains behind this operation, and these ladies are seriously the greatest! they were beyond patient with josh and me and worked so hard with our requests and ideas and goals.

with this new launch come a few new changes and some exciting projects for 2013! we changed platforms (from blogger to wordpress) to give us more flexibility and control with our website design, so everything from the way you comment to the web site’s navigation is tailored to be just the way we want it:

* you can browse some of our favorite posts from the past on our new Once Upon a Time page!

* as you can see by the LOVE TAZA | SHOP button up top, we have a few fun things in store for 2013 and can’t wait to share them soon!

* expect more fun little videos to come this new year on the Film page.

* we have joined forces with SAY Media and updated our sponsor ads.

SAY will help oversee the large ad banner on our sidebar as well as future collaborations. i have thought long and hard about this and are really excited to be partnering with SAY Media.  as a mama of two little ones under the age of two right now, it often feels as though my only time to blog (and keep up with all things blog related) is during those late hours at 2 or 3 in the morning when our apartment is quiet with sleeping babies. i am glad to now have help with that area of the blog so I can focus my time and energy on my family, my life, and our site…which is what i really love.

we are still working out the final kinks from importing everything over from the old site, so thanks for understanding. with over 1,800 posts and 200,000+ comments being imported (wowsa! i’m not sure if blogging that many times is impressive or straight up embarrassing!), there are destined to be some glitches over the next few days.

as always, thank you so much for checking in and reading! it is hard to believe that i have been at this for over 5 years now!  while i’m still surprised quite often that anyone cares to follow along with our day to day life besides my mother, i can’t tell you how much i value my readers and love being a part of the online blogging community.  thank you so much for your encouragement and support over the years!

i love you so…

p.s. don’t forget to update your bookmarks, google readers, and rss feeds to our new URL :: WWW.LOVETAZA.COM

  1. Sarah

    Welcome to WordPress! It’s wonderful! Love the redesign and love your little growing family. You make me antsy to have kiddos!

  2. Kimberly

    I am a fairly new reader since just before I had my little in August, I love it! So, I might be new to the game but I think I missed what “Taza” is…. I know your name is Naomi, so what is Taza? Just curious! Love the new site. But I agree, the ads should go on the right, it’s all i see now!

  3. Shelby

    Love the changes! Your blogging has to change with you. Reflects who and where you are in life.

  4. shauna

    It looks fantastic! Congratulations! Breanna Rose and Zoe are true geniuses! xo

  5. Amie

    YAY! So excited for you! The new site looks wonderful!
    Merry Christmas to you & yours!!

  6. ??

    It’s great! Congrats on the new site and on your blogging success!

    (however, this comment form is wayyy too bright/light. can’t see it too well)

  7. Timi

    Congratulations! The new site is beautiful too.

  8. Marie

    love the new layout! It has that warm cosy homely feeling, can’t really put it into proper words. Hahaha. Looking forward to your e-shop!

  9. nina

    great new website. i am a big fan of your blog and always enjoy your little family adventures. merry christmas from germany <3

  10. kaela d.

    love the new site. so so sweet and cute. particularly love the SAY ad on the sidebar that says a puppy is not a present. that makes my heart happy because there are too many animals out there that are not properly prepared for or taken care of. so nice to see that.

  11. naomi, i am so excited about this! i have followed your blog for years, commented here and there- and have always thought you are just amazing. i got really bugged (for you:) today about how you have to deal with people being so stupid on your instagram!! and i am so impressed that you handle everything with so much grace and kindness towards everyone . you really are an incredible person, and a light to so many people. and it is amazing how much missionary work you have been able to do. hats off to you sister!! and ps, about your redesign! woohoo! love it! breanna is the bomb dot com. love her. she is doing my blog right now, i cant stand mine, and i just have dropped off the blogging planet because of it! she is so wonderful, isnt she? love what you have done:)

  12. and dont feel about about it taking so long, we have been working on mine forever too!! haha

  13. Rachel

    I love it! Looks awesome – love the color scheme :)

  14. Katie

    Really like that you have a “we believe” tab that redirects to I appreciate what you’re doing for our religion and I especially appreciate that it’s a part of your every day life and not something that needs to be sensationalized or drawn to only when it’s convenient. I appreciate your sincerity.

  15. Your new website is beautiful! I especially love the “once upon a time” part. It is a fun way to get to see different posts!

  16. Kim

    I LOVE it!!!

  17. Corinne

    Beautiful! It looks great. I love the photo of your family, too.

  18. This has me all kinds of inspired to revamp my lil ol’ blog. The site looks amazing!

  19. Carrie

    I love the new look! It’s very clean and organized around here :) I’m in ♥ with the color scheme. It looks really good! ;)

    I’m adding a shop to my website, as soon as 2013 gets here! I’m really excited about that :D

  20. Charissa

    Oh my GOSH! I love the new redesign! Will definitely be by more often– the new header pic of the family is SO cute too!! I’m so excited for the shop too– can’t wait to see what comes of that!

    Charissa from the Smashbook

  21. Gemma

    I really like the new design! :) However my two small suggestions would be that I was really enjoying the new “once upon a time” tab, but i would like it better if we could click on each picture and open a new tab for the post, as opposed to only being able to read one at a time.

    Also, like another commenter said (and maybe this is just on internet explorer?) but the comment form is SOOO light. I am basically closing my laptop to be able to make it out!

  22. JP

    LOVE the layout. Congrats! :)

  23. kylie

    the new look looks awesome. great design and functionality. i’d love to get mine all spiffied up! you guys are too cute for your own good.

  24. I really love the new layout! So cute. Looks like it took a lot of time!

  25. Melissa

    Beautiful new site! Congrats!

  26. Pamela

    loooooooove the new look! it’s absolutely perfect.

  27. Sarah Boo

    Site looks good! Question: where did you buy your glasses? Can you say? I feel like I have lookeded everywhere online for Oliver Goldsmith eyeglasses, your frames, and others, but I can’t find them anywhere. I’ve had the same pair of glasses for years and I want to get something new. I definitely have my “eye” on yours. I know. Lame pun.

  28. ashley

    Really nice new design. The colour scheme is great and a great fit for the LoveTaza brand.

  29. S

    LOVE IT! love your little family! :)
    Thanks for all the joy you give all of us xx

  30. A

    I’ve been reading your blog for two years now, and while I love the idea of a fresh update, I am sad to see that your content is now the same width on the page as your ads. The user experience is compromised by having to scroll more, and your gorgeous photos now compete with huge ads spaces on the left. It’s really hard to read :(

  31. Libre

    I too am a big fan of site refreshes and there are many components of this update that I love, and I look forward to seeing the Shop section next year too!! However I am disheartened by the advertising appearing so strongly on the left hand side of the page as it overwhelms the user experience by hitting you in the head with its presence. As someone above rightly commented, because we all read left to right, it gives advertising the prominence on the page (it may be the size of the ads combined with them being on the left side as well, as I have seen a few other sites with smaller ads on the left, and size matters). I understand from your comment above too that your images are still the same size as they’ve been, but like a few others have mentioned the images “feel” smaller to us because the effect of placing ads on the left changes the dynamic and no longer makes the content that we love so much the hero of this page. I realize the vast majority of the comments have been overwhelmingly positive, but hope that some constructive comments are considered as well. A few options you might consider seeing mocked up are flipping the content/ads, so content & images appear on the left, ads on the right, which would allow the content to appear more centered in the browser window, or reducing the size/prominence of the ads in the left column, allowing the content to be more of the hero again. As well, you receive so many comments on your posts (a great thing!), you might want to consider adding a “return to top” button that travels with you as you scroll down the page, to reduce the amount of scrolling necessary. Just my two cents. :) I love your site and coming to it every day and would love for the user experience to be just as awesome as the content!

  32. libre

    as a followup… sorry for the long message. I just quickly checked out SAY media since I was wondering if your ads being on the left had to do with their standards, and I clicked through to most of their member sites (great sites, so you’re in good company) and found that they all have their ads on the right, as is the predominant practice on the web. I’m all for challenging the norm but there are some standards that have good visual rationale for being why they are. Keep your content the hero! The end :)

    • TAZA

      thank you for this, libre! i really appreciate your feedback. i hadn’t even thought about how we read from left to right so the ads on the left side over the right (like the old blog) may be distracting. it’s great feedback. i’ll keep this in mind over the next few days as i take in the new layout and try to sort everything out. thanks again!

  33. Stella

    I LOVE the new site. It’s still the classic, clean look I love but with an updated, fun feel. You and your blog are adorable and uplifting and I think the new design really reflects that! (And on a side note, I don’t know why so many have their panties in a twist over your ads being on the left side… I don’t think they take over at all and actually prefer them on the left side… just my two cents)

  34. Grace

    This new site is stunning! So fresh, fun & enjoyable. The “Once Upon a Time” is just so perfect ! So excited to follow you & your beautiful family’s journey..thanks for taking us along!!

  35. Minnie

    While your new site really is pretty I have to say that it’s a bit disheartening that one of my favorite blogs is slowing losing the authentic touch. I wish bloggers would do good by their readers. You gained a following from the fun, exciting young couple/family – you told a story and allowed your readers to enjoy, and become a part of your virtual life.You provided a sense of “life is beautiful, life has so much to offer, and most importantly, life gets good.” Now, while you still may be trying to convey that message it’s so bogged down with sponsors and partnerships and… sponsored posts?! I loved so much that your blog was just a fun way to document life and now it seems like you’re just doing enough posts with just enough effort to keep a following and make money. Before you had posts of things you were upset with, random photos of impromtu newlywed outings around NYC, you gave real feelings and emotions, and now everything is so picture picture – so fake. While I still will drop in and read along from time to time, (because I do have to give you credit with helping me see the brighter side to life during my darkest days), I just had to voice my opinion, instead of being a silent reader as I have for the past few years.

  36. Shannon C.

    Hello. I love the layout. The only thing I find distracting is that the ads are on the left side. That is all my eye wants to go to. Maybe consider putting them on the right so that your content is the focus. Just and idea. You have a great blog and I enjoy reading it very much.

  37. Ali

    Taza, where did all of your old posts go? I miss them!!!

  38. Jessica

    OMG- so exciting!!! I love the new look. And I can’t wait to see what else your cooking up!

  39. Ash

    YAY! Looks great and works SO much smoother with my iPhone. Happy for you all. Here’s to a great new year and many more post! Xa

  40. Lisa

    it is wonderful!! I really enjoy reading your blog and while all the other blogs I read change from time to time, yours stayed in my top 5 for almost 3 years now. Thanks for sharing your stories with us! I wish you and your family all the best!! lots of love from an addicted german reader xx

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  42. Holly

    I really love the new look, Naomi!

    I wanted to point out a few quirks that I see on my end though. I use Internet Explorer on my work computer and your navagation bar seperates in three peices at different lines at the top when I’m on the main page. It looks correct when you click on an individual post though. Also, down in the comments section where you enter your name/email/website – it’s just blank boxes – doesnt say what to enter for each box. (I knew what to put becasue I’ve filled a few out before :)

    I know the site is new and you’re working on kinks, just wanted to point these out! I’m excited to keep following along with the new & improved site!


  43. Heather

    I just adore your new page….its fresh, simple and fun! Love it!

  44. Katie

    I agree with the reader who said the ads are too big. They are practically the same size as your photos, so they are very distracting. Also, there’s a lot of white space to the left of the ads. Perhaps the ads could be scooted over a bit so they’re not so central to the page? (I have no idea how web design works so maybe my comments are useless.) Love your blog, though!

  45. So great the new layout! Lovely!! Can’t wait to see what will you be selling on your shop!! love love love!!!!

  46. Hélène

    Hi !

    What is the font used for the logo ?

  47. I really love the new design of your blog. I’m so excited about it that does not get tired of looking and looking.