life’s messy moments, plus a big giveaway!

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when the clorox company asked if i’d be a part of their bleach it away program, i didn’t even have to think about it. absolutely! because if you know me, you know i don’t go anywhere without my trusted bleach pen. my love for the tiny thing all started when that stranger in the subway handed me one after i spilt chocolate gelato down my white blouse and looked like an idiot waiting for the train 4 or 5 years ago. oh, the good ol’ days.  
since then, i have become a mother of two. and if motherhood has taught me anything, it’s that the messy moments are endless.  i am one of those mothers that lets my children play with their food (somehow my very picky eater will eat it if she can draw, touch or build with it first.) i am also one of those mothers who allows us to eat in bed (remember this?).  so naturally, we have a lot of messes around this apartment! it seems that clorox created the bleach it away site to remind you and me both that we’ll have to be ready to handle all the messy and crazy moments life has in store (and while doing so, there are some seriously hilarious messy moment stories being shared.) 
we have partnered with clorox to giveaway 3 prizes to 3 rockstar diaries readers today! the first prize is $300 plus a fun prize pack and the second and third winners will receive $100 and a prize pack each!  to enter to win, please share one of your messiest moments below! be sure to visit bleach it away and check out some of the messy 1-liner stories others are sharing! you can share yours there, as well.  the 3 winners will be drawn at random and announced next week. 

*this post and giveaway is sponsored by the clorox company.

  1. I once completely forgot about a pot of black beans boiling on the stove, and left the house for 4 hours!

    Thankfully, when I got home there was no fire, but our place was FULL of smoke. It was awful. We had to scrub every hard surface (walls and in cupboards), wash all of our clothes and blankets, and sprinkle baking soda repeatedly on our brand new mattress.

    I now will NEVER leave the house with the stove on again!

  2. If I'm being honest Haha, my two year old son recently threw up in his car seat. now THAT was gross AND messy :.

  3. One of our messiest moments was when my daughter got sick on a car trip. We had to clean the entire back seat of our van.

  4. Every morning when our 10-month old Golden Retriever runs in the kitchen with red clay all over his feet!

  5. Babe

    Making pies and filling the crusts way too full…pie filling everywhere! Me, the floor, the oven…oy!

  6. Allygirl

    Dairy Queen blizzard on my lap. Nuff said

  7. Playing in the mud in my backyard with my best friend when we were 6. Of course we were both wearing white leggings!

  8. eli

    Housesitting (Day one). The owners had a huge Great Dane. Came to the home the first evening and (apparently) she managed to snag a cookie from island that upset her stomach (while the family was still there). Diarrhea. Everywhere. I didn't know an animal could produce that much. In almost every room of the house. Gagged/almost threw up trying to scrub every room. To top
    it off, the family didn't end up even paying me!

  9. Alix

    When my daughter first learned to take off her diaper. I wasn't feeling well so I was laying on the couch while she played on the floor beside me. I smelled that she had pooped but I guess I didn't get to it in time because by the time I stood up, she had smeared the poop all over the carpet, herself, and every object within reach. I was in complete shock, started laughing, and put her in the tub immediately! I've learned to embrace the messes, just you said. And they do make for great stories. Alix

  10. amanda

    We flip plates of food over all the time…no kids involved!

  11. Laura-Lu

    Being a messy eater, findind a spill or two on my shirt happens quite often. Add this 7-month pregnant belly to the equation and it's a guarantee spill-catching haven. Need that bleach pen!

  12. I am always spilling things on myself! However, one time in high school I went to throw away my food, and the kid behind me bumped into me and spilled his food all over my side. It was terrible.. I think I just went home instead of borrowing clothes from the lost and found. That would have been more embarrassing.

  13. KCN

    i had a very messy moment today taking my toddler out for sushi (cooked!). i currently am covered in pineapple juice, rice and tempura flakes. it's amazing how quickly that happened!

  14. Kelly

    My husband spilling very red wine on very new, very beige carpet.

  15. megan h.

    My sister's six children + a chocolate fountain on Christmas = finding little chocolate handprints on doorknobs and other mysterious places for days!

  16. Kendra

    Putting a half-full Izze soda into my fabric-lined tote bag, only to realize later that the bottle and metal cap is more pretty than functional.

  17. My dog loves running through grass and mud, then insists on climbing into my bed and walking all over my white duvet. It's a good thing he's cute. :) Thank you for this giveaway!

  18. B

    Oil. I hate when I get oil on my skirts while cooking – happens all the time unfortunately.

  19. My son decided to make cookies while I was taking a shower. Did I mention he's 3?

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. Messiest moment…when a sprite exploded in the kitchen. We thought it was all cleaned up until a few weeks later. Great fun.

  21. Oh my heck! I have one mess after one mess! I was watching my nephew and he got into the elmer's glue….took off the lid and poured it all over him and all over the house…glue EVERYWHERE!!!!

  22. (Thanks for this opportunity!)

    After finally becoming an aunt, I decided to take the 1-year-old nephew to the Museum. Beginning to feel like a pro at wheeling a toddler around an elegant site, I thought I could handle a quick diaper change in the restroom. I have never changed a baby boy diaper and before I realized it, the floor of the restroom, the changing table, the changing bag, and my dress had been thoroughly sprayed. I wanted to burst into tears. Everyone gave me the look of horror in the restroom as they awarded me worst mom of the year with their eyes.

  23. kimiko26

    Our messiest moment was when my son spilled his tall glass of milk all over the dining table which seeped through the cracks and dripped onto our new area carpet.

  24. the first we let the baby 'feed' himself…and every time since!

  25. My husband cooking in the kitchen always leads to a sizely mess. I use Clorox wipes frequently in this little house of ours.

  26. Spaghetti night… always.

  27. Messiest moment — would have to be the first time I let my puppy off-leash in the park (he was 6 months old) and he dove right on into a big pool of muddy water and wouldn't leave. thank goodness i was wearing my hunter rainboots as i had to fish him out! it was a fun experience though letting him 'let loose' for the first time. that's what messy is all about.