1. I love your blog and it's a great inspiration.
    lots of love and warm greetings from Germany

  2. Amar

    I just love this kid, enjoy baby , God bless you

  3. Jenny

    does anyone know where the lion hat came from? I did a search on the blog and google and can't seem to find it…

  4. There's something about trees and wreaths for sale in the middle of the city that's so beautiful. Looks like you're having a happy holiday so far!

  5. I probably drive my husband insane but every time you or Josh post cute pictures of the kids I have to turn my phone and show my husband. They are just too, too adorable.

  6. I Lelli

    we absolutely love your pics so full of life so full of love ….

    xo from Italy, xo from Lelli Family

  7. Anonymous

    I think a UK greeting card site has used one of your xmas pictures in it's adverts ! I couldn't find the ad itself on youtube but the name of the company is Moonpig.
    Not sure if I should link to it (I'm not spamming you!)