firenze, italia!

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yep. we’ve been back a month now and i’m still not done recapping our time in italy. with the holidays  approaching, my two littles, and the fact that it gets dark by 5pm these days (i mean, really!) i just don’t know where the time goes. but good news is, here are a few photos from our time in florence if you’d like to see.  we were only there for a day and a night. and to put it simply, not long enough! this city was unreal.  seeing michelanglo’s david in person, walking through the old market, all of those beautiful narrow streets and well dressed italians on bikes with baskets and old fashioned bells…  plus, we had rice gelato in florence and i’m pretty sure nothing will top that in this lifetime.  try as hard as you’d like, non-rice-flavored gelato, but it’s just not going to happen.
  1. that picture of Elanor and the horse KILLS ME! too cute.

  2. Katie

    I was there for a few days this summer! I loved it – and it looks like you all did too :)

  3. beautiful photos!! can't wait to visit!!!

  4. Great photos! Thanks for sharing your family adventures with us.

    P.S. Love your purple dress! Where's it from?

  5. Keep these Italy photos coming! And by the way, that purple dress you are rocking is SMASHING : )

  6. Kim

    Ahhh, Florence. My favorite. I could live there. Maybe someday I will ;-)

  7. rtkce

    LOVE your purple dress!

    Great pictures! Thank you for sharing! Very jealous of your trip!


  8. Lucy

    Yay i'm so excited to go back to Florence in January after seeing your pics! xx

  9. Erika

    that dress is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

  10. Oh I love these pictures. They make me want to go to Italy so so badly!! It looks like you guys had tons of fun!


  11. Blicious

    i love this post so much because my Husband and I are moving from CA to Florence in Feb. :)

  12. l.c.s.

    You take amazing pictures! I hope you are enjoying NYC— but I miss your posts about DC (since I live here and loved seeing that we went to all the same places but somehow never crossed paths)!


  13. I am thinking about visiting Florence next year, and maybe Tuscany. Your pictures make me want to be there right now!
    Eleanor looks so adorable in the last picture.

  14. Even though your visit was over a month ago, I'm still very much in love with your photos! Keep em coming :)

  15. Your pictures, that purple coat, and little E = love.

  16. Eleanor watching that street musician – oh the cuteness. that picture is just pure happiness.

  17. kristyn

    your purple dress is so cute!! and rice gelato?! how creative! what a wonderful trip :)


  18. That picture of little E with the guitar player???? Oh it brings such joy! I love it!

    Merry Christmas!


  19. your little girl always looks like she is having the BEST time of her entire life and that proves you are both doing something right!

  20. Maggie

    A few years ago I was on that same carousel! It looks like you guys loved Florence as much as we did. Great photos!

  21. I will be traveling around Europe for three months this summer with a study abroad program. I am beyond excited! There will be a lot of walking, but I still want to look fashionable without resorting to tennis shoes. Yuk. You should totally do a "how to look cute and comfy while traveling" post! It would help me out tremendously! Thanks Taza!

  22. kate

    I am so thankful you have posted all about your wonderful adventures in Italy! I am studying abroad in Italy in January, and I cannot wait to try all of your suggestions! Your pictures are absolutely amazing, and every post continues to make me that much more excited about January. PS you may have heard this once or twice before but, your dress/entire outfit is great! Hope to be as stylin' as you in Italia. ;)

  23. Precious! I love the last picture of E on the carousel. She looks so happy.

  24. Florence was my favourite of the cities I visited on my trip to Italy. I was there for about the same amount of time you were and, yes, I agree, that wasn't enough. Gotta go back!

  25. wow! your pictures are amazing. i was in firenze in january, but the weather was really bad, so our photos aren't good … :/
    but maybe next time ;)


  26. thank you everyone! my purple dress is from ASOS for those who asked.


  27. This looks dreamy! and you are a gorgeous looking family! wow! i love all the colors and all of you and the pictures!

  28. sarah

    Hi Naomi! You may have already answered this but I have looked and can not seem to find the source, but where did you get your scarf??! (if you don't mind me asking?!)
    Beautiful pictures by the way! My fiance and I are thinking of heading there for our honeymoon next year! (also in the non-peak season :)

  29. okay i have concluded three things from all these italy posts:
    1. i need to go to italy, obviously.
    2. i need to try that rice gelato!
    3. i envy your fashion style so much! you are so classic & chic. i need a few tips! help us ladies out! ;)

  30. I studied abroad in Florence and looking through these photos brings back amazing memories. Walk by the Duomo every day doesn't happen enough!