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i still can’t believe what happened on friday in connecticut. this world we live in is beyond scary sometimes. i have been holding and hugging my family all weekend long… they are what i live for. losing one of them would destroy me. and yet people lose loved ones every day… i just don’t know how they do it. i can’t imagine what the families in connecticut must be going through who lost children or loved ones. how do you carry on after something like that?  this world needs more love. more kindness.  more compassion.
i found this clip, of a statement made by one of the fathers who lost his 6 year old daughter to be so inspiring. please please go watch it. as a parent who has not lost a child, i cannot begin to know the pain and suffering he is experiencing… i mean, how is he even standing there and forming sentences? but i’m so thankful he shared this message. there is still love, there is still kindness and there is still good in this world. although heaven knows we need more of it.  my thoughts and prayers are with them.
  1. I watched this on CBS on saturday. My heart just hurts for these families. What an amazing father and how horrible it must be to go through. Still praying for them and holding my babe tight.

  2. My heart goes out to all of them.

  3. Such a tragedy. So so heartbreaking

  4. I've watched that clip over and over. That man is living proof that God is far more powerful than evil. He embodies the peace that defies all understanding and like you said, that there is still love in this world. He is the light on the hill, a flame in the darkness. How amazing.

  5. Such a terrible day, but I agree this world needs more LOVE, many blessings to all those families!


  6. that truly makes my heart hurt. seeing the pictures of those twenty little babies brings a tear to my eye. thank you for sharing, i had not seen the video yet.

  7. hannah

    It is such a tragedy, what an inspiring man.

  8. Isia

    good boys :)

  9. Lost for words, quite literally. My heart goes out to these people. But so many people around the world die like this, many of them never reaching our headlines. Shootings of this kind must stop and there needs to be tighter regulations on arms, not only in the US but around the world, needs to be made to prevent innocent people like this from being killed. I hope you don't think it inappropriate but here is a link to Oxfam and its campaign to secure an arms trade treaty… X

  10. i don't know what to say…it is so sad.

  11. I was hoping that you would post something about Connecticut. After watching the news for so long, it's easy to become consumed with all that has happened to those poor families and start to feel hopeless about the world. But your sweet family and even something as simple as this blog is a gentle reminder that there is still some good out there. Thanks for posting!

  12. Alice

    Couldn't agree more. My heart goes out to all those loved ones who lost someone. It's impossible pain. x

  13. mumofsix

    What an amazing man.

  14. Teresa

    So sad! That video made me cry

  15. So sad what happened. That father is so brave – how he can stand there and speak after what happened to all those children and his daughter and be so forgiving is admirable.

  16. Marie

    This was a real tragedy, lets hope and pray this doesn't happen again. Life is already short, lets not make it any shorter by such inhumane cruel acts.

  17. Such a heavy heart. We have a close friend who lost his son recently, and he hasn't been the same since. Every day is such a struggle for him, full of "what if's" and "if only I did this or that". You just never know. I couldn't imagine.
    Holding those we love close and tight, is NEVER a bad idea.

  18. absolutely heart-wrenching.

  19. Such a tragedy… I cannot even begin to comprehend. Thoughts and prayers to all the families.

  20. I lost my baby son this August and have just been in a haze since Friday. My heart breaks for all of those parents and siblings whose families will now always be missing a part. Praying for them all.

  21. Kate

    I've never commented before, but I do want to address this post. My heart is broken hearing this news, and I cannot bear to look at those little faces being posted. However, the strength of humanity is unbelievable. How does that father stand there and talk? Because people can endure so so much. I have not lost a child, but I lost a sister (my one and only sibling) in my 20's, and I remember thinking "I can never survive this", but there are 2 paths to take – let it destroy you, or let it define you. My family now runs a nonprofit in her honor that empowers young people to make a difference. No one wants to go through something like this, but your inner strength surprises you. My heart goes out to all those experiencing the extreme grief I remember so well. I sincerely hope we can come together as a country and do something to prevent these seemingly more frequent tragedies.

  22. Kate

    I was filled with tears after watching that video..I really can't believe what happened on friday but don't you think it's time to be done something about this whole thing? Every one,every kid can have access to guns so easily in your country! I mean jesus! It's not a game.

  23. what a brave and loving dad to be able to talk about it on camera like that. thank you for sharing this. so heartbreaking.

  24. Shupi

    Je ne peux pas regarder cette vidéo sans pleurer…

  25. kate d.

    Taza, thank you for sharing this. As a child of God, I can only see his actions through the lens of God's love. This man's forgiving and compassionate words for the Lantz family is simply beyond human, surely inspired by our God. I hope we'll all gain hope from this example of love and humility. It will bring deeper meaning to the Christmas season, when decorations and presents suddenly seem meaningless. Treasure your family! I cannot wait to go home from college and hug my little brothers.

  26. It was very brave of this man to say such compassionate things. I think we all need to remember that families are eternal!

  27. 2busy

    This man is so moving and inspiring. I am strengthened by his strength and faith.

  28. She's looking down filled with joy, happiness and peace for her daddy and family!! I just know it! God is good and he does prevail!

  29. my heart goes out to all of them…. xoxo

  30. I completely agree with you. I'm battling to save my husbands life right now. If for some reason its his time to go it will destroy me.
    My heart goes out to those who loose loved ones.

  31. Lisette

    Your faith will see you through. We just lost our first born at 29 weeks and even though it breaks your heart, your faith will see you through. A good reminder to be extra grateful for the people in your life.

  32. Jenny

    Even thinking about what has happened to those children makes me feel sick. May they rest in peace.

  33. Go Rzala

    what can I say.. we should enjoy everyday n just live our life the best as we can :)

  34. such a tragedy! They've all been in my thoughts.

    Hugs to E and S!

  35. Denise

    My husband and I lost our daughter when she when in her 20's. I made peace with my pain by stuffing my heart with lots and lots of love, from my family, friends, neighbors, my Temple and especially the children. My younger daughter was 10 and I filled my home with her friends and my girl scouts and they stuffed my heart with love. We are here to heal the world with love and connection and that is very powerful.

  36. Bianca

    Such tragedy. My thoughts are with the families.

  37. Alexis

    I think we've figured out that that man who spoke about his 6 year old daugther Emilie is an LDS member. He was even talking about agency and I think our church is really one of the only churches that talks about agency. My heart is still hurting from the loss on Friday and all of the stories of the hero's have made me very sad as well. I've been hugging my children close as well. My daugther goes into kindergarden next year and at this time I want to keep her home and sheltered. I am thinking about homeschooling just so I know that she is safe!

  38. Lauren

    I can't even begin to imagine the pain. Like you said, I can't believe he's capable of standing and putting sentences together let along coming across and so poised. A family in our church lost a little boy a couple years ago and they had similar strength – thanks to their faith in Jesus Christ.

    Like you said, it's great just to see that there are still people out there who care about us.

  39. Alie

    albeit not as tragically as those in connecticut, i lost a 2-day old baby just three short months ago. and some days i'll admit i feel like i've been through hell and back. but then there are other days that i can't help but see the good and beauty in this world.

    it's awful for me to think of those parents who have to bury their children this week. you just stand there next to their grave, longing to embrace your little girl one last time, but knowing full-well you can't. for months afterwards your body physically yearns to hold your darling baby.

    but someday i know all the bad bad bad in this world will be made right. and me and those mamas will get to hold our babies close again, and what a wonderful,. joyous reunion that will be!

    it's hard, but it gets better and it gets easier, i can promise those mamas (and dear daddies!) that.

  40. Carolyn

    I had to turn off the television when they started showing the report. Although I'm no where near being a parent, my heart ached for the children who lost their lives and their parents. I cannot fathom such a tragedy.

  41. As someone noted above, this man is LDS and I just knew it when he said "I am blessed to be her father." Present tense. He KNOWS his family is eternal.

    Often forgotten are the surviving siblings. I lost my sister when we were children. It eats at me every day, and that was more than 20 years ago. When I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, though, I was buoyed by hope in the Resurrection. Before then, it was torment tapered only mildly with time.

  42. jamie

    thank you for this beautiful post! and i just need to add that your incrediblelove for your family is always so inspiring.

  43. My heart hurts for these families. I don't know how you begin to pick up the pieces after such immense loss like this, but I hope that the path to peace comes to them and their families.

  44. such a tragedy. it's so important that people keep reaching out.


  45. kristyn

    my prayers go out to them, now and always.


  46. Very well stated. You've written so well exactly what I've been thinking about this whole horrible nightmare. It's all so heartbreaking.

  47. I cannot even imagine the pain they are going through. I have been praying for them everyday . Connecticut we love you and your children will not be forgotten. <3

  48. becky

    this is absolutely devastating. I can't stop crying and thinking about those mothers and fathers who lost their babies. Even though I lost my own daughter, i can't imagine what they are going through. My prayers are with them all!


    Emilie's family is from the city i live in, her funeral is this Saturday in Utah. This affects everyone all over the county but as a parent of a young child I cannot even IMAGINE!! There is a local charity set up to donate to her family. YOu can do it online very easily, there is no way to help with their grief but helping with the financial burden is something. My prayers go out to all involved!! SOO SAD

  50. Alyssa

    Amazing that he was able to address the shooters family with love and compassion. Truly a reflection of his belief in a greater God, greater even than this horrible tragedy.

  51. Sheree H

    Thank you for posting this, it has been on all our hearts and minds.

  52. Olga

    So sad….I can’t imagine the pain of this poor families…so so sad