christmas, part II.


after christmas morning at the apartment, we skyped with family and then met up with our friend natalie for brunch in the village at AOC. by the way, the quiche lorraine is out of this world delicious! brunch also felt a bit like we were on vacation or something, as we scored with the babes alternating naps while we were out. and the next best thing after having both babes nap at the same time is having the babes alternate the longest naps of their lives while you are at lunch.  the ratio of three adults to one baby practically makes you think you are lunching with no baby at all!  oh, life with kids!














  1. LeeLee

    Beautiful photos. What a lovely Christmas you all had. Have a lovely New Year!

  2. JennyRain

    Too cute! When E laughs her whole face lights up… Adorable :)

  3. Melissa

    Beautiful pictures. Happy Holidays!

  4. Maria

    Such a sweet and beautiful family. Thank goodness for alternating naps! xo, Maria

  5. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas in NYC! Wishing you guys all the best for the new year. x

  6. molly

    You have such a beautiful family! Sampson is such a little bug!

  7. Veniuska

    Pretty please Taza make a video about E and her new Christmas present

  8. Coryann

    The last photo!!!

  9. Kelle

    happy christmas to all of you! and i love your top, naomi! :)

  10. Gillian

    Love following your sweet family – brings a smile to my face on a daily basis :) Happy Christmas!

  11. Glori

    What beautiful pictures! Where did you get your pretty hair clip??

    • TAZA


    • TAZA


      Thank you!

  12. Belle

    Isn’t the village a dream?! Please tell where E’s dress is from!

  13. the egg

    cutest little family.
    merry xmas!

  14. Nicole

    I like the red pants! Beautiful pics.

  15. Andrea

    Oh my gosh, how sweet. Also, Could miss Natalie look anymore gorgeous because I am just not sure it’s possible.

  16. You are just the most adorable family! And Samson and E are looking more and more alike every day.

  17. Hello Sisilia

    I <3 your hair parted like that and that cute clip. Very cute.

    How adorable is baby girl's laugh in that one photo.

    And baby boy fast asleep.


  18. fernanda

    love your blog!! amazing family :)
    bets wishes

  19. Erica

    Wow! Beautiful photographs (as always). That brunch looks delish!

  20. Laura

    such lovely pictures! what a great family! so very blessed and wishing you all much love and laughter for the new year ahead.

  21. alyssa a

    hey naomi! christmas looks so merry on your side of the country. I love your outfit in all the photos especially that red and pink top and that gorgeous grey coat. if you don’t mind me asking, where did you purchase those items?

    *it would be really cool to see a post about where you shop at and purchase your clothes too.

    p.s. I love your new blog design!

    p.p.s. merry {belated} christmas to you and your adorable family!

    • TAZA

      thank you!

      the top is from reiss and the grey coat is from zara.

  22. Lexie

    What a lovely day! Doesn’t Christmas with kids make you wonder how you ever enjoyed the day before? I had so much fun watching my almost two year old daughter, Sloane, participate in the excitement of the holiday. Merry Christmas, Davis Family!

  23. Carolina

    Hello Naomi!
    I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I love your blog! You have a very beautiful family, you all look so happy and I love your photos. I’m 24 and I don’t have kids but I enjoy reading your stories and seeing E. and Samson’s pics, they are just adorable. Congratulations on your family and merry Christmas to you all!

  24. oh, how lovely! you guys are dressed like Christmas hehe :) and naomi, i like the new hairstyle–do you think you’ll bring back the bangs? it’s cute!


  25. Marlene

    I foll

  26. Marlene

    I follow Natalie on Instagram and commented on a pic of you two on how beautiful she looks while fighting a cold. She commented back thanking me and said the pic was taken far away to hide her red tired eyes. Tell her I know she was lying, lol! Your pic on this post clearly proves that!

  27. These photos are so cute!

    Glad y’all had a great day!

  28. really great and nice sharing, i like the cute kids pictures, thanks to share the Christmas pictures

  29. What a beautiful family! I wish you an happy new year for all! My young boys like to watch your blog with me, they said “look the baby and the girl, they’re so cute”,..


  30. Ashley

    Merry Christmas Naomi and family. What gorgeous photos. You really should consider offering photography advice on your blog. You have a wonderful way of capturing family life on camera.

  31. Iva

    Thank you for posting so often! It makes us readers very happy :)) Happy holidays from Europe!

  32. Amber

    This is so lovely. I have to admit, I’m a little jealous. I so wanted to go to New York around Christmas and all these NYC/Christmasy things is pulling at all my heart strings. Maybe next year. So glad to see you had such a wonderful day!

  33. Kristin

    I just love the way you chronicle your day. The pictures are amazing and your family is beyond adorable. Thank you for sharing bits of your life with everyone. You are an inspiration to many!! Hope you are enjoying your holidays!!

  34. lauren

    I love your photography. How do you shoot your pictures? can you tell me any secrets that you do in settings? you shoot manual or automatic? there is just something that I love about them. they are vivid but not washed out

  35. bridget

    brunch is about the best meal there is and quiche is about the best of brunch. good choice. also, eleanor exudes such happiness. love the pic of her laughing!

  36. Melanie

    I love these pictures, you all look so happy! Your baby boy looks so big now and that smile…oh so cute!

  37. Laura

    Hi Naomi! I discovered your site back when you still lived in D.C. I enjoyed reading about places you went to with your family as I am in D.C. area as well. I’m still following along in NYC! I love your pictures! Here’s something funny: I browsed your archives one day and saw where your husband went to high school. I’m from Jax, too! Tell him I went to Wolfson, but back in the ’80s when it was a great school. However, I did have a Bolles boyfriend. Jeez, what memories…

  38. It looks like you had a wonderful day. Adorable pictures!

  39. bridget

    maybe it’s odd, but i especially love that photograph of the taxi. glad you had such a lovely christmas outing AND that your wee ones slept. what luck! : )

  40. Lisa

    You have such a beautiful family ! <3

  41. Shay

    What kind of camera do you use for these gorgeous pictures?

  42. Teresa

    Love E’s dress!! What a cozy lunch!

  43. Corbynn

    Your pictures are gorgeous. Merry Christmas to you!


  44. Caiti

    i love your family, they are absolutely adorable! you’re pictures are amazing too! i always enjoy reading your posts, so much so that your blog actually inspired me to create my own blog. i’m just getting started so it’s not very good, but thank you so much for inspiring me to start my own blog :)

    i hope it goes well! happy holidays!


  45. Mary

    What brand is Samson’s blanket? I am a fellow swaddle-lover, and am always looking for great (and beautiful) swaddle blankets. Yours must be great if you use it so much!

  46. Honestly, could your family be any more adorable?

  47. Theresa

    Such a beautiful christmas in NYC! I love your outfits in here! Oh, and Eleanor, with that smile of hers! So cute! Samson looks so cozy in that pretty blanket!


  48. Hélène

    Hello Naomi

    Congratulations for this new blog, it is beautiful. Really.
    In fact I fell totally in love with the font used in the logo and the pages “older” “newer”.

    I would have liked to know what was the name of this font.
    Thank you in advance.

    (sorry for my english. i’m french)

  49. I saw these pics on your social feed, and I have decided that the thing my life definitely needs in 2013 is a more colorful wardrobe! Swooning over all of your outfits! xo*

  50. amanda

    adorable pictures! and looks like e got your eyes- so so cute!

  51. A Photo all together : ) FINALLY! I had a dream I went to new york…. and started driving through the malls….. I’m glad you guys have it more together than I did. ( hah) Have a happy happy new year!

  52. Emilia

    Lovely photos and happy new year from England! What is your fab-uloud lip colour in these pics?

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  54. Your littles’ smiles just give me the warm n’ fuzzies! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  55. renata

    Oh Davis los quiero tanto tanto! Son divinos los cuatro. Y Kingsley, claro :)

    Abrazos enormes (espero que Josh traduzca, sé que sabe español) y muy feliz año nuevo.


  56. Jenn Srey

    Hello, Happy Holidays and a very healthy and blessed new year to you and your family. Please share with me where you got E’s adorable dress

  57. karen albl

    I wish you could click on pictures and ask questions, maybe you can and I just don’t know how. What was that one pic in your latest post that showed Priests/Bishops kneeling in front of an altar that looked like it had bird cages on it? With the fountains of water spraying in the back ground?

  58. Nina

    The second to last photo looks like E is saying “Praise be!” What a hoot! I wish you and your family a very blessed new year. Thank you for making me smile daily by sharing your amazing love for each other :)

  59. Anna

    Your Christmas posts are the best! I love reading about your family New York life! Xoxo, Anna

  60. Melissa

    I love your blog! It’s always so fun (: I am dying to know where you found Eleanors darling polka dot top/dress if you don’t mind sharing. Thanks! (:

  61. Shulames

    Your children are just precious!

  62. Melissa

    Love these pics, just started following you on instagram. Have a great new year!
    The Real McCoy(s)

  63. you guys are a beautiful family! and it’s funny how something as simple as a nap during a meal can make your whole day! yay for naps!

  64. blog

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  65. Y’all are seriously one cute as a button family!!! Happy New Year to you Taza and I look forward to seeing what 2013 brings!

  66. Constanze

    Adorable photos! ♥♥

  67. Maria

    Lovely pics!!! An adorable family!!!
    Could you please tell me which stick are you wearing in these pictures?
    Thanks in advance!!!
    Happy New Year!!! ; )

    • TAZA

      i’m wearing schiap by nars. thanks!

  68. Melanie

    I love the pictures of the 4 of you :) What a cute family you are!

    Love xx
    Melanie ~

  69. Laura

    Beautiful pictures! Eleanor’s smile is crazy! Like it!Your family are so adorable!

  70. Marco Toledo Larín

    I like the message you give about the union of the family, Enjoy every minute! (:

  71. Sheree H

    Those family photos at the end are perfect!