christmas morning.


christmas morning at our house was a lot of fun with these two little ones! and it seems to get better each year as we keep adding another new baby each christmas (that was not an announcement though, fyi.) while E still doesn’t quite grasp the “santa” concept, i think we all had a good time opening a few gifts yesterday!  we have decided to keep gifts at christmas on the simpler side at our house, so we got the littles each one gift and then a few little things and books for their stockings. (josh and i also have a lot of fun stuffing stockings for each other in lieu of gifts for one another.)  samson got a xylophone, and eleanor got a red ukelele for christmas! both seem to be in heaven with their new instruments so we are crossing our fingers this means a davis family band is in its beginning stages! i mean, it’s not a dream if you can’t live it out through your kids, right? ;)


^^^ eleanor got a new hair brush in her stocking. so yeah, sorry samson for what is in store the next few days for you. :| ^^^




^^^ samson’s xylophone! ^^^


^^^the look on her face was priceless! her very own “GEETAR!”^^^

blog44 blog50 blog63 hope you had a very happy merry christmas!

  1. Bea

    You’re a wonderful family!!!!!
    Merry Christmas to you!!!!!

  2. They are just the cutest lil things!! They look like they LOVED their new instruments! So sweet! I’m glad you guys had a very Merry Christmas!! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  3. Anna McG

    Such a lovely Christmas morning! You all look so happy – I can only hope that my 4 week old son looks as happy in future Christmas’s as your cutie patootie kids do! Xxxx

  4. JennyRain

    Thank you for so generously sharing your heart and lives with us all…your family joy is contagious! Merry Christmas :)

  5. Annemie

    That is so cute!
    I love your blog and your family and all of your beautiful pictures!

    ♥ annemie

  6. Myriah

    Merry Christmas to you guys! I love your simple Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ariel

    Oh my! Could E’s expression when opening her “geetar” be any cuter!!! And sweet Samson is just so precious! I love his smile! Thanks for sharing, Naomi! Adorable post.

  8. Colleen

    love all of these photos so much!!! celebrating with little ones seems like so much fun. merry Christmas Davis family!

  9. Bekuh

    How adorable! Your littles always look so happy, and loved. What fun.

  10. Jenn

    Your photos are a beautiful preservation of the finest details of Christmas morning! I loved seeing those sweet smiling faces!

  11. Oh how precious! I’m glad you all had a merry christmas! My family did as well! Best wishes for the new year!

  12. Gemma

    So humbling, Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family xx

  13. This is lovely! Happy Holidays to you and your lovely family. The smiles on the babies are priceless :)

  14. beyond adorable!!!!!!!!!! merry christmas to the davis family!!!

  15. Anne

    How lucky Eleanor & Samson are! And so do you, Naomi &Josh! It seems to be a perfect Christmas morning. Merry Christmas to your beautiful family from France.

  16. alyssa

    man, look at eleanor’s form on that geetar! she’s a natural, obviously.

  17. how precious! looks like they loved their gifts :) i like the idea of one gift and then a few small stocking stuffers–sometimes the meaning of Christmas gets lost in too many gifts haha! happy Christmas :)


  18. Jessie

    I know these moments are so special and personal for you and your family. But thank you so much for sharing them with your readers. Seeing your adorable loving family truly inspires me to have my very own one day. Your children are simply amazing and so adorable. Happy holidays :)

  19. Merry Christmas to you and your family! It looks like you had a wonderful day! Wasn’t it so fun to see their faces light up with such joy? It’s what life is all about. *sigh*

  20. These pictures brought me tears of joy. Thank you for sharing these sweet moments with us. I hope one day I will experience the Christmas morning magic like this with my child/children. Their smiles, their happiness and their expressions are priceless. I see so much love in your family and that is such a blessing. The pj-s you got them are adorable and I love the fact you went for musical instruments. I used to get e lot of instruments from my father when I was little and it is wonderful. Thank you once again and happy holidays. May God bless you and your beautiful family!

  21. Gabriela

    Awww! I can’t wait to have my own family and create beutiful memories with them like you and Josh. E and Samson are going to be rockstars someday ;).

    Merry christmas Davis family!

  22. Dani

    This is so tender and precious. Merry Christmas to your beautiful family. Your littles are lovely.

  23. Ashley M. [at] Writing Chapter Three

    I really like that you guys keep it simple with gift giving. We do too, and as I’ve seen photos stream in of all the many presents other babes got…it’s nice to know the are like minds in the world. Happy christmas!

  24. Lauren

    looks soo fun. i was given the same ‘baby’s first christmas ornament’ as eleanor…except mine is now 20 years old. merry christmas to you!!

  25. Love that you’re doing a “simple” Christmas, Davis family! My family did a similar thing this year, and I think it really helps keep the focus on what’s important this holiday season–spending time with your loved ones :)

    E brushing Samson’s hair … too cute for words.

  26. Sofia Villarreal

    Merry Christmas! The pictures are wonderful! WIsh you Taza & the family the Best!

  27. Megan

    So cute! I was looking for a red ukulele for my 3 year old this year! Where did you find that one?

    • TAZA

      found it at Land of Nod!

  28. Maria

    Aw, it looks like y’all had a great Christmas! Love y’alls sweet matching pajamas. xo, Maria

  29. Sara

    Sweetest photos of your precious family! I love your idea of simplicity with gifts.

  30. Lena

    I wish you a merry christmas from Germany. I love to read your blog and that you share your family stories with us. Can’t wait to become a mum because of you and your beautiful family. God bless you!

  31. Eva

    Samson’s looking more and more like his daddy!

  32. So wonderful and cute! Merry Christmas!

  33. Jess

    Man, your kiddos are so so so cute!! And I’m loving the new website design!

  34. Amy

    That Swiss cross pillow is so cute! When you steal a moment away from your darling family I would so appreciate knowing where you got it! Merry Christmas and many wishes for a happy new year!

    • TAZA

      thank you! i bought it from GILT about a month ago. i don’t know the brand though. just checked the pillow and don’t see one. but it’s from GILT, if that helps!

  35. Denisse jimenez

    Omg tears are in my eyes they are just sooollllk cute
    How old are they I just want to eat them up
    God bless them and your family

  36. Timi

    Awww, Eleanor is sooooo serious, and Samson is shining. ^^ Marry Christmas to all of you, still you are beautiful.

  37. Carmen

    This is beyond precious! Such cute little ones.

  38. Marlene

    I love that you kept the gifts simple! My favorite thing about the holidays is the festive time spent with family, not gifts. I love that you are teaching your children this from the very beginning. I hosted Christmas eve at my home this year and my 3 year old nephew spent the whole night asking for new presents to open. My mom ended up wrapping plastic forks in paper napkins for him to open…he didn’t care what was in the paper, he just wanted to keep ripping something open! It was funny but sad at the same time. Thanks for sharing your life and showing your followers how to appreciate the simple things in life.

  39. Julie carter

    I will most definitely be expecting a music video on the blog soon!!! haha love the pics! glad yall had a very merry christmas!!!

  40. Theresa

    What a beautiful family christmas! A belated merry christmas to you and your family! Great pictures!


  41. Teresa

    E’s face is priceless! Kids really make Christmas sweeter..

  42. carly

    oh my goodness, these photos just warmed my heart. happy christmas to all of you! :)

  43. awwww, what a wonderful christmas at your house. i just adore your little ones. they are the cutest!!! so from my side: a merry belated christmas.
    and may i ask where you got that adorable wrapping paper? {the next christmas will be here faster than we think ;-)}, xx

    • TAZA

      the wrapping paper is from cardeology on the upper west side. i don’t know the brand or company name of the paper though, sorry!

  44. Jen

    so cute! looks very much like our christmas morning too! we had 4 kids in 5 years and let me say, celebrating christmas with a new baby is always so much fun :)

    • TAZA

      4 kids in 5 years! you are my new hero. :) congratulations! and what a fun merry home you must have!

  45. Olga

    I love the ukelele,where did you buy it? I want one for my doughter. Marry Christmas, you have a lovely family

  46. Melanie

    Dear Davis family, follow your wonderful blog since a few months. Love your pics and all you let us know about your family. Cute christmas ornaments will take it for next year. Bright eyes of my 3y old son were my loveliest gift this year. Happy Christmas to all of you, Melanie from Germany

  47. Nikki

    I absolutely loved this post! Good for you for keeping things simple. My parents did the same when I was young – one big gift and then some smaller things in our stockings, and it was much more special. I can still remember what my gift was each year. Family and fun time spent together is what’s most important. Thank you for sharing your special time together! E looks adorable with her red ukulele and Samson with his rainbow Xylophone.

  48. Chrissy

    Such a beautiful family!! Looks like they really enjoyed their gifts. Merry Christmas!

  49. Clare

    Thanks for sharing your christmas with us Naomi! So full of sweetness and smiles! Your babes are so precious and I’m glad they loved their little gifts :) Josh’s socks gave me a good laugh by the way! ^__^ I think my boyfriend would totally rock those socks too! Sending you and your family alohas and a happy new year too!

  50. Zoe

    Merry Christmas Davis Family! Thank you for sharing these photos!

    We just celebrated our Little Ones first Christmas over here too! It’s amazing how much fun it is showing them all the little things. She was more interested in her tube of lotion than her stocking stuffs…but that’s okay! I think a lot of it is just precious fun for us as parents right?


  51. Merry Christmas! I’m reading ‘Blog, Inc.’ and found your blog after it was mentioned in the book and thought I’d stop by and say hi!

  52. Caroline

    Oh my gosh these are the most sweet and lovely Christmas photos I have ever seen! Their little happy faces!!! <3 I hope you had a lovely time! x

  53. Oh my goodness! I just can’t get over how happy she is about that guitar! So precious.

  54. Kristie

    That picture of Eleanor opening the box with the ukulele is absolutely priceless! Great shot :)

  55. Heather

    Hi! I absolutely love reading your blog! Your children are adorable! Would you mind telling me where Samson’s xylophone came from? My 13 month old baby boy would LOVE it! Thank you, and Merry Christmas from South Carolina!

  56. Coryann

    I love the matching pajamas!

  57. katie

    OH my goodness!! Where did you get those adorable stockings?! Love, love your pictures. Your family is the cutest!

    • TAZA

      thanks! the brand is arcadia home and i got them on GILT.

  58. Arika

    Love the pictures of your family. E brushing S’s hair has got to be my fav! Please tell me, what kind of camera are you using for these photos? They come outdo beautifully! Your iPhone photos do too! I think you must have an eye for photos that I don’t! Mine are never as good!!! Happy Holidays!!!

    • TAZA

      thanks! all my camera info is on my ABOUT page!

  59. Ashley

    I have been looking for stockings for my son and baby on the way. Where did you get E&S’s?

    • TAZA

      i bought them on GILT and the brand is arcadia home.

  60. Elena

    OH MY. Cutest babies ever, seriously! And Eleanor looks so big next to her brother! How time flies.

  61. Diane

    What brand is E’s ukelele? My 16 month old has already destroyed two but that one looks so sturdy!

  62. Vanessa

    Oh my! Your photos are adorable! I love the idea of making things simple. I work retail and I honestly think its ridiculous how people go all out for Christmas now days! I love the idea of simple and definitely plan on things being that way when I have kids some day!

  63. joslyn

    ok. your new blog is amazing . your family is way too cute!! i love your posts and your nyc life!

  64. Naomi


  65. Elizabeth

    Adorable pics, Merry Christmas! Would you mind telling us what the Owl book is my wee boy is obsessed with owls and loves textured books, Many Thanks.

  66. Mel

    Merry Christmas to your wonderful family!!! The christmas/ winter-post are my favorite kind of posts, even though this year there were less…
    Lots of love

  67. Maren

    Good morning and Merry (late) Christmas to you!
    Did you get my e-mail, which I wrote several weeks/months ago?


  68. Kris

    Their jammies are so perfect! Where did you get them? Merry Christmas! :) xoxo

  69. *Love* that you are giving the gift of music! How very perfect ;)

  70. klara

    oh, what a cute family you are :-) we have something in common – 2 kids and the xylophone, lol. our younger girl got her first one this christmas and likes it a lot, especially if papa plays on it. jingle bells with a xylophone background sounds great! greetings from slovakia and a happy new year to you all :-)

  71. KJ

    Adorable family pictures!Happy Holidays to you and your family. I really love Samason’s Christmas ornaments! I was wondering if you would be kind to tell where you got it. You see I got one for my baby at Etsy but I got scammed and now I am afraid of getting anything from that website. I know it sounds silly but my husband and I have this tradition since we got married, 8 years ago, that we get a special Christmas ornament to our tree every christmas, this year was our first baby christmas and so far I was not able to find anything that I like:( Thank you.

  72. Natasha

    I absolutely LOVE that you decided to get the little ones only one gift each!! I think it keeps everything so balanced and really teaches them what the season is about…giving, sharing, family and love!
    We also got our daughter (1.5 years) a xylophone and it was love at first sight. lol. Thanks for sharing your family with us.

  73. Vanessa

    I see you have your own POP jammies top- I LOVE mine. After coveting my kids’for a couple of years, I had to get some myself. Now I can’t stop. Just got a new pair of PJ bottoms this year from them- softest fabric ever, I swear. Happy Holidays to your family!

  74. Carrie

    Such sweet photos! Thank you for sharing your sweet Christmas morning. We just celebrated our little one’s first Christmas–so magical! Do you mind sharing where you got Samson’s xylophone?

  75. juliet

    I really love how simple and humble your Christmas is! Really encouraging to see :)

  76. Tiffany

    Merry Christmas! I searched high and low for a xylophone for my 6 month old baby girl, can you please share where you located Samson’s?

  77. Jacki

    Looks like SO much fun! Your kids look so happy. It’s awesome how excited little ones get about Christmas. :)

  78. Katrina

    Hi Naomi- great pictures! I love Samson’s first Christmas ornament, where did you get it (or maybe you made it?). My son was born a few days after Samson (I remember being jealous when I saw he was born lol!) and I couldn’t find a 1st Christmas ornament for him that I liked. Thanks and merry Christmas!

  79. Cheryl

    The pajamas are too cute!!! looks like you’ll have a musical new year! ;)

  80. Seeing these pictures makes me not understand how some people can not want to have babies!!! :) Adorable!! Such a beautiful family!

    Hope you all had wonderful holidays and a great start to 2013! Keep on spreading the joy! :)

  81. this is so sweet, they look adorable in those pajamas and looks like they both had a great christmas!


  82. Amy

    Oh my goodness every time I think baby Samson and Eleanor can’t get any cuter, they outdo themselves. Xylophone + little red guitar = the best presents ever!

  83. Sheree H

    I’m dying over how adorable these photos are. E looks like she loves that little guitar! And I love little memorable Christmas ornaments, like the one that says Samson’s first Christmas. My hubby and I have an ornament for our first Christmas together as a married couple. Can’t wait to have those for our future littles!