a tea party with papa.

long before that day in the delivery room when josh announced “it’s a girl!”, i had images in my head of hosting tea parties in the playroom for my future little girl someday. i couldn’t wait for the day when we’d get dressed up and sit with her teddy bears and dolls and i’d pour her a tiny cup of tea as she sat ever so still. we’d giggle and chat and giggle some more while holding up our pinky fingers and snacking on tea sandwiches that of course would have no crust.  as eleanor has grown older and come into her own little person the past few months, i felt like that day wasn’t far off and i am not kidding, i have been talking about it nonstop to josh. 
but rewind to a few days ago, when 22 month old eleanor, who carries two containers of play-doh around the house with her everywhere these days like most do a doll, decided to have a tea party of her own, with play-doh tea cups and… papa. papa?!?!?! i don’t know but sometimes i just feel so robbed.  i mean, she “ching ching-ed” her play-doh cup with his and everything. 
^^^do you see that pinky finger right there? seriously. i could not take it. ^^^^
am i hurt that eleanor experienced her first tea party and didn’t invite me? no. well. ok maybe a little.  but the next best things to being invited to her tea party was getting to witness it, in my opinion.  and it seriously makes my day as her mother to see how much she loves her papa. because i know he loves her back so so much. and seeing them together? it’s perfect. simple as that. just perfect. 
  1. rtkce

    I literally just started crying.

    So sweet. Thank you for sharing your moments with us!


  2. So so sweet, seriously, and you captured those moments perfectly, with both words and photos!

  3. Marie

    Aaawwww love the photos! Esp the pink finger one. Too cute :)

  4. You've got yourself a little miss already! She is too cute to be true!And well, it is known that girls bond to their fathers more!Can't say why.

  5. Lola

    I love read your blog! I hope that someday I will have so wonderful family too :)

  6. What a sweet pair! I mean really that tiny pinky finger. And seeing your baby girl with her papa is so sweet. My heart swells when my little one does the same thing.

  7. I honestly got teary-eyed reading this. So so sweet!

  8. I honestly got teary-eyed reading this. So so sweet!

  9. Kristin

    so precious! i think it's good that she's comfortable engaging in such activities with her dad, but i would definitely be a little jealous if i had to be the one taking pictures of the scene!

  10. i want my little girl to have such a relationship with her daddy :)

  11. Haha too stinkin' cute!

  12. that is the cutest thing..

  13. I feel your pain, I was looking forward to playing dress up with my daughter once she was big enough and instead she asked Daddy. He is such a trooper he wore a Tutu and everything.

  14. beautiful!

  15. beautiful!

  16. this post melted my heart! there's nothing sweeter than the bond between a papa and his daughter. even if us mama's get left out every now and then :)

  17. I hope to have this one day :) Your family is inspiring!

  18. Bravissima! Kiss from Italy!

  19. So cute!

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