today, before 8 in the morning…

my kids woke up at 4AM (thanks italy time.)
E bit samson’s big toe. he cried hard.
we spilt OJ on my bed (fresh sheets too!)
samson broke my hard drive (in his defense, it was really my fault. i mean, obviously.)
and then, by 9AM, my kids fell asleep for their (first?!) nap of the day. (again, thanks italy time.)
i feel like it can only go up from here, but with naps at 9am, who am i kidding? can someone call me around 5 today to make sure i’m still alive over here?
  1. Manders

    Good luck! haha

  2. that sounds… (insert word of choice…i choose awful) ;)

    i wish you luck my dear!

  3. Hannah

    jetlag, i know! 5 days and everything will be fine again! and yeah good luck!

  4. Ashleigh

    Poor thing! I cant even imagine the exhaustion that you're dealing with! Its a good thing that you had a blast while in Italy, right?! Hoping a nap is in your future :)

    xx Ashleigh

  5. Amanda

    ohh italy time. pretty soon they will be on track, just in time for the holidays! maybe nap when they do? it never hurts to get a sitter so you can catch up on sleep, too. just a thought!

    xo, amanda

  6. jet lag is the worst. i can only imagine recovering from it with two little babes. eat more cookies, i say!

  7. Err…good luck with that! Helps that they are cute kids, maybe?!

  8. Oh boy! Happy Tuesday!

  9. we went to japan with our 17 month old at the time (2 months ago) and after we got back she had jet lag for 3-4 weeks! it was not fun. sorry, not to be discouraging though….

  10. oh, naomi! i hope you'll have enough adrenaline to make it through the day. : / bundle up those kiddos for a walk outside and go get your favorite hot chocolate. : )

  11. Oh my gosh! I can't even imagine. You guys must all be exhausted. I get irritated when my kid wakes up before 7! Good luck adjusting. Quickly.

  12. That second photo is the cutest thing on earth! So adorable to see siblings interact.

  13. Abloss

    Oh my his chunky little feet!! Such sweet babies you have!

    Thankfully we remember the good days and not the bad!

  14. Victoria

    Oh gosh. Rather you than me. This sounds utterly exhausting!

    Hope you get through it and get back into your normal routine.x

  15. Ana

    Oh no! Jet lag sucks! Hope the day goes as smooth as possible for you!

  16. Oh man oh man! What a rough morning! But maybe you'll get two good long naps in today and be back on schedule in the next couple of days?

    They sure are cute. Good thing, right?!

  17. Shonna

    Looking back from the finished side of motherhood this all looks very sweet and sounds very funny. But I do remember the exhaustion at the time. Big hugs to you sweet Mumma, sleep when they sleep!

  18. Oh! I'm can feel the exhaustion. A good note you have two very healthy kiddos. That Samson is growing big and it's all because of you Mama!! Great job on being a wonderful Mom!

  19. I'm sure losing an hour to return to standard time didn't help! Ugh, I remember those days. Now my kids adapt and *I* am the one who's up super early. ;)

  20. KaceFace

    I love the Assassin Slate Jeans!
    I completely sympathize with your exhaustion! I haven't been up since 4am but I'm 7 months pregnant with two boys under 3…I'm so tired!!!

  21. KaceFace

    Ugh I was supposed to leave that comment in the Jeans post…baby brain!!

  22. so sweet :) ♥

  23. 2busy

    Ooo, and kids don't understand getting over the time change. Good luck!

  24. Kristina

    hey naomi, when will you change your header? Eleanor is so much older now and has a brother!

  25. Briseidy

    good luck to you! hope italy times disappear soon..cute kids

  26. his rolls are killing me! so cute. hope the rest of your day goes just a little bit better! :)

  27. Bev

    Time changes are painful for adults, can't imagine for children. Best of luck!

  28. they sure are a cute bunch though! here's to hoping for a nap in your near future :)

  29. Could not imagine jet lag with the babes! good luck <3 sending warm wishes!

  30. kristin

    That's so hard, but goodness they are so dang cute!! Hope you're having a good afternoon.

  31. Sounds like youve had quiet the morning! Bless you. The time change wont last long and you'll go back to your routine of things. Best of luck.

    P.S. I love that last photo of the littles. So cute playing together!!

    Big dinosaur hugs,

  32. haley

    oof. you must be so sleepy! adult jet lag is tough on its own…but a house full of kid-sized jet lag sounds like no fun at all! here's hoping that their back on track soon! (maybe tomorrow?!)

  33. You are a champion!!! Hopefully they'll be all nice settled back into their routine soon.

  34. madeline

    you are a saint. seriously. i have two little ones under 3 so believe me, i understand. the fact that i'm taking the time to type this out means someone is probably making a huge mess behind my back right now. i just wanted to say, god bless you!

  35. Sounds super hectic!! Hope the rest of your day went well :) x

  36. Judith

    I always felt the exact same way when I moved back to Germany for the summer…a 9 hour time difference is never ever fun. Good luck!!!!

  37. .......

    awww no fun when they wake up so early! hard when theres a time diff and messes up the schedules! good luck! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  38. onlyme

    How could she resist? He looks so chubbylicious!
    it usually tales my little one a whole week to adjust. Good luck!

  39. Jet lagged babies are NO fun! We spent a semester abroad (Sweden) when our son was 1.5 and when we came back was about 2 weeks of torture. So totally worth it though!!

  40. hang in there! I can't even imagine. I, myself, had a hard hard time adjusting back from Italy time. I can't imagine what it's like with little ones! Good luck! xo

  41. oh man… sounds like everyone in the house needs to drink from those silly sippy cups! washers and dryers are too powerful for our OOOOLD brownstone in jersey city, so an unnecessary trip to the laundromat for an orange juice spill would totally wreck my day!

    (then again, maybe not if i had THOSE cuties to stare at all day :P)


  42. I love the light in your photos, do you enhance it in photoshop or iPhoto?

  43. I have to ask… how do you like living in NYC? We're looking into moving over there for my husband's grad school, but want to make sure I'd like it. This is coming from a Utah Mormon girl who's only lived here her whole life and is dying to get out.

  44. love it, nothing like a brother and sister bond!

  45. Alyssa

    Your kids are too cute!

  46. Oh dear… I hope your day got better and you're still around! lol.

    Did you have your hard drive backed up at least? That would give me a heart attack!

  47. Oh, man. I wish I was a nanny in NY instead of HI. Would love to help out with those on-the-move misfits ;)

  48. Alexis

    You are not alone! Even though we were never on italy time my son woke up at 2:30am and decided to stay up until 5am. Then I had to have my daughter off to preschool at 8:30am. And my husband slept while our son was awake. Ah the joys of parenthood. It will get better, eventually!

  49. Yikes! You poor thing. Hang in there!

  50. On the positive side…. at least they are having a nap.

  51. Auch… Good luck!!

  52. Hope you made it! By now you all should be passed out asleep if you're still on Italy time ;)

  53. Oh goodness! Sounds like a handful of another adventure! My husband recent got back from a trip to India. The jet-lag was not so nice to him when he came home, either.

  54. Katie

    Whew! But, just think of the memories you made. And are making still. :)

  55. Oh wow, sounds like an interesting time! In their defense, they sure are cute in these photos! :)

  56. Oh no! Hang in there girl! But it must be so hard to get mad at those cute faces. Just look at them, so adorable!
    xo TJ

  57. awww… but they look so cute…! E showing Samson a book…^^

  58. Kathy

    i love the sibling bond in the second photo.You can't help but not be mad for long with these two cuties. i hope the day is going okay for you :)

  59. ClareK

    So cute – E is reading to Samson – great big sis!

    Suddenly City

  60. oh dear – stay strong!

    E is so sweet reading to Samson – and then she bites his toe! ha!

  61. kristyn

    my goodness, sounds like a crazy day! i hope everyone readjusts soon!


  62. Jessica

    All I can say is good luck and hang in there. And gosh, they are cute!

  63. Unknown

    Naomi, I'd like to say I feel bad for you, but you just got to go to ITALY!! It's totally worth it right?! ;)

  64. Kristal

    Oh man! What a day! I can't imagine! I hope it got better from there but I still feel like you wrote the post laughing, at least i hope you did! Oh the joys of being a momma! I can't wait!

  65. oh my goodness, the joy of being a mom of littles:) love your blog and love your pictures!xo

  66. Kristina

    You don't answer any questions right?

  67. Marie

    Little Samson is getting as big as his sister! Haha. Such cute photos of them :)

  68. janis

    those rolls!

  69. Erica

    Oh I feel for you, I really do. Baby jet lag is about the worst (well, you know what I mean). My kid did about 18 trips across the pacific before she was two, and after every one, I spent about three days really wanting to punch myself in the face. Oy.
    It ends. Really. It does.

  70. Samson looks like he adores E! Such a great big sister :)

  71. ali

    of all the things she could have bitten she went for the toe?! that makes me smile, though i didn't have to deal with the crying boy with teeth marks on his foot.

  72. I love how Samson is holding his big toe in one of the photos like it's hurting! haha so precious :/

  73. oh girl, I hear you on how wonderful vacations are, but the aftermath (back home) wreaks havoc on the daily routines! Especially with the time changes – ugh. Hopefully your body clocks have gotten back to NYC time!

  74. I would call to check up on you, but I'm too busy swooning over those amazing fat rolls on Samson. Too adorable!

  75. Corinne

    Sending empathetic thoughts your way (I've been there!). Wish I could help out from so far away! :)

  76. sarahms

    those toes are so cute!!! i dont blame E, i kinda want to nibble on them as well!!