roman holiday!

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traveling with these three has been molto divertente! 
here they are at the colosseum.
we’ve loved seeing all the beautiful sites around italy together,
 but i think we’ve had our best moments singing
“head shoulders knees & toes” on the train
or hanging out in the hotel room while eleanor dances for us.
these three are pretty great. i’m glad they are my family.
  1. such a beautiful family! and i admire you for taking that trip with two littles. you've inspired me to take more trips with my toddler too!

  2. Such a cute photo!! X

  3. Yasmin

    you as an american girl in europe. I as an european girl in the us. tomorrow I will go back to nyc – and I can't wait to be there for o
    ne week. but at least my heart is european.

  4. Please tell me where you got that amazing stripped waffle long sleeve tee you have on???!!, I I'm so in love with it

  5. Please tell me where you got that amazing stripped waffle long sleeve tee you have on???!!, I I'm so in love with it

  6. these are so awesome, my friend gave me one, i'd love to make my own too!

  7. Naomi – You are blessed with such a beautiful family. Your Italy posts are giving me a case of the travel bug, and I'm just itching to go there! My husband is a history graduate student and is studying modern Italian history, so we'll be able to spend some time over there eventually. But eventually just isn't soon enough! xo

  8. Erin

    I have to ask: where did you buy that stripey sweater you have been wearing?

  9. kenzie

    So, basically you have the cutest kids ever. I've been enjoying all of the photos from your trip so far so much! Looks like you guys are having so much fun! :) I cannot wait for the day that I finally get to travel to Europe. It's so, so beautiful and historic there! Have a great rest of the time!
    XO, Kenzie

  10. How ! Here too we like to sing "head shoulders knees and toes". you must come to france now !

  11. Hannah

    on the second picture e and sam look so much alike!!

  12. I have to ask. Why don't you punctuate? I've noticed it amongst American bloggers similar to you and I find it unfathomable.

  13. Naomi, you blog is so fun to read!! I remember back when you did ballet at the same school as me at Utah Regional Ballet. Love your dancing!! You have such a beautiful family!!

  14. Amberli

    favorite city on planet earth! i served my mission here! viva roma!

  15. Audrey

    Lovely pictures. Life constantly amazes me – how I find so much joy and happiness in the smallest moments. The unexpected moments in between the "big ones". Thanks for sharing.

  16. Such a beautiful family! Absolutely stunning x