roma, italia {part II}

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…see part I, HERE.
^^^the colosseum was unreal. someday i hope we can go back and finish our tour ;)
because eleanor was determined to explore and wander 
and discover it all on her own so we left our tour group after about 20 minutes 
of trying to make it work and just wandered about behind her.
^^^trying to explain to eleanor that she needs to stay in her stroller
 because we were stopping just to look at the map for a minute.
 it was cold and starting to rain and we were lost 
and papa was trying to figure out how to get us back to the hotel.
(sigh.) this was a really fun moment. 
^^^one of the three gelatos i sampled in one day. (oink oink.)
next up! florence!
  1. theresa

    I'd love to know the brand of jeans you're wearing. They look super cute with your boots!

  2. @theresa, thanks! they are really really old jeans i got years ago from Madewell. :)

  3. You quite possibly have the cutest family ever. Your trip looked amazing! It's making my travel bug even more apparent. I've moved Italy up to the top 3 :)

  4. HayleyR

    Looks like you all had such an amazing time. Makes me excited to plan my next family trip : )! Xx

  5. Lyndsay

    Your photos are beautiful, and your little ones are just adorable! It looks like you had a great time!

  6. alissa b

    amazing. just amazing! and your family is just too, too perfect!

    happy holidays & love your posts!

  7. Katie

    Beautiful post, Naomi! You're making me yearn to visit Italy again. Our last visit was before our own little, but I'm thinking we should just go with her in tow, now!

  8. Briseidy

    I want to go to Italy and eat gelato in every corner too!
    great pictures

  9. Carly

    These are amazing! Rome looks good on your family!

  10. emily

    Your trip looks amazing and the gelato looks absolutely delicious! I really admire you guys for traveling with two little ones, I know the plane ride alone couldn't have been easy. I finally got a chance to see your virtual chat with Joy today and I really enjoyed it. It is really strange to actually hear your voices after having read your blogs for so long.


  11. caitlin

    oh man makes me want to go back so bad!

  12. beanie

    hi naomi! may i ask what lens and camera you used for these holiday shots? thank you!

  13. Alice

    Props to you for looking so fab on holidays! When I went to Italy, it was all sunglasses, top knots and no make-up. Didn't make for great pictures, I'll admit! x

  14. I've definitely had three gelatos in a day :) When in Rome! And I love the family photo you guys got outside the Coliseum. Too perfect.

  15. Omg! I LOVE all of your vacation pictures, ABSOLUTLY beautiful!

    XO, Adropofbliss.Blogspot.Com

  16. Kym

    so gorgeous. i love that pic of josh and eleanor, with her little palms up… so cute. samson is getting so big! and all those gelato pics are giving me a SERIOUS sugar craving!

  17. {jaclyn}

    stunning naomi, thank you so much for sharing. i love how much you and your little family live life. definitely inspiring. i'm sure it can be difficult putting yourself and loved ones in the public eye at times but you seem to handle it with such grace and poise. so many of us love the glimpses you do give us, so again – thank you.

    looking at these shots and taking in the beauty of such a beautiful city is breathtaking – it's hard to believe that for some of the passerby in your shots this is their everyday life. oh to live in such a historic place. :)

  18. em

    beautiful, fun photos – as always! and thanks for sharing the little e / map meltdown : ) good to know that traveling with littles internationally is not always as easy as it appears in your gorgeous photos! love reading about your adventures, big and small, far and wide

  19. Ann

    So much gelato! If only I wasn't lactose intolerant, darn!

  20. Gabri

    Lovely photos! You have such a sweet family. I just got back from a trip to Italy about a week and a half ago. Italy feels like home :) I believe that we can learn so much from the Italian culture. They love life and take time to enjoy the little things. I hope that you had that same experience with the Italians! Ciao!

  21. Audrey

    What amazing photos, it looks like a wonderful trip. Have you adjusted back to regular life in New York yet?

  22. Looks so fun!

  23. Tima

    gosh, you and your family are ADORABLE! I stumbled upon your blog about two months ago…and I've been a frequent reader ever since!! I've turned my mother too haha

    Your pictures are so precious. And it looks like you guys are having an AMAZING time in Rome!

  24. Zoë

    Thank you for posting the lovely candid shot of e! She's so cute and its kinda a little bit reassuring to see that even the cutest toddler ever can have mini meltdowns!

  25. LEIGH

    I think you've got a beautiful family photo in there! Perhaps for your Christmas card ;)

  26. Morgan

    your family is adorable. Samson and E are too cute for words! I love your dress btw!

  27. Kelly

    love the pictures, i went over 10 years ago and I would love to go back!

  28. samson is such a little baller with his hoodie. and too funny that e is way too cool for an organized tour of the coliseum.

  29. Lindsay

    You are so beautiful, and so is your family! These pictures should be in an Italian magazine. :)

  30. Jessica

    I think you must be the most stylish traveler ever! I love, love, love that red sweater!!!

    When we went to Rome last month, we got lost so many times and it was frustrating, but then I would find some gelato and I won't care where we were : )

  31. Jessica

    I think you must be the most stylish traveler ever! I love, love, love that red sweater!!!

    When we went to Rome last month, we got lost so many times and it was frustrating, but then I would find some gelato and I won't care where we were : )

  32. Kelly

    I mean this in a good way – You and Josh hold your babies so high up. I'm definitely a hip holder – where you wrap the baby legs around the love handle. I never though to hold them up. Does it hurt your arms?

  33. Emily

    What an amazing adventure! Cutest family ever.

  34. Marie

    Aaww love the photo of u holding Samson. Your children look so happy in all the photos! :)

  35. kristyn

    you always have the most effortless, put together outfits. and that gelato looks amazing!! :)


  36. sinika

    AMAZING photos!! Can't wait to get back there some day! Florence is my favorite though- can't wait to see your recap!

  37. you're little girl is the cutest thing! :) :)

  38. Keep showing us italy updates! I looove themmm

  39. alli

    Beautiful pictures and family!!

  40. Kym

    Those jeans look fab on you! You're such a fit mama!!

  41. Great pictures, I love Roma! It's such an amazing and special city! <3

  42. Stella

    beautiful pics! and p.s. I love the new comments format below the post! So much cleaner looking. Blogger's comments format drive me nuts!

  43. beina

    You're such a great family!!!!!

  44. I LOVE the family photo! Might have to e your Christmas card :) you have a beautiful family! I love reading your blog!

  45. Your post about your trip are great. It inspires me to not be so worried about traveling with two little ones and just to embrace what happens. We can always do it again if something doesn't go "right".

  46. Beautiful photos, thank you very much. I really like your blog.

  47. Tatjana

    wonderful pictures. i love rome!

  48. I have to tell you that I'm amazed by how you could go on holidays with two babies and don't have a single photo with them (or you) crying. I woul never have done it! Just the mere thought makes me nervous! You're brave! And look awesome in that hat by the way!

  49. jenf

    Naomi, where is this beautiful scarf from?

  50. I love reading your blog! When you'll travel again? Spain is so beautiful too…
    I love your pics too, they inpire me. The littles ones are so sweet! Thankyou Xxoo

  51. Silvia

    *sigh* I want to go there….to eat gelato :D

  52. Lucy

    Oh such lovely photos! I can't wait to see your Florence ones, we're heading there in January! So excited xx

  53. how beautiful family you have

  54. I remember stepping out of the tube station and not believing my eyes that the collusium was RIGHT THERE! It's such an amazing place. Beautiful photographs x

  55. Hello Naomi! Loving all these posts on Italy, its making me wish I had the chance to travel right now! ;) I hate to be "that" person that asks where you got something but I'd love to know where you got your scarf in this post & where you got your striped shirt & colorful scarf in this post. That sweater and bright scarf are very lovely together! :)

  56. fabmood

    Real italian gelato, I want you so bad right now!
    This post makes me want to pack my bag and go some place new.

  57. A Big hello to you, Naomie and your cute family from Germany! I love reading all of your posts but these pictures from your italy trip are stunning! I'd also love to know where you got that great pullover from! Love your outfits!!
    Have a great Christmas-time!

  58. your kids are always smiling beautifully! i'm sure they have a wonderful mother and loving family. I never really wanted to have kids, but, woman, you make me think about it =)

  59. t.

    Rome is so great, isn't it? I never got tired of visiting. Great food, amazing history – what more can a person ask for? (Except Neapolitan pizza, of course. ;) )

  60. rachael

    quite brave to tackle rome with two babies in tow! you guys make it look effortless :)

  61. This reminds me of my senior high school trip!
    So much fun and gelato ;p

    Wonderful pictures!

  62. Laura

    I wonder….do you ever get sick of hearing how unbelievably gorgeous you are? Because seriously-you are a natural beauty! Plus to boot you come across very loving, non judgmental, and kind. Love your blog!! -Laura

  63. E is so special with her own way of discovering things. Don't make her believe her way is wrong by forcing that cutie follow a line of ordinary people. She will be a genius soon :)
    My third request to you Naomi : packing tips :) The children's clothes look different on each picture. And I remember the pics from your SF trip too, the same goes there for all of you. You must be having a strong secret lady:)

  64. I cannot get over how beautiful your Italy pictures are. I am so glad there is more to come! You are the most adorable family, and you make traveling with little kiddies look like a breeze! I admire that. Also, I just keep thinking what awesome baby pictures your kids will have when they are older. Nothing to be embarrassed by here. ;)

  65. You're making me crave gelato and it's 8:30 am here!! Also, your babies are absolutely freaking ADORABLE!

  66. Amanda

    Man you have a beautiful family! These pictures make me miss Italy so much. And the one of E and Josh arguing is just too funny!

  67. Leila

    yummy gelato! E is too cool. great photos btw. :)

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  69. Nat

    Oh I simply love to look at you pictures!! They are adorable!!! Samson is the cutest baby I´ve ever seen!

  70. Your photos are making me envious. What an amazing trip and I LOVE that you took the kids and made the most of it as a family

  71. Rachael

    Do you by any chance remember what lipstick you're wearing with the navy blue top? I love it and it looks fabulous on you!

  72. savy

    Really enjoying your Italy photos! Cannot wait to see more in days to come…:-)

  73. Meg G

    When I went to Italy to visit my friend who had been studying there abroad for college for 6+ months, we rented motorinis (Italian for electric scooters)and went all over Rome. It was so fun. Until we got lost. I still cannot figure out how someone can live in a place for 6+ months and get lost. To make it worse, our motorinis were running out of juice and needed to be recharged.
    I ended up finding the place we rented the motorinis from, right before I almost lost my mind and heaved it into the river.
    We talk about it now and laugh, but I was not laughing then! :-)

  74. The pictures in this post are all amazing! I looked through them like 3 times. Your house must be full of beautiful family photos!


  75. Rhianne

    Even with your sigh, that photo of E wanting to get out of the stroller is my favourite, her gesture says it all doesn't it. I can picture them having similar conversations over the years just looking at it, just not about the same things :)

  76. Kumeko

    Naomi, how big is Samson's green and blue blanket?

  77. Meagan

    Rome? With children? Oh my gosh, you guys are the best (and cutest).

  78. Lindsey

    Eleanor has the best facial expressions! Beautiful pictures!

  79. Cristina

    such a beautiful family!!

  80. SO jealous! Looks like you guys are having so much fun!


  81. great pictures!
    we want part III and IV and V .. at least .. :))

  82. Erica

    The pic with E pleading with her daddy to let her out of the carriage cracked me up! I love the hand gestures! LOL!

  83. Angie

    These pictures. Soooo pretty! And now I want gelato.

  84. Miu

    Your pictures really make me want to go back!

  85. Seems like S is growing up faster than we can all handle. He's adorable! Looks like you had an amazing time at the colosseum (even if you had to leave a bit early).

  86. italy scenery + gelato + cute family? you're killing us with these posts!!!!

  87. Ana F.

    Beautiful!!! Can't wait to see more pictures!!

  88. Kayleigh

    i'm glad my husband and i aren't the only ones who have fun moments getting lost. and we don't even have kids! props to you! :)

  89. These pictures brighten up my day. So exciting! Your little boy is such a happy little guy. :) XOXO

  90. Where did you get your wonderful scarf?