roma, italia {part II}

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…see part I, HERE.
^^^the colosseum was unreal. someday i hope we can go back and finish our tour ;)
because eleanor was determined to explore and wander 
and discover it all on her own so we left our tour group after about 20 minutes 
of trying to make it work and just wandered about behind her.
^^^trying to explain to eleanor that she needs to stay in her stroller
 because we were stopping just to look at the map for a minute.
 it was cold and starting to rain and we were lost 
and papa was trying to figure out how to get us back to the hotel.
(sigh.) this was a really fun moment. 
^^^one of the three gelatos i sampled in one day. (oink oink.)
next up! florence!
  1. carissa

    I love seeing these… And. I cant believe how big Samson is getting! Oh my goodness, what a cutie.

  2. I haven't visited in a while and I just looked through all your Italy pictures. I live with my boyfriend right outside Florence and love it, but it's awesome seeing the country from other people's eyes. I am so in awe that you successfully completed two weeks across the world with two little ones. You rock mama! I also posted Venice pictures this week, which my heart absolutely fell in love with.

  3. ahhh i love Rome :) And yes youre right, Colosseum is not the best place to go with a baby :)

  4. I know it might be too late for this, but I would love to know how you guys maneuvered through airports and hotels with a double wide stroller.

    I also love Eleanor's emotion in that one picture, and Josh's patience. I'm in awe at how patient you both seem with two little ones.

  5. Aga

    You are such a beautiful family! And I can't stop thinking about Italian ice-cream now… :)

  6. Please tell me where you got that scarf??! :)

  7. Kristen

    Does anyone know the style of Naomi's Frye boots?

  8. Great photos. It brings me back to my trip that was so long ago. AND, you have a beautiful family.

  9. Alma

    Very nice pictures. I have been wondering, where did you get your little mans pants?

  10. Vanessa

    Naomi, thanks for talking about all the challenges you faced traveling with little ones. We've traveled internationally with our kiddos (ages 1 and 3) a few times, and it can be challenging, but ultimately is so worth it. It's nice to get the full story of your trip- all the sweet, precious moments together with the challenging ones.

  11. Merry

    Where'd u get ur sweater? Love!

  12. Jessica

    Great photos! Makes me want to go to Europe!

  13. I just LOVE that picture of you and Samson! As well, I'm amazed that a stranger took a (gorgeous) photo of the 4 of you with your DSLR and it came out perfectly. Whenever we try that it ends up being blurry/shaken etc – share you secret! Also, I know you probably get this questions all the time (sorry!) but I'd love if, in your camera/lens FAQ, you'd include how you get what I like to call: the classic-rockstar-diaries shot… i.e. that last shot with the gelato. I feel like you have a secret aperture number for pictures of you holding gelato/cupcakes/doughtnuts and I'd love to hear what it is, if you're up for sharing it :)

  14. Sophie

    i love your scarf! where did you get it from?
    greetings from portugal

  15. This is the FIRST and LAST time I will ask where you got something :) I know you get a lot of these questions.

    Where did you get your plum/dark purple peplum top? (one you are wearing with the scarf) I love that color!

    Also, where did you get your light tan loose shirt? Love that as well.

    Thanks a million!!

  16. Oh gosh, that blue top on you is absolutely stunning! And these pictures are just gorgeous as always! And now seeing more pictures, I definitely think Sampson looks a LOT like your hubby! :)
    xo TJ

  17. your hubby trying to explain to E why to stay in the stroller is hilarious but all too familiar!! and that stroller is RAD by the way!! you know you're a mom when you notice things like that…:)

  18. dude. i'm dying over your indiana jones hat. :) where'd you get it, i totally want to copy. :)

  19. You might just have the most goodlooking family I've ever seen.

    So cute. That photo of Josh and Eleanor looks like a true blue Italian family moment.

  20. cutest family photo! and lvoe that one of you and samson!

  21. Very curious how did you deal with naps,etc? Thank you!

  22. i'm at a loss for words. these are just all too perfect.

  23. eela

    Love everything about your blog – the writing, the photos, the style and of course the kiddos!
    Could you please tell me where you got your hat and boots?

  24. SH

    What wonderful photos! I'm not photographer, by any means, but I love taking photos to remember every detail. I'm not sure how you categorize your photos (or if you use your blog), but I use a program called Blurb. I would highly recommend that to anyone. It's relatively simple/inexpensive. I've probably made a dozen, and I display them in our living room. It's a great conversation starter, too! Naomi, what do you use? Scrapbooking or photo-books?

  25. Taza, where did you get your boots?? so cute! I've been looking for a good pair!

  26. Meredith

    U might have answered this already but I must have that wide brim fedora! Where did u buy? Great pictures…

    • TAZA

      thanks! i got it from GILT. the brand is hat attack.

  27. Jenny

    I’d love to know the Brand oft your striped Pullover! I think it’s absolutely adorable! Love, Jenny