roma, italia {part I}

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…i finished sorting through the rest of our photos from italy last night. 
so, you ready? because here we go!
rome, part I :: 
a few things worth noting: we ate the most delicious homemade pasta at da francesco’s (thank you for the rec, angie!we tried gelato on practically every corner but our favorite, hands down, had to be san crispino’s (thanks to a number of you from your recommendations here on the blog and on instagram!) and can we talk about the sistine chapel for a minute? because seriously, i don’t think i’ve ever seen something so beautiful. it blew my mind! thank you for that, michelangelo. we also went to church while we were in rome and while i was maybe bouncing a baby in the back the entire time, there is something pretty cool about finding members of your faith half way around the world and feeling like you’re home.  even if i couldn’t understand a word of what was being said (although josh did translate most of the meeting for me)…  rome, you’re pretty great. thanks for showing us a good time! 

ps. for those who have inquired on past italy posts, the beige hat i am wearing (and basically wore the entire trip) i found on GILT, the brand is hat attack. :)

*the photos i took at the sistine chapel have been removed from this post. i apologize to those they offended. 
  1. PSchmalz

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  2. As a Catholic, you haven't offended me by taking a few harmless snaps inside the Sistine Chapel.

  3. Lori Ann

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  4. You are awesome…your little tykes are awesome…and your hubs seems to be pretty awesome too! That is all. :)

  5. I really don't understand why Catholics have been so offended…isn't our ultimate goal to love like Christ loved us? Naomi, you may have lost some readers who are offended, but you just made me a lifetime reader after seeing the grace and love of your comments to these people.

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  7. jo

    How fun! It looks like a beautiful place! I am happy for you to have been able to go!

  8. Kate

    I am a Catholic, and I am Italian. I am not outraged that you took photos of the Sistine Chapel but I am outraged at the way people have spoken to you on this comment thread. I took a photo at the Sistine Chapel and I defy anybody to not be tempted to do the same thing. Perhaps we should all worry more about our own actions and not be so quick to throw stones at others. I am so glad you enjoyed your trip to my country. Your family is beautiful.

  9. delaney

    after all these years i am still in love with your blog, naomi! i love getting to watch your beautiful family grow, and i love the opportunity you've given to all of us readers to see the world through your optimistic and positive perspective. you are inspiring in your diplomacy and grace with which you handle complete strangers' inappropriate judgements of you and your actions. we all know that actions speak louder than words, and everything you do is so clearly a declaration of happiness and gratitude, and a celebration of life. thank you for continuing to document this, and thank you for inviting us to follow along! regardless of belief, nationality, and anything that insecure people like to use as cause for judgement and criticism, you will always have my complete respect as a woman, mother, wife, sister, person of faith, blogger, dancer, etc – because everything you do is so thoughtful, full of love and care, and deserving of respect. kudos to you, and warm holiday wishes to the whole fam :)

  10. Marie

    Beautiful photos! Dun get too upset or worried abt the chapel photos, you can find them on the internet :/ Just saying…

  11. I love that you went to church in Italy. I too have worshipped in other countries and found it inspiring and beautiful to worship in other languages…even if I didn't understand a thing.

  12. As a conservator I must add that, in fact, photographs taken without flash do the same amount of damage as physically looking at a work of art – zero. We even use photography extensively to document any piece before, during and after intervention.

    As a Catholic, I am disappointed and ashamed of the unkind words used in this thread in the name of my church. I do not find it offensive to post such great pictures of an already well documented and publicized piece; especially when so many are inspired by them. Isn't that their purpose to begin with?

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us Naomi! Please don't let a few thoughtless words get you down. Rock on sista!

  13. city

    thanks for sharing.

  14. It seems difficult for many people on this blog to understand that "no photos" means "no pictures!" You all tried or what? When you visit a country, we respect the places and practices.
    It is not difficult to understand it seems …

  15. First of all, Naomi, your adventures with your beautiful family wherever they are, are simply amazing. For those 'Catholics' that said those unkind things, if you all cannot see that there is simply no malice in what Naomi did then you should think twice about saying something before saying it, especially in print. Clearly the beauty would've been amazing, it would've been hard not to take a photo and as soon as Naomi realised the unintended mistake she made, she quickly apologised and rectified it. Let's not be harsh here, this blog is filled with nothing but gorgeous storytelling and I am grateful to you Naomi for sharing it with the world. Keep the stories coming, I love them!

  16. The sistine chapel is absolutely beautiful!

  17. You made me miss my hometown, I should go back more often. Lovely pictures…

  18. Ditto Nautical.Nan and others…as a Catholic, I'm sorry that some would invoke our faith to chastise you. Since there is a rule we should probably follow it (though I was tempted when I was in Rome!), but shinyshooes' implication that it would be more offensive to a Catholic is, I think, untrue. A work of art that beautiful belongs to the whole world! Just wanted to send some Catholic love :).

  19. The Ls

    I pretty much second everything @delaney said above. I don't normally comment but wanted to add my enthusiasm to her comment, because one thing that would be awful is if Naomi got tired of the constant belligerent grumblings of judgemental people online & stopped blogging! She always handles these types of comments with such grace, it really is admirable. I just hope the haters don't ruin it for the rest of us who love to read her blog & hear all about how her lovely family are doing.
    Thanks Naomi for always being a beacon of kindness, grace & genuine goodness. :)

  20. We were just in Rome in June and my husband got thrown out of the Chapel for taking a sneaky picture with his iPhone! It was so annoying and so I'm so jealous you got pictures without being thrown out :) It is just awe-inspiring and your camera arm almost acts of its own accord, doesn't it? Laws be damned! I would hope that, if Michelangelo could speak to this issue now, he'd laugh and say his art was meant to inspire and be enjoyed in many forms, encouraging you to keep your harmless photo.

    I hope you treasure and enjoy them forever, along with your other great memories!

  21. Angie

    Sigh…. Your photos are so beautiful. I want to go back now! I'm so glad you liked Da Francesco!

  22. I love every single photo! What a dream vacation. Also, I can't get over Samson's teeny tiny hoodie. :)

  23. Gorgeous photos! I love Rome. I have been telling my husband I want to take him there for years – I'm sure once he sees the city, he'll admit that we should have gone years ago :-)

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful trip!

  24. I think the 'flashiness' of shinyshooes' shoes could be damaging to the artwork, too. Lighten up, chica. And I'm really sad I missed seeing the pics on your post!!! I do love the pics you have shared. E and Samson look so much alike and are both adorable. I was in Italy at the same time as you but further north in Venice, Verona, Milan, Lake Garda, etc. and it was freeeeeeezing so seeing you all without jackets really makes me jealous!

  25. Such lovely photos! Your family is so cute. I look forward to traveling with my kids… once I have them! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.

  26. i've sadly never been to the sistine chapel so have got no idea what it really looks like .. but your pictures are so gorgeous i thought they WERE the sistine chapel until i got to the bottom of your post and saw you had taken those pictures out!

    again, as others have said, i really admire your patience and tact in dealing with all the grumblers you sometimes get. i'm sure that if i were you i would have lost my temper and exploded by now!

  27. Oh all these Italy photos are good for the soul! Looks beautiful and brings back wonderful memories :)

  28. I absolutely love your blog! you are well-spoken and point out the bright side of life but with real tid-bits of real struggles in life that only make the good that much better in comparison to the bad. I admire your tact and respect you've shown to those who did not share your taste for diplomacy and friendly corresponding between people of different faiths. i have only grown to love your family and blog more after reading your response! thank you for sharing your love of art, beauty, and God! you are a true inspiration to those lucky enough to read your blog!

  29. You have the cutest little family ever! <3

  30. thanks for sharing :) as a fellow Utan from the SLC valley, you inspire me to go out there and do what i love, because its possible if you want it badly enough!
    (one day i'll live on the east coast :) )

  31. lovely pictures :)

    thanks for writing your blog!

  32. For what it's worth, I adore your blog, your family and ALL of your pictures. Like someone said above, my fondness of you has only grown because of the graceful way you've handled the people who WLLINGLY VISIT YOUR BLOG AT THEIR OWN FREE WILL, but feel the need to complain about things you've posted. Keep up the amazing work, Taza! P.S. your babies are BEAUTIFUL!

  33. As a Catholic, I am so pleased that you appreciated the beauty of one of our most famous places of worship and hopefully felt God's presence in the Church even though you are of a different faith. I too, like so many others, admire you grace and kindness. Keep spreading love :)

  34. I loved visiting Rome and so happy that you loved it as we'll. I went to the Sistine chapel and was able to take pictures inside as well. I am an artist and loved and cherished that place. I do not believe they were offensive to say the least. It's a wonderful place. You can't ruin something so beautiful by taking pictures I think even by taking pictures someone who hasn't been there can't experience the real joy of what it brings.

    Check out my travel blog when I went to Europe last summer.

  35. I loved visiting Rome and so happy that you loved it as we'll. I went to the Sistine chapel and was able to take pictures inside as well. I am an artist and loved and cherished that place. I do not believe they were offensive to say the least. It's a wonderful place. You can't ruin something so beautiful by taking pictures I think even by taking pictures someone who hasn't been there can't experience the real joy of what it brings.

    Check out my travel blog when I went to Europe last summer.

  36. hi,
    I'm from Poland. I love your blog, I have two kids, a boy (august 2010) and a girl (may 2012) so I like watching your photos :)
    One of the photos caught my attention especially. this one with the golden cross and the Bible. I have to ask you: did you heard about Neocatechumenale Iter?Pilgrims from all over the world who are on the N.I are coming to St. Peter's Basilica and sing Credo. It was happening when you were there. We did it last year (may 2011). I had to smile when I saw this picture!
    pardon my English ;-)

  37. one more thing!
    my dearest friends from my city were there this November and they sing Credo, maybe you saw them ;-)

  38. reney yo

    boy i wish i'd visit the blog earlier when the pictures of the sistine chapel was still up. i've never been to rome and i would've liked to see the photos.

    i don't know why it is offensive for people (who managed to sneak a photo or two) to publish the pictures. a great work of art is meant to be shared. and she did mention she didn't use flash, and the guards didn't stop her from taking pictures. yes, she was at fault for not following the rules, but hey, i'm sure we all have done it sometimes. so chill, people. no need to be rude. if you don't like what she's done then close your browser and go outside and play. I'm sure God would've liked you to see the beauty of HIS creation. :)

  39. Emma

    This is the third day in a row that I've come here to look at your Rome pictures…I can't get over the breathtaking beauty of Rome and the adorableness of your littles! I also have to add that the grace and kindness you've shown in response to the Sistine Chapel pictures is truly inspiring. As a Catholic, I'm embarrassed by the harshness and rude manner my fellow Catholics have used with you. You may technically be in the wrong, but you aren't the first to sneak pictures and you certainly won't be the last! I'm happy that you found such beauty in one of our most famous places of worship and I hope you enjoy the pictures you captured there for many years to come :)

  40. ok, I'm catholic but surely I'm going to take photos in Sistine Chapel. It's to beautiful, needs to be share with the world! that's why fellows we don't have too much followers nowadays in our churchs around the world. Tolerance. Respect. Sorry N. xo

  41. photos are lovely! brought back lots of memories.

    first time posting — you have a lot of grace dealing with rude people. way to go!

  42. rome is so beautiful!! thanks for sharing these with us <3

  43. Emma

    It is true you can't take photos of the Sistine Chapel because doing so is officially a copyright violation, but I would have thought it would be more offensive to have copyright placed on what is considered to be a sacred place. Slightly ironic to be complaining about sharing a few photos of a sacred place that is copyrighted.

  44. I'm Catholic and I don't think it's offensive to want to share a few pics of something so beautiful and significant. I went with a large (mainly Catholic) group through the Sistine Chapel, we all took photos without the flash and nobody complained.

  45. I'm Catholic and I don't think it's offensive to want to share a few pics of something so beautiful and significant. I went with a large (mainly Catholic) group through the Sistine Chapel, we all took photos without the flash and nobody complained.

  46. Stormy

    San Crispino has the came Banconi as your local, and favourite of course, Pitango!

  47. I visited Rome a few years ago and visited the Sistine Chapel, it was breathtaking and I'm sad to have missed your controversial picture. I studied History of Art and Architecture at university and covered the Sistine in depth, we looked at many slides and books etc. containing hundreds of pictures all taken with a flash. My bookcase contains a book about the Sistine, and yes the book contains many photos. I bought the book in the gift shop at the end of our tour of the museum and chapel. There were hundreds of tourist gifts featuring the Sistine. Do all of these things also offend the people who commented on your snapshot? Because it doesn't offend the people who make a large amount of money out of a 'sacred' work of art by stopping normal people from taking photo's in order to line their pockets. Maybe they should direct their anger at those sources who are distributing the Sistine images in their thousand every day of the week to tourists (a lot of them devout Catholics on pilgrimages).

    When I visited the Sistine there was a large group of tourists, one of which was a priest and he was taking pictures….

    I congratulate you for being so graceful in such harshly worded criticism, it is unnecessary for people to be so rude when this post was a lighthearted look at your holiday pictures.

  48. I love how no one complains about Kim Kardashians bare behind showing but everyone is DISRESPECTED by you posting a couple of photos of the sistine chapel. People are really crazy. As a catholic and as an artist I really do not mind you posting such great photos especially if you did not use a flash! I don't think you should be apologizing to anyone. If people don't like it they should not look at your blog. I was more disgusted by all the negative people leaving negative comments than the photos you posted.

  49. Tara

    Thank you for posting your beautiful photos of your family and travels. As a devout catholic, artist, and young mother of two myself, I love your blog and thank you for handling so many hateful words from other commentors with such grace. I am not offended in the least and assume you only meant to share the beauty you saw with so many others. I hope your trip was wonderful. God bless.