o christmas tree!

one of the things i love about new york city over the holidays are all the christmas trees for sale on the bustling city streets. it’s like everywhere i walk, i’m surrounded by my own little forest in the city. and i’ll take the smell of pine needles over trash anyday.  over the weekend, we shopped for our christmas tree on the street corner.... Read more

a day to give thanks.

thankful for so much.  i could make a list that would go on for days…. but i’m especially thankful for these two little munchkins. and for the chance to be their mother and raise them here in new york city  with my best friend and love by my side. what are you thankful for? happy thanksgiving!... Read more

duck, duck, pigeon!

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after traveling all the way to rome, eleanor was more interested in chasing pigeons outside the colosseum than going inside it. is this why most people don’t take their 21 month old to tour a 2,000 year old building? ;) ... Read more