o christmas tree!

one of the things i love about new york city over the holidays are all the christmas trees for sale on the bustling city streets. it’s like everywhere i walk, i’m surrounded by my own little forest in the city. and i’ll take the smell of pine needles over trash anyday. 
over the weekend, we shopped for our christmas tree on the street corner. while we were in the midst of picking out the perfect 8 foot tree, eleanor found one her own size. she was just so pleased with herself, and it was just so dang cute, we decided to bring both trees home.  one for our front room, and one for the kids nursery. we decorated the trees last night and i caught a little bit of it on video which i’ll share later. in the meantime, here is a photo of eleanor after we brought the trees inside. i guess doing so confused her. what next? rain drops indoors? ;)
merry christmas everyone!
  1. Alice

    Adorable. I love the Christmas spirit! x

  2. Teresa

    Shes too cute!

  3. HayleyR

    So cute! One of my favourite things about christmas is the smell of real christmas trees. Ahh I can't believe christmas is so close. I'm beyond excited to celebrate my daughters first christmas: )! Xx

  4. oh please, stop this or I might just faint from E.'s cuteness attack. and of course, she is so right. where the trees are, the rain might just follow. spellbound greetings from berlin.

  5. I really can't get over how cute and independent this is. She just picked out and picked up that tree like a boss :)

  6. Megan

    Absolutely precious! :-)

  7. Maja

    lovely <3

  8. so darling! i live in the land of endless christmas trees and so it's nice to see someone be especially appreciative of their seasonal popularity right now :)


  9. RosieB

    Squeee I love this photo so much! E is too adorable. Super excited to get our christmas tree this year- although am worrying a little as to how to stop our puppy eating the whole thing within a day! Any tips from your experience with Kingsley would be much appreciated! ;)


  10. So cute! I love that E has her own mini-tree for the nursery!

  11. Natali

    Such a little cutie pie!! We'll get our tree in a week and can't wait to see my daughter's face filled with happiness when we bring it home and start decorating it :)


  12. i am so in love with ur blog :) Amazing! :) Best Regards from mum from Poland :) kisses

  13. Kirsten

    Oh, how absolutely darling!
    When I was six or so, my parents bought me a miniature white Christmas tree with silver bits on it. It had white lights and we decorated it with gold balls and the Christmas card ornaments my Grandmother made me when I was even younger.

    So, way to make a sweet memory!


  14. oh she is too cute!! I love all these little knit animal hats!

  15. Signe

    aww too cute!!

  16. uanset

    what a cuteee Eleonor is, and such strong little one

  17. Leila

    what a cutie! i love small christmas trees!

  18. Marie

    AAaawww love her hat! Too cute :)

  19. RoselyC

    I want a little tree too, so cute.

  20. ah!she is such a cutie!i used to have my own x-mas tree when i was a kid and i loved it!
    merry christmassss xxx

  21. RoselyC

    I want a little tree too, so cute.

  22. RoselyC

    I want a little tree too, so cute.

  23. RoselyC

    I want a little tree too, so cute.

  24. Lyndsay

    Oh my goodness, she is so adorable!

  25. Victoria

    Such a cute little tree! Great find E :)

  26. Ana F.

    haha that's too funny. I guess it's a tricky thing to understand why you would bring the trees inside of the house. TOO CUTE!!

  27. Adorable as always!

    I want the small tree too! It's super cute ;)

  28. Too cute, really too cute! Aww…that tree is so her size!! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  29. Cait Val

    stop. that. is. too. much!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  30. i mean seriously. she could not be any more precious.

  31. Jessica

    E is too cute. I think we're going to get our tree this weekend! Love this time of year!

  32. That's adorable! I'm still trying to get my tree finished. It's up and has lights on it but I need to put ornaments on it.

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  34. Julia

    what a cute little mini tree!

  35. Briseidy

    oh my god! this is too cute! can't wait to see the videos!

  36. kamber

    so sweet… she found her own tree!!

  37. Ann

    I think it's awesome of you two for letting E have her own Christmas tree!

  38. Jeanette

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  39. 2busy

    Oh goodness, that is so precious. Merry begging of the Christmas season!

  40. She is so precious! I love the trees!

  41. Our baby girl was born two weeks ago and I'm already looking forward to the day that she picks out her own tree. Although, I'm allergic to pine, I may have to suck it up for her sake :)

  42. Kelle

    i laughed out loud when i saw the umbrella picture on instagram. she is too cute! we also get one large tree and one small tree for two different rooms and it makes the house smell amazing!

  43. At first glance I thought E was wearing a pig mask which is really not out of character for a toddler with her own sense of style. I have now realized that it's in fact a sweet little hat. That girl can rock anything.

  44. How extremely adorable is this! I cannot get enough of this picture. What a darling idea to get E her own tree. Sounds like the start of a fabulous tradition!
    Happy Holidays Davis family!



  45. SH

    This is adorable! My hubby and I don't have kids yet, but I love the idea of the littles having a little tree all for themselves. Can't wait to see the video!


  46. Ashley

    Such a cute idea!! Charlie would love having a tree in his room. How do you guys get the trees back to your place when living in NYC? I guess just carry them?!

  47. Jess

    A "just my size tree," how cute!

  48. Audrey

    This is really nice. She must feel very proud and special to have her own tree. I bet their nursery looks pretty magical with the lights on at night. Happy Holiday Prep!

  49. Katie

    She is so sweet, and you have a beautiful family!

  50. Sally

    This is *so* cute! Happy holidays!

  51. So funny how Christmas tree shopping means looking through a tiny little forest (if you could call it that) in the middle of the cement playground. Christmas in New York = my absolute favorite. Eleanor is SO cute!!

  52. just the absolute cutest!

  53. I Lelli

    Adorable, we are looking for a Christmas tree too. We hope to found one for Little Leo size.

    xo from Italy, xo from Lelli Family

  54. Such a doll! Love it! :)


  55. kristyn

    what a perfect tree for E! i'm sure she's loving it :)


  56. Ahh the cuteness of it all :-) would love to see it when it's decorated

  57. aww, that is so cute!
    i love decorating christmas trees, to bad my roommates already put ours up during the weekend when i was away!
    xo, cheyenne

  58. So cute! A mini toddler tree! Quite impressive too how she carries a tree her own size!
    Have a wonderful Christmas time, you guys!

  59. Lejla

    Even though we do not celebrate Christmas, I feel wonderful every time I smell pine trees and cinnamon. I just love it. Your family is adorable.


  60. This is SO sweet. Love her little mittens!

  61. kristin

    what a proud moment for miss E. love that picture.

  62. Silvia

    What an adorable picture!
    Made me smile :)

  63. Jenna

    Warms my heart! What a cutie!!!

  64. Shannon

    Christmas IS the most wonderful time of the year! Does Eleanor understand 'Santa' yet? I Love your blog! Feel like I'm celebrating with your little family.

  65. Julia

    This is basically the cutest thing ever.

  66. kwistin

    i love this little Christmas life snippet!

  67. eleanor's tree is the size of our ONLY tree!

    cheers to small spaces? haha

    but, a tree is a tree is a tree… and as long as we have one i'm happy :)

  68. That is such a sweet idea! I bet her little heart was absolutely bursting with excitement at her very own E-sized tree! x

  69. That is such a sweet idea! I bet her little heart was absolutely bursting with excitement at her very own E-sized tree! x

  70. Oh gosh, I love that they got their own Christmas tree for the nursery! And really, that picture of her on instagram is just killing me. Just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Can't wait to see the video!!
    xo TJ