italy, we love you.

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we have loved our first few days here in sicily.
such charming little towns filled with beautiful history and the kindest people.
heading up north today. see you soon, roma!
  1. beina

    I know, I live in a wondeful country!!!
    Have a nice holiday!!
    You're a wonderful family!

  2. Have a nice trip and weather in Italy!

  3. Beautiful photos Naomi! Gosh what awesome memories for E&S; to have and look back on! I can't wait to see more photos. Xo!

  4. Kelle

    love that photo of josh, E, and samson with sunnies on! eleanor has the diva look DOWN. love seeing bits of your little adventure. can't wait for more :)

    my hometown!!!!!!

    Have fun, you wonderful family!!!

    Please go eat an almond or jasmine CREMOLATA in via NOtarbartolo, near the English Garden. Or have a typical Sicilian Meal at ZIA PINA near Vucciria market in the center of the old town.

  6. HayleyR

    Aww looks beautiful. So jealous : ). Xx

  7. Crystal

    Looks fabulous! Have been waiting for some pics! Safe travels

  8. Aggi

    e to see Taormina and Giardini Naxos. My husband family is comming from this part of the Sicily ( Catania)

  9. Kathy

    these are such beautiful photos! i love how eleanor is holding onto samson's hand while she was walking.And hahah love her expression when she was wearing the sunnies! looks like you guise are having a blast! have a safe trip :)))

  10. Sarah

    I love it! Look at your two adorable babies!!!! Don't be afraid to have gelato 4 to 6 times a day because you won't get anything like it back in the US. You'll LOVE Rome!!! So much to see. Throw in a penny at Trevi!

    – Sarah

  11. Alice

    Italy is just heavenly! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. You've put me in the mood for gelato… x

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  13. Hi Taza – long time reader first time poster!
    Looks like you are having a great time in Italy…a gelato a day keeps the doctor away!

    Can I please ask where you got your pink peplum jumper from? I have been looking for a jumper like that for ages and have had no luck. (Sorry, I'm sure you get questions like this all the time).

    Thanks so much and have a great rest of your holiday! Jane

  14. I Lelli

    I'm so happy ….you and you're family are here in Italy…. beautiful Sicily beautiful trip…

    xo Lelli, italian family

  15. Marie

    Your children look so happy! Enjoy your holiday trip and looking forward to more photos! :))

  16. anna

    beautiful pics my dear!! it's so strange to read your impression on my country,maybe because I dream to meet you all!! you're a wonderful family!! tanti baci!! :*

  17. We've been in italy last March. And we love thre :) And you look so nice…


  18. Italy is so beautiful!! It has this old charm and every corner is a special spot. Enjoy yourselves! :)

    June from

  19. Officially stalking your ass ;)

  20. Are you going also in my city Milan?

  21. ninahew

    If you're heading up to lovely Florence, take a look at my blog:

    Particularly the posts where my sisters visited, because there i listed all of the best things to do in the city which aren't so touristy and busy :)

  22. so glad you got there safely. can't wait to see all your trip photos; italy is very high on my list!

  23. Loulou

    I have always wanted to go to Italy! I grew up in an Italian neighbourhood and have heard so many stories. Oh well, I'll live vicariously through your photos for now!


  24. Have a nice trip :))

  25. such beautiful photos! thank you for sharing! i haven't been to italy since i went as a child, and have been dying to go back. planning on it this summer, fingers crossed! hope you guys continue to have a wonderful trip!

  26. t.

    great photos! sicily is wonderful, isn't it? i spent 4 years there and that's where my son was born. :) i'd love to return someday.

  27. colleen

    Italy is the best – Sicily is next on my list to visit there. love the sunglasses picture!

  28. Kayla

    Oh this is so wonderful! I'm studying abroad in Rome next year and this makes me even more excited…if that's even possible. :)

  29. Can't believe it, just got back from Sicliy myself and have some of the exact same photos. The gelato for example… Are of were you in Noto by any chance? Sicily is gorgeous. Enjoy!

  30. Marianna

    Ciao Tara, if you want to came to Turin, or if you need any help here in Italy, please contact us!!!

  31. Awesome!! That is the cutest picture of Samson & Eleanor! Love how your baby boy always has a smile on his face. =) Enjoy your trip for those of us who are "stuck" in the US! =)

  32. And the food is marvelous!!:)

  33. rome is amazing. the collaseum; trevi fountain; vatican and amazing pizza!

  34. We lived in Tuscany for about 6 months and have planned to stay there permanently! Venice is my favorite though, so romantic. We hope to one day buy a place there, if we can afford to. Enjoy your trip!!

  35. oh my goodness!! glad to see that you guys are having a great time :)

    (so much better than being in the war zone that is the hurricane sandy aftermath… you would think the world was ending with how long the GAS STATION lines are! it's insane!)


  36. Kayla

    Looks like so much fun! I can't wait to take my kiddos over seas and have them experience things I have only seen as an adult. I think it'll be a while new way to experience the world through their eyes.

    Memoirs & Mochas

  37. I am SO curious how you're handling your little one's sleep schedules! Are you and Josh just dead tired?

  38. Beautiful pictures! I love sicily and roma. ♥
    Happy Friday & have fun in roma! :)

  39. Amy

    How awesome! My husband served his mission in Southern Italy, mostly Sicily. We have a goal to make it back for the temple open house. I wouldn't mind going sooner, though. Eat lots of gelato!

  40. my husband's maternal side is sicilian, it is on our list! and your family fits right in with their euro chic style ; )

  41. xy

    Come to see Hungary too!

  42. Lyndsay

    Beautiful pictures! They make me want to go back so badly. Enjoy all of the gelato!

  43. Happy you guys are safe and out of harm's way. Enjoy Italy and keep the gorgeous photos coming.

  44. What wonderful photos! Glad to hear you're having a great time! Can't wait to see more!

  45. When in Rome(!) you must go to San Crispino for gelato. Its close to the Trevi Fountain, but a bit hidden away. Best gelato I've ever had.

  46. Welcome to my country American people!Hope you spend the most beautiful time here!And don't forget to visit Umbria, where I live!It's Italy's green pulsing heart, full of churches and medieval castles!
    Xoxo Eva

  47. Kori and I went to Italy together a few years ago, when she was pregnant with Daci. Our favorite places were the Vatican museum in Rome and seeing the David in Florence (and shopping in the market there). I hope you get to both of those cities! We also visited Pompei, which was amazing, as well as Sorrento, a quaint little town with a very fun little cafe we ate in. We also went to Spain, France, Malta, Capri and Monaco, but Italy was my hands-down fave. Enjoy every minute!

  48. these pictures are all so beautiful and colorful! it looks like you are all having so much fun!

  49. Great photos, Taza. I am so happy y'all are having a great time. Enjoy it!

  50. Wonderful pictures of Italy! Enjoy the food and scenery for me!

  51. Jessica

    ooooooo…I really want to be in Italy!

  52. those cute little smiles are killing me. Your kids are absolutely darling! I am completely envious of your trip to Italy but so glad I get to see all of the great adventures from it! Have a wonderful weekend.


  53. What a terrific vacation, and such a good time for it too! I hope New York is put back together somewhat by the time you get back. I can't wait to see more, you are LIVING my dream right now.

  54. so amazing that your travel dreams have come true. i can't wait to see/hear all about it!

  55. What a beautiful dream come true! Thanks for sharing your adventures with the blog world. Enjoy and happy weekend!

  56. Ana

    The picture of the three of them wearing sunglasses just made my day!
    Oh and the gelato too! That looks delicious. I'm sure it tastes extra delicious in Italy!

  57. Eeny

    love all these pictures.
    italy is such a beautiful country. enjoy the rest of your vacation. and make sure to eat as much gelato as possible. the italian one is the best. the best gelato i had was in rome somewhere around the pantheon. i think it was called giolitti.

  58. Jennifer

    these pictures are beautiful. i want to go there someday, badly.

  59. That picture of the little's running, melted my heart.

  60. Victoria

    The little ones look so cute. Glad you're having a great time! x

  61. looks like such a wonderful time! you're giving me wanderlust like no other — i can't wait to see all the photos you end up with. i love the one of mister samson and miss eleanor in the stripes, running with you in tow. and of course the two of them with josh in sunnies. : )

  62. Katness

    Looks like some pretty good times! You are so lucky not to be in New York right now. Enjoy every moment there! XO

  63. ah! so much fun!!!! so glad you guys get to have this adventure. Too bad it wasn't over the summer…we would have loved getting gelato with you. :)

  64. Megan

    so jealous!! it looks so beautiful!

  65. Dulce

    omg i love this pics, your babies look adorable!
    I'm so glad that you and your family are ok and left NY before the hurricane, be safe

  66. Jessica

    OH how fun! Love the picture of your kids holding hands. so cute!

  67. Pictures are fantastic – glad y'all are having fun!! What all of us moms are wanting to know- was how was that long flight with 2 little ones??

  68. Oh gosh, your life is a dream! And baby E and S look like they are having so much fun! Can't wait to continue to see more pictures!
    P.S. Where are all of your rings from? Just perfect!

  69. JSL

    so awesome that you are traveling with your little ones! travel is the greatest education in my opinion. i really wish you can share the logistics of traveling in europe with little ones. i think a lot of us would find that really useful.
    we would love to travel to europe with our 14mo old but am daunted by the task!

  70. Megan

    if you come to Siena, there are a bunch of BYU girls and we would love to meet you! :)

  71. Rachel

    Absolutely beautiful photos! It looks like you are having a wonderful time!


  72. This is my dream vacation, so I am living vicariously through you at the moment ;). I love that you guys took the babies!! Such a fun trip it will be to look back on. Safe travels!

  73. Coryann

    Aww, Italy! What a charming place to be. Have fun ya'll : )

  74. Julia

    mmm gelato in europe is so much better. enjoy!

  75. I love LOVE that you took your littles with you to Italy:) What an incredible family memory in the making…xx

  76. I'm so glad you guys are having a good time in Italy! I have some of the most amazing memories from Italy. I hope you eat the best food and have the most amazing of times!

    One Month and Counting