1. Shaina

    she is just too precious! the sunglasses, the jeans, the converse! and those pigtails!

    what a cool cat! xx

  2. Rachel

    Ha! She looks like a little band member on a album cover shoot! love.

  3. Yep, she's pretty cool! Jealous :)
    xo TJ

  4. Cristina

    she is so cute! i love all your italy pictures.
    i have a random question- do you usually take your pictures on manual mode with your dslr? i love the look of your photos with the blurred background and am trying to achieve the same look with my own photos. i hope one day they can look somewhat like your gorgeous pictures!

  5. She's the real rockstar!

  6. Lindsay

    hipster. through and through.

  7. Julie

    Oh my goodness! When will she start dance classes?! I imagine she already has a few moves of her own.

  8. You guys, really and truly, are a gorgeous family. Have spent the last little while tonight updating myself on your happenings. You continue to have the golden touch–I swear that everything you do turns out well. Eleanor and Sampson and beautiful, beautiful children. Your trip looks wonderful. I hope that in your "we travelled abroad with little ones" post you include all the parts where you said, "children ruin everything…" We've done our fair share of travel abroad with the kiddos and that's what it's come down to:) Just kidding. Much love from the Smylies-

  9. Diana

    ha! go eleanor. rock those sunglasses like a boss. :P

  10. Ami

    Es una verdadera princesa!! :)


  11. Aga

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  12. Aga

    Too cool for school!

  13. She is adorable. My little guy, Graeme has the same Converse– so great : )

    I just wanted to thank you for something that you mentioned in the Blog Inc live virtual chat– I just got to listen today and I so appreciated your line about quality over quantity and keeping your focus on your kids and fitting blogging in when you can keep your eyes open : ) I am a mama to two little boys and I've decided that posting two times a week is really my limit. I want to keep my content beautiful and focused, enjoyable and consistent.

    Anywho, thank you for your words– just wanted to let you know. I am so glad that I found your online space here as well.

  14. SarPep

    oh my so sweet. what a michel jackson pose in the last shot. my little guy is the coolest member of my family also…only i think he knows it. ;) thank you for sharing your family and for your inspiration for finally launching my blog. check it out if you have a single spare moment. just posted public after watching your live chat with joy. thanks :)

  15. basil

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  16. Luv her.. she's rockin that shade!

  17. What a cutie! I love your blog! Thank you for sharing.

  18. Amanda

    Hahah that last picture is the best.

  19. Emily

    Your kids are so adorable!!! Like you didn't already know:))

  20. Coryann

    She's cooler than an ice haha ; )

  21. BAHAHAHA! Oh my! Too much cuteness to handle! She reminds me of my 21 month old boy. They are so hilarious at this age huh.

  22. CV Love

    So cute

  23. SHE IS PERFECTION<3 lovekenyon.blogpost.com

  24. Hahaha love this post, Naomi!! So good!

  25. LOVE Rayban for kids!!! And totally adore this little fancy Hipster!!!!

  26. RFK

    Such a cutie! You've got a beautiful family :)

    K xx

  27. She's gorgeous!