duck, duck, pigeon!

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after traveling all the way to rome, eleanor was more interested in chasing pigeons outside the colosseum than going inside it. is this why most people don’t take their 21 month old to tour a 2,000 year old building? ;)
  1. Paige

    she is just too darn cute!

  2. oh kids…. too funny! we have a similar video of my boyfriend's niece running back and forth between the boys playing frisbee… she keeps chasing and chasing and chasing just like lil miss E, haha.

    even though most people don't take their kiddos there, happy you had the wonderful OPPORTUNITY too!

    cheers, and have a happy thanksgiving :)

  3. renata

    lovely girl, lots of spring love from the south

  4. haha so adorable!

  5. minteva

    oh she is so adorable! totally reminds me of me when i was her age and we lived in rome :) gorgeous.

    ps can we pretty please have more videos of E? she is just the cutest thing ever!

  6. Alice

    Very cute! Looks like she was having the time of her life. x

  7. HayleyR

    Haha ohmygosh she is just too cute! Seeing all your pictures reminds me of fond memories from my trip to italy : ). Xx

  8. Hannah R

    Aw that's just too cute

  9. Katie

    The sweetest! I always love videos from y'all.

  10. this is one of the most adorable things i've ever seen!
    xoxo, jamie

  11. Aww this is like the little kid has a $500 toy and yet the kid will play with the box. She is so cute chasing that lil guy!! =)


  12. This is too precious! She is the cutest little girl I ever did see!!

  13. so cute that little one! <3

  14. Cutie! and those pigtails :D

    -L O V E

  15. She must have loved the pigeons in Venice. Did y'all pose with them? So many people do it, but after all these years of living in NY, I can't help but think of them as vermin with wings.

  16. Your little girl could be a double for Boo from Monster's Inc.,do you remember that movie? What an adorable girl!

  17. Now that I read the comment above mine, I do see the Boo resemblance! I never thought of that before.

  18. Meagan

    She looks so disappointed when it flies away!

  19. rome, shmome..who needs to see the colosseum anyway? but pigeons ey. they are the best entertainment! her run is adorably hilarious – i love when kids do that little toddler run.

  20. be-dorable!

  21. Alyssa

    The little foot stomp she does once it flies away is so cute! You've got the cutest kids

  22. Colorful

    Eleanor makes me to want to have a baby! :)

  23. My comment when my parents took me there as a kid of more or less that age was: it's broken!

  24. What a super CUTIE!! Goodness.

  25. This is so so so cute! I love it.

  26. Nanu

    Run, bird, RUN!! :DD

  27. Haha love this clip of E :)

  28. Haha! She looks so disappointed when it finally flies off! :)

  29. Heather

    this is too cute…so funny ow the pigeon actually toys with her for a while before flying off…

  30. Rhianne

    I love her little stomps when it flies away, she is adorable!

  31. tiltthem

    She looks so happy and free. Sound like a lovely vacation.

  32. Mariana

    Little cutie!

  33. I love how she is all fed up at the end when the birdie flies away…so much personality in your little one :)

  34. Kathy

    hahah i love her abrupt stop at the end, its like 'no pigeon,come back!' she is such an amusing child. She looks so cute with her pigtails as well :))

  35. that is so wonderful! She looks like she's loads of fun.

  36. hahaha oh my gosh she is the cutest!!

  37. toytulip

    She is the cutest little girl! :) I am sure it must be a lot of fun being around her as she discovers the world… :)

  38. kristyn

    this is literally the cutest thing ever.


  39. Kristina

    my little girl loves to do this too! My husband calls them rats with wings! hehe

  40. haha of course! so cute

  41. Hilary

    Ha! i like when the pigeon flies off and she just stops. Cute!

  42. nettie

    I dont comment much but i love reading your blog! This video is just too cute not to leave a post. I like how she spreads her "wings" as the pigeon flies off! She is some cute stuff!

  43. Jessica

    Precious! All that matters is that she is happy!

    Gosh, those people on the segways drove me nuts!

  44. Ohmygoodness! The energy and "hmph" of her little hands as the bird flew away is seriously precious. These kids are going to be so happy that you've captured all these wonderful trinkets of their childhood. :)

  45. Victoria

    So cute!

  46. um…. how darling is this! ADORABLE. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


  47. ellen

    My brother wrote an article about taking his son to Europe; if you email me your address I'll send you a copy ([email protected]).

    That video is priceless!

  48. SarPep

    keep on travelling! our little ones are the same age…i think exactly and we just went to san fran around the same time as you this past summer. we had an amazing and busy time. so many memories. wish we could travel more.

  49. Aga

    The best things always happen outside not inside!

  50. This is too freakin cute.

  51. Shan

    Her body language at the end is adorable! The defeat of it all!

  52. Ann

    Has E not chased pigeons in New York yet?!

  53. SH

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  54. SH

    That video is fantastic! What a great memory. She must have been so disappointed when it flew away, haha!

  55. This is so adorable! I love her reaction at the end when it flies away. She looks so defeated. Too cute!
    xo TJ

  56. This is so cute! Your family is beautiful! Lots of love from Lane at

  57. Carolyn

    Bless, she is just the most adorable little girl.

  58. Nikki

    That is too adorable!

  59. Marie

    Aaawww such a lovely video :)

  60. Chelsea

    She is so adorable, can't deal!

  61. I love how expressive she is! She looks so disappointed at the end…as soon as the pigeon flies away she just stops like thinking 'I cannot believe it!!'

    She is seriously cute!!! And Samson looks like he's going to be like her!!

    You're such a lucky woman! =)

    xoxox from Spain (Happy Thanksgiving!!)

  62. so cute!!!

  63. oh my gosh incredibly cute little walk she has

  64. Jennifer

    That's adorable. :)

  65. Natasha

    Hahahaha… This is sooooo adorable!!! =)))

  66. Leah

    Ahha although your pictures are beautiful, this video is just the best. Your trip looked amazing and I can't wait to some day be able to take family vaca's like this. Thanks for sharing with us!