1. Oh my goodness, everything looks so beautiful!! Baby E and Samson look adorable!

  2. Josh looks especially dapper in the last photo! Love Italian markets; the colors and tastes are so vivid.

  3. ali

    everything about this is post is marvelous! the colors, the fact that josh wears ties on vacation, the older gentleman touching samson's cheek (italians do that all the time to my little too!), and sweet E with her pigtails.

    i get lost in your photos. all swept up and starry eyed.

  4. Could Eleanor have any more swag?
    That kid, seriously.

  5. HayleyR

    So jealous of your trip. Your family looks adorable s always : ). Xx

  6. Beautiful pictures! ♥ ☼ :)

  7. Svenja

    I love your family so much! I'm jealous.. when I'm older I really want to be like you and there's nothing else I want as much as having a family like you and living like you!


  8. Gaby

    looks like heaven. and eleanor really is the coolest.

  9. Amazing, looks so vibrant.. you really can't beat a market. Also, I've just bought a hat like yours & have been stumped on how to wear it. Looks awesome with the blouse & jeans combo – Thanks! x

  10. Mrs Z

    Looks stunning! Also, I adore your hat so much! Where did you get it?

  11. Kathy

    all the beautiful colours from your photos! everything looks so vibrant and vivid. haha eleanor looks pretty cool, standing there with her banana :)

  12. everything looks gorgeous!
    i miss italy, i can't wait to go back there.
    xo, cheyenne

  13. Maja

    Ohh, I just love this blog <3 It's so full of love and happiness :) xx

  14. Teresa

    Such greAt photos!!! Il mercato! Thanks again for sharing I miss my country!

  15. Bridget

    italian man touching samson's cheeks. that picture is a treasure. also, you davis' are just about the chicest travelers there are.

  16. they've grown so much!

  17. Italy suits you! You look gorgeous

  18. colleen

    oh my word – josh, samson and that old italian man!!!! that picture is one to last a lifetime – how cute. i went to the coast of italy at the beginning of the summer, one of the best weeks of my life. all these pictures of food take me back, especially those lemons…

  19. Leila

    great photos, everything looks so yummy!

  20. Becca

    I take all my visitors to this market when they visit us in Sicily! You captured it so beautifully, Naomi. :-)

  21. That market is beautiful. The Italian man's hand looks huge next to your babes little face! haha.

    Love your hat too. Like everyone else, I'd love to know where you got it.

    you had to be there

  22. Hannah

    you all look so happy! thank you for sharing! can't wait until we're on elba.

  23. Marie

    Aaawww beautiful photos of your family! Your children seemed to enjoy being in the fresh market :D

  24. These are beautiful pictures. Your photography recently has been wonderful.

  25. you have totally adorable children! :)

  26. The perfect place to start a day!jungle

  27. I got no idea why the word jungle appeared in my comment . Funny

  28. Beautiful! Your trip to Italy looks magical and so fun. You always take perfectly composed pictures. Well done!

  29. kristyn

    the photo of the lemons is stunning! the colors are so vivid :)


  30. Elise

    Does your husband always wear a white shirt and a tie, even though he's in italy?

  31. Where did you get your gorgeous hat?! Love the pictures per usual….beautiful family!

  32. Briseidy

    love your matching outfits! and S looks adorable in those red skinny jeans hahaha

    they always say that whenever in a new city you should always visit the city theatre, cathedral and local market :) so pretty!

  33. Your trip looks so much fun!!! I've never been to a fresh market like that!!

    Ergo – Blog

  34. rachael

    i love the ones of e — her personality shows so much through the photographs.. i want to go to italy so badly! my friend is there right now and keeps posting her photos :(

  35. Love the pic of the old man giving your little boy some attention, just the sweetest thing.xx

  36. Amy

    My husband served in Syracusa and he really, really loved looking at these pictures. I've never seen him so excited about a blog that wasn't sports related! He remembers going to that market.

    Thanks for sharing your fun life!

  37. Aga

    I love Italian markets! Great pictures, you look very happy.

  38. There's definitely something about getting fresh fruit straight from the market. Especially in Italy! Looks like a bunch of fun.

  39. i love your big, comfy menswear blouse! you and e have the cutest photographs together. i love the shot of the lemons, too!

  40. What beautiful photos! I'm a new follower and have been drooling over all your Italy pics – looks like you had an amazing trip.


  41. Looks like you had a great time!!

  42. Victoria

    Everything looks so tasty. Great photos! You guys look so happy as always :)

  43. It's all just absolutely beautiful!



  44. Katie

    Stunning photos! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  45. Amelia

    oh that picture of samson and the old man is the sweetest thing!

  46. Coryann

    Everything really is more beautiful in Italy!

  47. i have always wanted to go to italy…and now after looking thru your posts, i NEED to make it happen!

  48. Angelica

    Such wonderful photos!

    Where did you purchase your jeans?

    I love the picture of you and E and the one of Josh and Samson…so CUTE!!!

  49. You have the most beautiful family Taza! I love looking at pictures of little E, Samson, and the whole gang! I am only 22, but I hope to have as happy of a family as you one day! Keep being the Rockstar that you are!

  50. damn girl, you can pull of ANYTHING

  51. katelupo

    zee italians love ze babies-ah? no? =)

  52. 2busy

    What a handsome group your family is. Lovely colorful pictures…

  53. I've got to show my husband photos of your hubby. He'd adore how your husband's style. There's nothing I love more than to visit the markets whenever I'm in France or Italy. Everything's so fresh there. Beats a supermarket any day.

    P.S. I couldn't help but feature your blog on my Pass It Forward series. Keep up the fantastic job. Absolutely love your blog.

  54. oh those lemons! and the cutest happy girl smile

  55. First of all, that all looks amazing! I wish there were markets like that everywhere! Secondly, I ADORE your hat!

  56. The yellow sweater is so pretty

  57. Angie

    Such pretty photos. It must have been so great that Josh could speak Italian with everyone there! That would make the whole experience so much more authentic!

  58. That picture of E standing with her banana killed me! it just killed me! What a gorgeous and adorable little girl you have there! Also, I just to nibble Samson's little feet – soooo cute!! God bless your babies!

  59. These pictures are gorgeous. You and E look stunning and I love little Samson's red pants!

  60. Jennifer

    I really want to travel…

  61. Jessica

    Once again E and S still the show! Everyone's clothes match the colors in the market beautifully. Everything in the market looks delicious. Florence and the Chianti region were my favorite part of my recent trip to Italy. I loved roaming the Tuscan country side.

  62. SH

    Love this! It looks like you had a wonderful time. I've been to Africa and Australia, but never Italy! After seeing your photos, it is definitely on my bucket list.


  63. that man of yours… he rocks a sweet tie in EVERY post he's in!!

  64. I wanna go to there! Especially after seeing all of these beautiful photos solidify in my mind that a trip to Italy in my lifetime is a must-have :)

    Such a beautiful family. I wanna be like you when I grow up lol

    The Indie Byline

  65. kate

    When I visited Italy, I was often too self conscious to take out my camera and snap photos of the market. Later, I regretted not taking the time to take the pictures I wanted. You will certainly treasure these photos in the future!

  66. Shannon

    Ok surrrrrrrrrriuosly girlfriend – you gotta share where you got the hat you're wearing. it's so epic i might pee my pants. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?!!! x-to-the-o!

  67. I'm sold! I want to go there now


  68. FFUNNNNN! I am showing these photos to my husband and giving him a little wink wink : ) We have wanted to go to Italy for years, this is just another kick in the pants to making it happen : )

  69. Anna

    Beautiful photos!

  70. I think you might possibly have the two sweetest little babies ever. They're both so flipping adorable! :)

  71. Michele

    How is that EVERYTHING tastes so much better in Italy?! Truly it is the best tasting place. Ever. I so admire your perseverance and going on a pretty major holiday with two very little ones. Amazing!

    Also, I would love to hear any advice you have on getting through the sleep-deprived newborn phase when you have another child to care for too. How are you guys getting sleep? I do appreciate your candor in previous posts about how challenging this time can be. What have you figured out to make things work? I'm trying to figure this out right now & would be wonderful to hear how others do it!

  72. Love the way you look at the world through your pics, Naomi. You managed to capture the best part of everything: colors shapes and matchings, angles… not to mention your beautiful family… those kids are amazing. God bless you guys.

  73. Carly

    oooh, this makes me long to go to italy. that lemon photo is absolutely stunning!

  74. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful family photos from your Italy travel. It's an amazing thoughts to see the wonderful scenery in your post too. Italy is a dream country vacation to go and nice to feel the vibes through your pictures. Best regards!


  75. Shannon

    absolutely glorious!

  76. those lemons are beautiful! looks like y'all had a great vaca! your family is just too cute! happy thanksgiving!

  77. holly

    are these taken with a 50mm?

  78. Brooke

    You are so lovely. BEAUTIFUL photos!

  79. Margaret

    I was lucky enough to live in siracusa for a time… I went to this market every day, and spent most of my time swimming in the Med – or sitting by its side. It was a perfect time in my life. Sicily is amazing and mostly forgotten by travelers.. Good for yall for enjoying its many wonders.

  80. I'm sure there were some scandalized Italians when they saw a barefoot baby! Beautiful photos!

  81. Nat

    I believe the best picture of this batch is the one with Husband, Samson and the old Italian man… it´s sooooo cute and adorable!!!!