a live chat about blogging!

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my friend joy (of oh joy!, whom you surely know and read) recently wrote a great book about blogging called blog, inc.  if you are curious about starting a blog, growing your current blog, or just blogging in general, i definitely recommend picking up a copy!
since joy just wrapped up her book tour, she’s asked me to join her for a live chat about blogging this thursday at 2pm est (11am pst). you can stream the chat live on her blog.  joy will be answering some of the most common questions she has been asked on her book tour q&a sessions, and i’ll just be chiming in here and there with little things i’ve learned as a blogger throughout the last few years. 
hope you tune in! see you then!

UPDATE! for those inquiring as how to watch the chat later if you are unavailable thursday, it will be archived afterwards in the blog post so you can tune in when it’s convenient for you!

  1. looking forward to it :)!

  2. how fun! where can i get a copy?

  3. smina

    I just started blogging and I definitely need some direction! I love to blog and taking photos for it.

  4. Victoria

    Sounds brilliant! :)

  5. Hannah

    thanks for sharing! I'll definitely be looking at the book :)



  6. Maggie

    I cannot wait for the live chat!!!!! It's such a wonderful book and so many people are talking about it. Welcome back to the states =) can't wait to see more pictures from Europe!!!

    Sweet peas and lucky honey

  7. I was lucky enough to meet Joy on her last stop in Austin. I was so pleased to see that you were a contributor! Thanks for all the great advice. I can't wait to put what I've learned into action!

  8. can't wait! i'm her newest follower :) LOVE her style!!

    and i will have to read up on her blogging book!

    cheers :)

  9. Jessica

    See ya there! I'll definitely check out her book- after all I just started my blog and could use some tips!

  10. Sarah

    so excited!

  11. Just bought the book and it's on its way to my Kindle! :) Thanks so much for the suggestion. Also, I am going to start following her awesome blog!

  12. beina

    This is a wonderful opportunity you give us!!!
    Thank you!!!!

  13. Yay! I can't wait!!

  14. So timely! I just started blogging about the road to mommyhood and life in general in NYC. I will definitely check out this book. I do have a question though. Is there any way we can catch the chat (perhaps on YouTube) later? So sad it's the same time as a doctor's appointment I have.

  15. Damn I will be working… :(
    Have fun!

  16. Kristen

    Where can I get a copy independently, I.e.: not from big box Amazon?

  17. will the chat be up on her blog (or yours) after the live chat? just wondering since i'll be at work during the live one.

  18. Lindsey

    Can't wait for this! I am going to be a bad worker and watch it during the day while at work!

  19. Cait

    someone might have asked this already, but are you going to save it or post it on youtube/vimeo so people can watch it post "live chat?"

  20. Kym

    This is amazing!! I am downloading this book right this second and looking forward to the chat. Thanks for sharing!! xo Have a great week!!

  21. malkire

    I just bought and read through her book. It is how I found your blog. Looking forward to the event!

  22. that's great! How fun! I will see if I find time and how i works with the time difference to Australia.

  23. Julie

    I can't wait! I also can't wait to see pictures from Italia!

  24. Ben

    I'm the only man to leave a comment. I deserve points for that, don't I? Am I supposed to leave the link to my blogs? Everyone else seemed to. Ok.


    Oh, and I will be following that live chat. Men would be so much more efficient if, instead of trial and error, they just listened to how a woman does it.

  25. so glad you're going to archive the chat!! yay!! have fun with it- can't wait to tune in later.

  26. that's so neat! blog, inc. is on my christmas list this year…i'm crossing my fingers it'll wind up in my stocking. that's so nice of you & joy to do this chat session — i'm so excited! thanks so much!

  27. Lauren

    That's so weird- I just ordered this book and it's coming tomorrow! It's had good reviews on Goodreads so I'm looking forward to it x

  28. Bea

    I'm so excited about this, especially now that you'll be archiving as watching from Melbourne at 2pm US time is a little tricky! I've just started my own blog and can't wait to hear some tips and tricks from you two.


  29. Kristina

    I'm watching it right now! You do great! And I'm glad your voice is pretty normal and not like in all the videos :-) I think that was always the 'for the baby voice'.

  30. Skye

    I just watched this. You are so adorable! Thanks for all of your thoughts and ideas :) I really love the style of your blog and how you do keep it so personal. I always love when i can tell that bloggers have passion for what they post about, and I can definitely see that is true for you. Thanks!

  31. Michelle

    This was great! Loved your comment about living life and exploring, it is so important and think it is totally refreshing to be reminded of that. I was curious since so many people are connected with your blog, which blogs do you follow and inspire you?

  32. I'm so glad you teamed up with Joy for the virtual chat. It was great to hear some of your insight on the blogging world. Quick question! What lip stick are you wearing? I love love love the color!

  33. I just watched the chat with Joy today, and you guys are so great. I have been a fan since your first year, and it's been really awesome to watch your blog (and family) growth & how you keep it very real. So thanks!

  34. NAOMI,
    How do you do your hair as it is done in the interview? :)