6 months. 6 of the very best months.

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samson is 6 months old today. 6 months! that went a whole lot quicker the second time.  this little man is sitting up and starting solids and always finding a way to grab his sister’s hair when it’s in reach and pull it ever so hard (it starts young, huh?)
i love this little mister. all babies are miracles, but samson is my miracle. and i can’t imagine life without him.  the past 6 months have been such a joy. thank you for joining our little family, samson boy. you make us feel complete.
and just so you know, mister samson, you have also made this little girl below the happiest. watching you two interact throughout the day is my favorite. 
  1. What a beautiful post – the pic of E and S at the bottom is beyond gorgeous

  2. Cutest kids ever! Happy 6 months little guy!

  3. So sweet! Happiest 6 months, Samson!

  4. bonnie

    my heart is melting… melting… MELTED. <3

  5. What lens and camera settings do you use to keep more than one person in focus but the background blurred?

  6. kristyn

    happy 6 months! your children are precious and they are blessed to have such a wonderful mother as you :)


  7. Hey there! I saw your video chat yesterday and I couldn't wait to leave you a hello.
    You are amazing. I visit your website sinde 2009 and see you with your husband, then kinsley, then little E and now samson boy is awesome. It kind of makes me a part of all this.
    I cannot express how much I admire you. You have such an energy that goes beyond the pictures and the writing.
    Thank you, for taking the time to share your family, your kindness with us.
    I really look up to you, because, someday, I hope I can be as good as you show us to. And the great part is, is that you, i think, don't realize it.
    you are very, very, very beautiful, naomi.
    xoxo from Brazil (:

  8. colleen

    that's a pretty amazing picture of those two. I'd love to hear more about you feel he's your miracle, but you're right, they all are. and I'm glad he came to you and josh. oh, and of course, e ;)

  9. Oh my goodness… My heart…
    This is the sweetest. Little ones grow up so fast!

    xoxo krystin

  10. So cute!! He's gotten so big! It's fun watching them grow up, they make a great pair of siblings!


  11. Loulou

    Happy half-birthday to the cute little guy!


  12. Chely

    Such a sweet post! This makes me look forward to being a mom!!

  13. Eireann

    What a lovely post. Seeing siblings who love each other is the best. xoxo

  14. uanset

    you have wonderful children, they are so cute. congrats to you and husband for such lovely family you are

  15. you know they're gonna be twins when they get older, right? right. ADORABLE TWINS!!!

  16. Beautiful photos!! You are an inspiration!

  17. holtkamp

    Perfect family! You give me confidence in trying to have two babies close in age!

  18. Adorable kiddos! Time flies when you're in love :).

  19. Sarah

    When did they start to interact more? I have two just like you in the same age range, but my daughter isn't feelin' her brother yet =(

  20. Lovely post! <3

  21. Your babies are the cutest. your blog is so loving. Love your posts and beautiful pictures you share with us all, thank you and God bless always.

  22. happy six months to little samson–how very sweet those two are loving one another's company so much :)

  23. That last picture just makes my heart melt. Happy 6 months to your sweet babe!

  24. Jessie

    That last picture–melt my heart!!! It makes me look forward to what my baby boy will be doing in a few months. It really does go faster the second time!

  25. Jessica

    Happy six months, Samson!!

  26. Eleanor has the chubbiest little legs! Happy 6 months, you have a beautiful family :)

  27. Robmary

    Beautiful post. super cute!

    I have the same question from another comment, up above, what camera lens and setting do you use to keep more than one person in focus? Thank you!

    House of Mustache

  28. ahhhhhhdorable! 6 months already? time flies when you're having fun they say! :)

    for those asking her about the camera/lens… it's all in her FAQ section!

  29. Can you tell me why you have a .blogspot and a .com for this blog? Just curious! Thanks.

  30. Lindsay

    You have such adorable kids. I love that photo!

  31. Kelle

    that is the sweetest picture of E and S. :) i have such a great relationship with my little brother – i hope the same for them in the future!

  32. This makes my heart melt.
    That picture of them both at the bottom is so adorable.
    You are so incredibly blessed to have such gorgeous children. As someone who has been trying to have a baby for the past two years this blog really keeps me going and reminds me that the wait will definitely be worth it in the end if I can have a little family that's as half as happy as yours.
    Thank you

  33. Bianca

    So wonderful! My two are 6 and 14 months. Whilst its lovely to have one on one with W whilst my eldest is at school. They don't have much in common. I think a smaller age gap is nice. x

  34. I love your stripped sweater! Where is it from?!
    Cutest kiddos ever!

  35. I love your stripped sweater! Where is it from?!
    Cutest kiddos ever!

  36. The way you always talk about your kids is adorable.

    Um… and so is your hat! ;-) Where is it from? I've been admiring it in all your holidays' pics and I love it!


  37. Maygooo

    Uwielbiam wasze zdjęcia ^^

  38. Haha, it DOES start young! I'm almost exactly 1 1/2 years older than my brother and man did we fight. Most of the time we were best friends but we were famous for our battles.

    Now I'm just as close to him as to our other siblings, who are over 10 years older than us. It's nice to have someone who's going through similar experiences with you.

  39. they are and are going to be the best of friends. so stinking cute. happy half birthday samson!

  40. Happy Half Birthday to Mister Samson! :)
    your little family is too cute to handle <3



  41. i love this blog !!
    Your kids are growing so fast! You can see that you are a loving family;) Greetings from Poland!

  42. Diana

    aww, your babies are so precious… :)

  43. Briseidy

    This is so beautiful! Congrats! Time is really flying my boy is almost 5 months!

  44. Kathy

    the last photo is just so precious.they're going to be the best of friends :)

  45. dan_nay

    Precious! Happy 6 months, Samson :)

  46. Marie

    Awwww the last photo is adorable.. Samson is growing up so quickly and getting as big as his sister!

  47. Happy Half Birthday Samson! Eleanor's little baby twin :) I really enjoy watching your family grow. Makes me even more excited for the family I plan to have soon. May God continue to bless your family!

    xoxo, Jerrell

  48. Happy B-Day Samson! once you remove the camera and will be a great photographer haha your babies are beautiful :3

  49. Ann

    Samson has been such a blessing to your family! You're going to enjoy the next 6 months because it's the fun stage : )

  50. eleanor & samson are the cutest little children i've ever seen, you're so blessed (:

  51. rachael

    your kids seem like they are ALWAYS smiling and happy — what a good thing to see :) that look of wonder on samson's face — priceless!

  52. judith

    wow your little boy is super cute! i´d love to see another video of both rockstar kids soon! love from germany!

  53. Lyndsay

    Aw, it's hard to believe that it's already been six months. It feels like you announced his birth just the other day. He's so sweet. The picture of the two of you in Venice is darling.

  54. aw, congratulations! that last picture is truly adorable :)
    xo, cheyenne

  55. Congratulations & happy 6 months to your beautiful baby boy. Wishing your family much happiness.

  56. bri

    This is precious. I'm always impressed with mamas of two tiny ones! My 3 month old is wonderful and I'd love another but phew! being a mama exhausting!

  57. birdy

    6 months already?! Time really IS flying. And I just can't believe it. I've got 6 more weeks to go before my little one finally makes her grand entrance and it just blows my mind!

    Happy 6 months little Samson man! :)


  58. Chelsea

    they are so precious together!

  59. Vanessa

    I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love watching these two grow.

  60. Alexis

    I can't belive he is 6 months already! That time FLEW! Well, it's time to have another georgeous little baby!

  61. once again, you are making my ovaries hurt.


  62. time flies! when is that baby boy going to get a pic on your header?!

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  64. Victoria

    Aww the last picture is so cute !

  65. Becca


    I've just started following you and I can already tell I'm going to enjouy your posts!
    I have family envy already! Haha!

    Becca x

  66. What a beautiful photos!

  67. Teresa

    So sweet!

  68. Just realized you need to add baby samson to your blog header and info in the title!!! Love watching your little family grow and travel and love life as much as you do every day <3

    x T

  69. Ana F.

    Happy half-birthday, Samson!

  70. hihi, my little one turned 6 months yesterday. they are very close in age. i feel the same way. my little miracle; life would not be complete without him. it feels as though he has always been a part of us. :)

  71. kwistin

    ah! i LOVE that you write directly to your lil babies. they will cherish this for forever.

    also, that second picture says so much.

  72. so beautiful! i have a 9 old month baby as well ans it's the best thing in my life and i'm a big fan of your blog as well:)

  73. Very beautiful words et childs ;-)

  74. So cute! E makes a great big sister. Samson is one lucky little boy.

  75. Aw that's lovely. I am expecting No. 2 next month and can't wait to see my older boy playing with his little brother once he's up to it.