6 months. 6 of the very best months.

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samson is 6 months old today. 6 months! that went a whole lot quicker the second time.  this little man is sitting up and starting solids and always finding a way to grab his sister’s hair when it’s in reach and pull it ever so hard (it starts young, huh?)
i love this little mister. all babies are miracles, but samson is my miracle. and i can’t imagine life without him.  the past 6 months have been such a joy. thank you for joining our little family, samson boy. you make us feel complete.
and just so you know, mister samson, you have also made this little girl below the happiest. watching you two interact throughout the day is my favorite. 
  1. Naomi-I used to follow your blog every day, and then now I saw you in a samsung commercial in the back of time out!! Wow. Also, I have two adorable dogs here in the city-if any of your newlywed friends are looking for puppies for the holidays, I would be interested in a petshare situation. Let me know!

  2. Time flies in cute little panties and flower hair bows :) Adorable family you have, Naomi. Thanks for sharing its highlights! xxx


  3. so sweet. please never stop writing these notes to your littles…i know you won't. : )

  4. there's nothing better than when you see siblings interacting and enjoying each others company!! nothing.

  5. SH

    This is so adorable! And yes, the hair-pulling starts young (I'm thinking of my siblings!) But siblings really are a true blessing. I can't imagine my life without my brothers and sister, and your children will feel the same one day!


  6. that's just the cutest thing ever!!
    i am so happy for you noemi & your family!

  7. JSL

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  8. Annis

    Hi Naomi,
    I love your blog, a little peak in your life. Your little family is gorgeous! I love your style, effortless but very inspiring. And thank you for also showing your real life, when things aren't perfect, when toys are everywhere. It makes me feel good, to know that it doesnt have to be perfect (like some blog try to tell you) it makes me think that i can have a family one day, that you just have to enjoy life! so: thank you!

  9. Nay, I miss you girl! I can't wait to someday meet your little fella. He is a handsome lad.

  10. Absolutely love the last photograph – it must be so lovely when they get just old enough to 'communicate' with each other, and you can really see their relationship growing. AWW!

  11. That last photo is beyond precious! Can't get over it! A very happy 6 months to him ;)
    xo TJ

  12. So sweet! Happy 6 months to Samson!