1. Oh, she's so lovely.

  2. Rhianne

    That last photo is perfect, she just gets more delightful doesn't she :)

  3. GUHHHH ADORABLE!!!! adore your blog xoxo

  4. birdy

    Those eyes! Those cheeks! That smile! And those pigtails! She is just too cute for words Naomi.

  5. rosanna

    she's such a cutie pie!

  6. Holly

    Those eyes! They are so beautiful! You and Josh certainly know how to make them cute :)


  7. she's so adorable!!! TOO CUTE!!!

  8. by BUN

    your daughter is just beautiful!

  9. Oh my goodness her little pigtails are still killing me every time! SO cute!

  10. Oh my goodness her little pigtails are still killing me every time! SO cute!

  11. can't wait 'til the day my daughter's hair is long enough to put in teeny tiny pigtails. i keep checking, bit no dice just yet. they are so stinkin' cute!!!

  12. Eleanor~ I totally melted looking at your photos!

    love from sewingroom.typepad.com

  13. Eleanor has captured the hearts of hundreds of bloggers everywhere. She's just too cute to handle. (Little Samson, too!)

  14. Sarah

    oh my goodness, little miss E has the most beautiful eyes ever. such a cutie!

  15. Just stumbled upon your blog and totally fell in love with it!!!!!!! Your kids are soooo adorable!
    Kisses from DC

  16. Jo

    what a cutie! love her choice in vehicles…practicality and safety. smart girl!
    gorgeous eyes, btw!

  17. Alexis

    Have you ever thought about having your children model?? She's georgeous! And so is your son!

  18. July

    the cuttest girl <3

  19. She is the most precious little thing in the world.

  20. so could Eleanor be any more adorable? don't think so. she's so stinkin adorable, not even funny. :)

  21. What a beauty!

  22. Wow look at her eye colour!!!
    I love the cars and her utfit is so cute.

  23. Coryann

    I bet she can imitate car horns too ; )

  24. totally in love with her eye in the last pic!!!!
    And… I know a little someone making a phone of everything, like Eleanor.

  25. Ashley

    What a cutie she is! That's exactly what my Charlie would choose.

  26. she is your little clone!!!!

  27. i like her choice of toys, very cute.

  28. Sparkle

    aw new york city girl :)
    so adorable!


  29. Arianna

    What a sweet little New Yorker :)

  30. adorable… just adorable!

    everytime i see a post about your kiddos it makes me more confident i don't "have" to move to the burbs when i have kiddos of my own :)

  31. How perfect!! And those little teeth and pigtails just kill me. So adorable, it's not even fair! ;)
    xo TJ

  32. Oh my goodness.. that last picture melts my heart. What a sweet and precious little girl!

  33. i love that i found your blog. i love nyc. hubs is from east coast, so we'll be back one day. thanks for the inspiration that i could do a big city with kiddos! :)

  34. She's so growing up so fast!!! Love love love your blog!!!

  35. It's amazing how big children get when you look away for a second. I remember when she was the littlest bundle of joy and now she's a totting toddler – adorable ponytails included :) You have such a beautiful family

    The Indie Byline

  36. kaela

    she is the cutest thing…tugs at my heartstrings <3

  37. She always brings me a big smile.
    The most adorable baby ever!
    I love you too Eleanor!


  38. She always brings me a big smile.
    The most adorable baby ever!
    I love you too Eleanor!


  39. megan

    Eleanor is getting prettier with every picture, she will be such a good looking girl! I love the pictures :D Have a good weekend!

    x Megan

  40. Jennifer

    Oh my goodness, Eleanor is getting so grown up! I love her sweet fall sweater, too.

  41. lalamee

    your babies are the cutest! My boyfriend always say- "I´ve never seen such a sweet and beautiful little girl like eleanor!" And he is dreaming about having such a beautiful baby! :)

    Much love