“why thank you!”

sometimes when i am out with my littles, samson refuses the stroller and insists on being worn as i am walking. this means i end up pushing a double stroller while carrying him on me in the carrier. at first glance as you pass by us on the street, you might not realize that one of the stroller seats is empty. this means a lot of strangers lean in towards me as they pass by to quickly say things like, “three babies!?! oh goodness! bless you!” sometimes i just want to simply respond, “why thank you!” because having two  deserves the same response in my book.
having two in tow has proven to be absolutely-completely-exhausting-twenty-four-hours-of-the-day… and there are moments when the chaos and frustration and selfishness kick in, and i daydream of my babies having make-believe ‘off’ switches on their backs, so i can just turn them off for ten (ok, twenty) uninterrupted minutes of quiet alone time. (don’t tell me you haven’t imagined that too.)  ;)
this stuff is hard, i tell you! but i have to tell you something else…between the postpartum hair loss (no fair), spit-up always and forever on my shirt, and bags under my eyes for days, there is this little giggly baby boy who, yes, might refuse to nap when his big sister does, but also kindly reminds his mama every time he laughs that her biggest blessing in life — is her children.
if you can get past my baby talking voice (ugh – when will i learn?), there are about 50 seconds of pure  samson magic in this video below…
  1. OMG!!! Giving people the baby rabies over here!!
    I know what you mean about the baby talk, but i assure you your voice is downright pleasant in comparison to some of the shrill squeaking moms out there (me).
    BTW.. you deserve praise, go ahead and accept it!

  2. Soooo cute!!!! Samson is too adorable! Now we just need a video of little E in those pig tails! :)

  3. Teresa

    Lol my baby Ellie is loving this video.. He is really cute!

  4. Kate

    His laugh reminds me of a Gerber baby :)

  5. Kayla

    thanks for this.
    sometimes i read your blog and think:

    'dammit naomi. why you being all awesome every second of every day??'

    [of course i am aware that this blog is just a snippet of your real life, but when it's all we see…. sometimes it's hard to picture you not fabulous]

    it's nice to know you're normal like the rest of us :)

    and thanks for keeping it real.
    love your style and your outlook on life

  6. I was having a very blah morning, but that video made me smile – thanks Naomi! x

  7. You are so sweet! These same thoughts have been on my mind lately with two little ones as well


  8. Samantha

    So cute! And don't worry about the baby talk, people in every culture around the world naturally speak to babies that way because they are attracted to it. Research has proven it!

  9. Megan

    OMG! Your baby is PERFECT. :) You can pull through this hard phase. I'm hormonal right now and your sweet one just brought me to tears because it was sooooo sweet.

  10. jealous. he is the cutest thing ever.

  11. Tara

    he is so cute! and I'm with you, the off switch would be so nice sometimes! our kids are just barely 2 and 6 mos old, so we are in a pretty similar boat (but not in nyc! I don't know how you do it!) I tell myself it will get easier…lets hope that's so :0

  12. Veronika

    so very adorable! thank you for sharing :)

  13. Kim C.

    This was delightful! Makes me wistful for those days with my babies who are no longer babies. I do understand that off switch thing! :)

  14. Cheltz

    Selfishness? I wouldn't say that. Everyone needs some down time, even if it means locking yourself in the bathroom with a candy bar or book for a few minutes! Keep it up; your children are blessings!

  15. That is so cute I can't even explain, He is precious and your 'baby talk' sounds nothing silly at all. I love it!

  16. This makes me a teensy bit nervous about the napping; I'm expecting my 2nd son in february and they will be just barely 2 years apart. My first son is high octane and go go go (but so so cute and lovey), and naps are my battery recharge!! I sleep trained him and have a huge testimony of it; not to shove nosy advice your way, but have you tried that or had any interest in it? I imagine if naps and sleep aren't happening magically on their own when they need to with #2 I will bust out the sleep training. I just hate to see moms never have a single minute to themselves — that is a LONG DAY. I think it's such a miracle worker and my boy is so much happier (along with me and my husband). Anyway, I think your little family is beautiful and I love the way you set a great example for the lds church.

  17. Aww! He is the cutest little thing! (Your baby voice is totally normal! No need to learn to be any different, in my humble opinion.=) I love how happy he is! Definitely couldn't watch this without smiling. What a happy and healthy baby boy! What a blessing!

  18. Kari

    I watched this video with my little 17-month-old in my lap, and he was just beaming! He wanted to watch it over and over and over again…I finally had to tell him "baby goes night night" and wrap my iPhone up in a blanket!

    Your babies are adorable.

  19. chrissy

    ah makes me want some little ones! :)

  20. i work at LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics and i recommend women with postpartum hair loss NEW! solid shampoo bar. the clove + cinnamon stimulate the scalp and naturally help to slow down the hair loss process. also, the bar lasts 60-90 washes if you get the tin so for ten bucks it ain't a bad deal at all. (:

  21. teeny

    i adore everything about this post. you're honesty (about everything) and sweet little samson. this made me smile and look forward to having my own wiggly little man someday….


  22. Unknown

    You two sure do make pretty babies!! :)

  23. ohmy! You make me baby crazay!!

  24. He is absolutely adorable! Thanks for being so honest about how hard it actually is. Hard but so worth it!

  25. Cate

    So cute! And don't stop the baby talk…it's vital to children's speech and language development, as odd it sounds and how silly you feel while doing it! :)

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  27. Elis

    That was the most adorable thing I have seen.

  28. I recently came across your blog, and I seriously check it out everyday! It is adorable, and you have gorgeous babies! I love your style, and you are beeeautiful! I saw that you went to blogshop. I live in Tennessee, but I'd do anything for a day to learn about blogging. Seriously, I'm hooked on your blog. So so cute!

  29. Coryann

    The cutest kid on the block no doubt ; )

  30. You have the cutest, least annoying baby voice I've ever heard. And Samson…AH.

    Drey- highdollarhippie.blogspot.com

  31. Ashley

    Right there with you! I have a 2.5 year old and a 2.5 month old. They are never on the same schedule and the big one has lately started to refuse to take naps and needs constant stimulation, so there are times when I swear I will pull every bit of my hair out, but other times when I am so in love with them that all of that doesn't even matter. I'm not gonna lie tho. I pass out just about as soon as they do at night, so not a whole lot has been getting done round these parts. Lol. The day will come that I get all of the laundry knocked out, just not today! :)

    Love watching your littles grow up, along with my own. They are such sweet children.


  32. Corinne

    SO adorable! I love your video mom voice. :) Shows how much you love him. (I too hate my own, though!) My own baby has wanted to watch this like 5 times.

    I can relate to your feelings about being a mother, too. :)

  33. I Lelli

    wow no words …. I had the wish to have another child

    xo Daddy Lele, from Lelli italian family

  34. lisa k

    thanks for reminding me. i'm in agony over the postpartum hair loss NOW! ug! and, yes, NO FAIR!!!

  35. Krista

    you are the cutest little momma! can't wait until i have some babes to make funny voices and faces at. :)


  37. Bethany

    I love this! He is just too cute, as are you! (gosh you should hear my ridiculous mama voice..) ;) I hear you . . . 2 ain't easy, especially when they are both so little and need mama's attention all day. I am still trying to come up for air after a year. But it truly is the sweetest blessing, these darling babies. Hugs to you. xo – Bethany

  38. sooo cute. i once recorded a short video of my little one & talked in a baby voice the. whole. time. & it was so bad that i almost deleted the video until i remembered i could put it in a video editor and quiet myself down. but i was super close to the mic & plus i must have said "i'm gonna eat you up!" about 72 times which made it 72 times more annoying.


  39. I just had my second, also a little boy, and I don't know about you but it ALWAYS seems like he wants something at the exact same time I want a snack or to go potty, which is also at the exact same time that my daughter wants milk or peanut butter jelly time. [Also, potty? really Jackie. Clearly I'm the mom of a toddler.]

  40. barbara

    I love the way you talk about pregnancy and being a mum! because sometimes (emm… often actually) we feel tired, and we really need some quiet and to stop the world around us… just to take a real shower or to eat sitting on a table not running around the house!
    you don't use all that banality about motherhood and have the bravery to write also about hair loss and eyes bags and that's why i'm following your blog!
    and… you have a very special family!! i remember the giggles of my child!

  41. Emma

    What a sweet little angel ohmygoodness <3

  42. OMG he is too cute!!!!

  43. I just wanted to say that you deserve a standing ovation every single day for what you do. Your blog has been such an inspiration for me– my first son was born a few weeks before Eleanor and I then had identical twin boys born a couple of weeks after Samson. It has been great to read your blog because I can relate to nearly every post! I know what it is like to have people stop you on the street as I also walk with a double stroller and a baby strapped to my chest! It is a hard job but as you said so well, there is nothing more rewarding. I am so exhausted every day but so very thankful. You have a beautiful family.

  44. Marie

    Aaawww I can never get tired of this adorable video. Samson is so cute!

  45. Our son was 23 months when I had twin girls – let me tell you life was crazy! The girls are now 2 and our son is 4 and I still lots lots of 'Oh my, you have your hands full!' Yes, I do…but everyday I believe that I am so blessed. I remind myself 'It won't be like this for long' when they are all having a bad day on the same day! I tell myself – it could be worse!

  46. That video is the cutest thing EVER! X

  47. The same thing happens to me with the double stroller… one seat is frequently empty and everyone is confused. It’s even worse when the big little wants to walk and I’m pushing an empty stroller!