subway merry-go-round.

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i don’t know about you, but i feel like i gotta go wash my hands now.  
hash tag how is she not sick all the time?
ps. thanks for all your italy love in this post! i’m excited to go through your tips and recommendations this week as we plan our trip!
  1. eploch

    I love your blog!

  2. Katness

    That is too cute! Have a great rest of the weekend!

  3. she is the most precious thing! you are so lucky to have such a beautiful family xo

  4. JulianaP

    She's too far down the pole for there to be any "people germs" :)

  5. Gaby

    whew, and now i'm dizzy! but go eleanor :)

  6. kristyn

    she exudes happiness :) love how she's sticking her tongue out too! your daughter is just too sweet :)


  7. HayleyR

    Aww how adorable : ). I'm feeling dizzy now. Xx

  8. Ashton

    She is so adorable! Good luck planning the details to your trip!! :)

  9. SusanZ

    How cute she is! So lovely.

  10. oh my goodness!! So adorable

  11. Paige

    she's a doll :)

  12. Marie

    my son loves to do that on the train too! Haha :)

  13. Coryann

    Weeee said E! Haha ; )

  14. Seriously how CUTE can she get! Always looks so HAPPY!

    XO, Adropofbliss.Blogspot.Com

  15. i was thinking the same thing about the hand washing before i even scrolled down to read your comment..ha!
    she is so adorable and she looks like so much fun!!

  16. So cute, look at her little shoes!!

  17. so cute!

  18. Such a happy face! So cute :-)

  19. ilonas

    so cute! Love it!

  20. Hilary

    There probably aren't as many germs that low on the pole. It makes me dizzy watching her.

  21. gladley

    sounds wrong, but the germs will make her stronger – she'll be a superhuman!

    I totally want her moccassins too. young style queen.

  22. Lovely post!

  23. transfixed! your recent posts have made me miss nyc so much.

  24. I definitely saw your husband and babies on Smith Street, eating ice cream, on Friday evening! It was the cutest thing. I felt like a creep because I was staring for a bit, trying to work out why I recognized them… Is this on the train back from that fun excursion?

  25. Katie

    That's exactly why she's not sick all the time! She is being exposed to things, and building up her little immunity. :) So sweet!

  26. Cheltz

    Dizziness must feel worse as we get older. My little boy about that age runs in tight circles over and over again on purpose. And weren't merry-go-rounds supposed to be fun?

  27. Her happiness is contagious!! E is simply adorable.

  28. Lena

    How can she be so freaking cute?! I really have to be the happiest mom in the world, cause you got the cutest and most beautiful children EVER! ♥

    xxx Lena

    I would love, if anyone checks out my blog:

  29. She is so adorable ! :)

  30. She is so adorable ! :)

  31. She is so adorable ! :)

  32. Such a cute shirt! I hear you! I would be the same way with germs and subways

  33. Franzi

    oh dear! hope you are kidding with this hash tag! she's not getting sick because she feeds her body with all the germs bit by bit, so that her body can build up its immunity!

    anyway so sweet <3

  34. Melissa

    Just like her momma!

  35. rtkce



  36. rtkce



  37. Lauren

    At least she is not licking it! :) I am pretty sure that my boys would be licking it! haha!

  38. That is to stinking cute!

  39. I Lelli

    wow beautiful post, beautiful photo. Leo loves to take the subway here in Milan.

    Have great week!!!

    xoxo Lelli, italian family

  40. Astrid

    been in Italy twice…you should definitely go to Venezia….beautiful place!!! and Milano was pretty cool too!!!love from France…

  41. she's the absolute cutest!

  42. ALI&ANG

    Aah this is beyond charming! What a wonderful moment to have captured like this. Wonderful post.

    Ali of aliandang

  43. love her tongue out! too charming!

  44. Meghan

    haha that makes me dizzy, but is so adorable. Love how her tongue sticks out :) Have fun on your upcoming trip!!!

  45. Awhhh she is just too precious.

  46. So cute and adorable!Love her top.<3

  47. These moving post pictures are just the coolest! I cannot get enough of them and this joyous pic of E!

  48. this made me giggle!! which was extremely needed – oh, breaks from master's degree papers shouldn't be paused to read cute Eleanor stories?! who knew! :)

    much love to you and your adorable family!

  49. Stella

    Oh my heart! E is just the cutest thing ever. Love her little moccasins!

  50. Kathryn

    heart-burstingly sweet:)

  51. Mindy

    It's the BREASTFEEDING that keeps her healthy :) You go mama!

  52. Haha, so cute! Looks like she is loving NYC.

  53. Carmen

    OMG :D adorable! she a little lady :D love her laugh…always make me smile :)))

  54. She's just too cute! xxx

  55. #howcute! I can almost hear her laugh! Love to see a happy child!

    God bless!
    -from cello @

  56. eva

    where do you buy her shoes?

  57. Carrie

    Ahh – very sweet.
    I can't wait for my little girl to be born.

  58. @eva, her shoes are from freshly picked.

  59. She is SO adorable- I can't even get over it!! Thanks for sharing all of your family's wonderful adventures with the world. I look up to you and your happiness, success, and testimony. (:

  60. Where do you buy all of E's clothing!? My daughter is about the same age and I am OBSESSED!

    beautiful family

  61. ahhh yes, i remember your spinning video!! eleanor is such a mini naomi :)

  62. where did you get Elanor's little moccasins??

  63. oooh i love this gif…so dang cute. Just fyi (so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle) I sent ya my Italy "tips" to your email (from Color Issue) rather than commenting on your post…:-)

  64. Nikki

    SO cute! is she still nursing? I swear it makes them indestructible.

  65. Gill

    Great pics! Really Captured the moment!

  66. my boyfriend grew up in the city and he said at some point you realize as a parent that the city is probably the best place for your child to grow up. it's due to all of the germs around that a 'city' child will probably survive more than a 'suburban' child.

    i'm not saying to lick the floor of the subway, but if e is having a blast using the pole as a merry go-round…go for it! she looks darling!

  67. Danielle

    Where are her adorable Moccasins from? My wee one would rock them!

  68. adorable :)
    xo, cheyenne