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today we have a fun giveaway for you from our sponsor, pyrrha! pyrrha is offering one reader any personal talisman necklace of their choice, up to $200!  the handcrafted jewelry shop from vancouver canada, makes each talisman from reclaimed sterling silver or bronze from a 19th century wax seal. there are so many beautiful choices, see them all here.


to enter to win, please visit pyrrha and then come back here to comment below telling us which talisman necklace you would choose if you are the winner! the winner will be drawn at random and announced next week.

good luck!

update 10/11: congrats to our winner below!
please email me your contact info :: rockstardiaries {at}
  1. All of them are so gorgeous. I love the ”well-being” talisman. *fingers crossed.
    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  2. Tara

    The Three Graces Talisman is just awesome and so neat! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I adore "hope of a better age"!!
    (I also ADORE your writing!)

  4. A Mitton

    I think the Creativity Talisman necklace is beautiful. And I love the idea that we should solve our problems with creativity.

  5. Love the winged heart necklace…the meaning is "love that is protected and can endure any hardship." I feel like I have found that in my relationship and am so grateful for that. Soooo beautiful….the meaning and love… that is.

  6. same

    i love the swan one! i once had a really cool dream about swans…there were hundreds of swans in my aunts yard and i was looking for a key i had lost in the yard. i finally gave up and went into the house where there was a very simply carved wooden duck. around its neck was the key!

  7. Brenda

    I love the sparrow !

  8. Braden

    Creativity talisman is awesome! So pretty!

  9. the creativity talisman is so lovely – just like your blog!
    tanya, victoria bc

  10. sms

    I love the horseshoe.