hello monday!

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hey there, monday. it’s always a little bitter sweet when you show up. not for the same reasons as to why most people don’t really like you, but because it means we lose papa again to long days away from us and we just like life a lot more when he is around.
this weekend, those of us in our family brave enough to sport leopard pants- i.e., eleanor and only eleanor, put those pants on and took off to brooklyn to explore the brooklyn flea in fort greene. we maybe had high hopes of finding a sofa there (i know, there i go again about the sofa) but didn’t have much luck. we did, however, enjoy the best lemon poppyseed donut of our lives.  and that alone, kind of made up for it.
other weekend events included a big family date night to the grocery story on friday night (so hot), time at church on sunday (and a little church on saturday night for mama), a delicious pot roast thanks to my man, and a few pints of ben & jerry’s that disappeared so fast it’s a little bit embarrassing.
here’s to monday! let’s do this!
  1. Marie

    Cheers to Monday and to the beginning of a new week! :D

  2. eleanor's outfit is too cute!

  3. rachael

    e totally pulls off those sunnies. ROCKSTAR!!


  4. Eleanor looks like a little rockstar, how adorable!

  5. Noa

    for your sofa search, joss and main (discount designer furniture website) has some really interesting pieces, and world market/pier one have great sofas that work in smaller apartment spaces. good luck!

  6. tinajo

    The best thing about Monday is that it´s close to Tuesdays – I prefer that day..! :-D

  7. I hope the days without Josh pass quickly by.

    Eleanors outfit is so cute! She is so cute!

  8. Kirsten

    That girl of yours is such a little fashionista!! Soo cute. I'm sure she learned a thing or two from her Momma :)
    Sounds like a good weekend to me!!


  9. Sadie

    We searched for a couch for almost a year and finally found one from Rowe Furniture, we've had it for almost two years and it's held up perfectly (and we have two big dogs who like to use it as a their personal playground). Here's a picture of it: http://sadieanddasie.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/the-girls/

  10. Laura

    E rocks those pants! So cute!

    I went to the flea market too. The best in Berlin with a huge karaoke event every Sunday. And the weather was just wonderful! It's was a blast.

    Happy Monday! Let's hope the weekend hurries up..

    x Laura

  11. Dianna

    how cute is E!

  12. Simi

    pretty sure eleanor is the best dressed toddler I've ever come across :) happy monday!

  13. Cheltz

    Good luck with this week — you can do it!

  14. Lisa

    May you and your wonderful family have a nice new week and month :)

  15. just found you blog and love it! i also have 2 babies (11 months apart!!) and hubby is gone a lot for work too…here's to us temporarily solo-mamas!

    chrisandemmaseymore.blogspot.com :)

  16. Kate

    I LOVE that lemon poppy seed donut at the flea! I will say I think there is more big ticket item luck when the flea moves indoors to Hanson Place! Maybe a sofa then?
    Kate at ummmnowwhat.blogspot.com

  17. Kathy

    eleanor is totally rocking those leopard pants :D sounds like you had a lovely weekend :)) happy monday to you too! here's hoping that the rest of this week will fly by fast! :)

  18. Beautiful! Enjoy your Monday :)

    xo kate (sanguinegirl.wordpress.com)

  19. Olivia

    Adorable outfit. Your kids are so cute!

  20. Jul


  21. Breezy

    I still sometimes go on grocery store dates with my parents on Friday night. It's a good time :)

  22. Becca

    I'm getting through 3 more days before I see my hubby again… and it's been THREE WEEKS since I've seen him. I feel your pain acutely. My 18mo-old daughter asks for "Dada?" every day. We'll make it through!

  23. She looks like a little rockstar in that ensemble, too cute! :-)

  24. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend! Love nice, relaxing weekends like that. Eleanor looks adorable in her leopard print pants! :)

  25. sonja

    Mondays are sad around here for the same reason. My husband works until past our son's bedtime, so breakfast is their only time together during the week. Extra tough on the little guy as Daddy is his favorite person ever. Uffffff.

    Hope you all have a smooth and breezy week!

  26. This post made me smile! Happy Monday! xx
    p.s. Those leopard leggings are adorable.

  27. Yes here's to Monday's…. We'll see how good this one turns out! Praying it goes by fast! Loved the Saturday Session too!

  28. RoselyC

    Look at Eleanor rocking her leopard leggings and white sunnies, she looks so lovely.

  29. Cheers to Monday! Let's hope its a good one. Glad you had a happy weekend with the family. xo

  30. HayleyR

    Eleanor is adorable, she dresses better than I do. Have a good week : )! Xx

  31. Amazing! I hope she got to keep those sunglasses :) I'm going to be taking fashion tips from Eleanor once I'm off this farm and ready to wear real clothes again. Such a cutie!

  32. M & J

    Check any used sofas for bedbugs! Especially in NYC. Been there, done that, it's awful.

  33. Sarah

    Aw we feel the same way in our home when it comes to our man going back to work. Very thankful for them. You should look up and see if you have a theater near you who has baby friendly movie days. They pretty much baby proof the theater and you don't have to worry about the kids being too loud disturbing anyone. It gives you the movie experience and you can bring your kids stress free. I just discovered it and I'm super excited =)

    – Sarah

  34. I just love this picture of E such a rockstar! Good luck with the couch hunt, furniture shopping can be such a nightmare.

  35. Why is it that New York has a way of making babies look even cuter and so hip?! I can't even imagine the adventures your family has and will have there. I hope I get to visit the city someday!

  36. Why is it that New York has a way of making babies look even cuter and so hip?! I can't even imagine the adventures your family has and will have there. I hope I get to visit the city someday!

  37. oh eleanor :) love the pants. do you ever call her anything for short? elle? ellie? nora?

  38. little e ROCKED those skinnies. and let's be honest…those ice cream pints disappear in seconds. : )

  39. I love her leggings. She looks adorable in them!


  40. Have you seen Butter & Love at the Brooklyn Flea? They have lavender shortbread!

  41. Kerry

    brooklyn flea! brooklyn flea! for couch: have you gone to ABC carpet warehouse? i'm sure you have but was just at the revealing of a pal's new business last night and she got the most divine couch (and carpet and incredible table) all there. xo

  42. those glasses stands at the brooklyn flea are so fun! i spent at least a half hour just trying on frames that last time i was there… and those donuts are to. die. for. any one of them, worth every penny!

    not sure if the girl is still there or not, but i bought some LEATHER earrings from a jewelry maker there last time too, red leather earrings. super cute.


  43. also, don't forget to keep your eyes peeled at housingworks for a couch. i've seen some pretty adorable ones in there sometimes!

  44. Coryann

    What I've noticed is that week days go by fast but, the weekends go much faster : (

  45. I think we all have our reasons for hating mondays :)
    I'm dying to get over to the Brooklyn Flea!

    P.S. Super cute pants, E.

  46. Little fashionista, I love it!


  47. Audrey

    I normally do the grocery shopping alone (which I enjoy because I like to take my time and I am also the cook in my house) that being said when my husband joins me it feels special. Also, weekend evenings are the best time to grocery shop because it is normally not busy. It sounds like you had a great weekend. Happy Monday, and as usual thank you for candidly sharing.

  48. I have never seen a family so well dressed! Sounds like a lovely weekend :) Have a wonderful week xo

  49. Bev

    Such a stylish little girl, she's rockin' that leapord print!

  50. ohhh I want those sunglasses. E is already so stylish it's not even funny!

  51. ali

    i love your go-get-'em attitude. my monday, on the other hand was terrible. in fact i blogged about it… and so instead of your "hello monday" i said "goodbye monday" because the day just needed to end. here's to tuesday, please be kind to me!


  52. This pictures is absolutely precious. Why is it that we adults can't look as cute as that when we sport leopard print?? Must be the tiny factor:) Happy Monday girl – you can conquer another week!!

  53. Lesley

    happy october! eleanor is so adorable.

  54. I Lelli

    Hi Dear, it's beautiful to read that there is man who cooks for his family. I try do my best too….

    Great week rockstar family

    xoxo Lelli, italian fashion family


  55. LOVE those leapord pants!! What a little fashionista! babiesandbrewskies.blogspot.com

  56. if you are anything like me, you will sell your couch within a year of buying it anyway, so this whole painstaking couch search is fruitless! i hope you are NOT like me, for your sake! :)

  57. Eleanor is rocking those leopard pants like no other! Happy Monday….here we go again!

  58. evie

    Eleanor is just the cutest! Those little leopard pants are just adorable. But I'm in love with her moccasin boots! Can you please tell me where you got them from?

  59. patty p

    Cutest lil girl ever!!!!

  60. awww i hope pappa gets home early from work a few days this week. good luck with the sofa hunting!

  61. mondays are hard!…but eleonor is just a sun in those days, isn't she? love her look!

  62. mondays are hard!…but eleonor is just a sun in those days, isn't she? love her look!

  63. I so feel the same about Mondays. I hate it when Daddy goes back to work and we won't get to spend much time with him at all until the next weekend begins. Weekdays are seriously sad days around here without Daddy. :)

  64. À real cute fashionista this lil E :) a futur alexa chung maybe

  65. And here is for a happy Tuesday!

  66. i love those leopard print pants!! and they defo suit little miss eleanor!

  67. i love those leopard print pants!! and they defo suit little miss eleanor!

  68. rtkce

    Awesome leopard pants Eleanor, rock it!


  69. know the bitter sweet feeling too well :)

  70. I was just thinking, now that you have a new addition you are going to need to update the top of you blog . I know on mine, that I'm lucky just to have time to post, let alone work on the blog, but little Ssmson needs his corner of the blog now.

  71. You've got it in the bag, mama!
    And, Eleanor, you are rocking those prints!

  72. Happy Belated Monday! Elanor's pants are too cute! Loving her sunnies as well. :)

  73. so cute! i was there last weekend! you should come up to the bronx…don't know if you've been to arthur ave? it's right off of Fordham Road and has the BEST authentic italian food!!!

  74. Eleanor is adorable, and totally rocks those pants. Love! I hope you find your sofa soon, it's so difficult to find the perfect piece sometimes!

    <3 Josephine

  75. emilita

    dough doughnuts are the best! i think i gained 5 lbs after discovering places i can get them in manhattan all week long. if you're as big a lemon poppy fan as i am you'll also love the lemon poppy croissants at momofuku milk bar. just sayin!

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  77. 'Happy Monday' is a saying me and my muma use all the time!!
    Love your blog! It's inspired me to start my own :)
    Please feel free to have a look – comments and support would be much appreciated from everyone!
    Happy Tuesday all :)


  78. looks like eleanor does NOT have a case of the Mondays!!

  79. Jane B.

    I have to admit Eleanor has the best style!! She must pay her stylist well :-)

    ~Jane B.

  80. I love E's outfit! So cute — as always. Can you tell me where I can find her moccasins? It'd make for a great gift for my friend's daughter. She turns 2 at the end of the month.