happy halloween!

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happy halloween! 
we are in italy right now, and we didn’t bring costumes with us. i feel a little bit like i’m depriving eleanor of something life changing, but then again she has eaten gelato every day since we’ve been here, so….

we feel really fortunate to have made it out of new york city on sunday before crazy sandy came to town.  especially since we were told our flight was cancelled just as we were pulling up to the airport sunday afternoon. we got home feeling a bit defeated to find out our flight was never actually cancelled. how we made it back to the airport and onto our plane in 50 minutes (50 minutes!!!!) i haven’t a clue. but we made it. and we feel so grateful.

as we’ve been enjoying our time in italy as a family, we’ve stayed away from phones, computers and internet until this evening, so we’re just hearing now about all that sandy has done to the east coast. i can’t believe it!  hope everyone is safe and dry and with the ones they love.

also, happy happy birthday to our bully, mister kingsley, who turns 3 today!!! we really really miss having him with us in the city but are happy he is happy living the good life in virginia.

ps. past halloween costumes and pumpkins here and here and here and here and here (sheesh.)
  1. tinajo

    Gelato makes up for a LOT! ;-) Enjoy Italy, I know I would (Sweden is COLD right now)! :-)

  2. Victoria

    Hope you're enjoying your trip to Italy.

    It's great to hear that Kingsley is doing well too :)

  3. jamie

    italy! lucky. wish i were there right now, glad to hear you guys were safe and far from sandy.. enjoy yall's vacation. :)

  4. 2busy

    Glad to hear you weren't in New York for the hurricane. Italy sounds much safer.

  5. Kristina

    Glas to Heat your dar away from sandy! Hope you have a good time in italy. Happy Halloween!

  6. Coryann

    Halloween is nothing compared to being in Italy! Have fun traveling it up lady ; )

  7. Kristina

    Glad to hear your far away…… (auto correct! Damn it!)

  8. I'm so happy you all are safe and having a great time. Enjoy it!

  9. It's great to hear that you're all safe! And I hope you tried the gelato in San Gimignano! Enjoy your trip to Italy, can't wait to see the photos.

  10. I Lelli

    Enjoy your trip in our country ….. let us know if you come here in Milan.

    xo Lelli, italian family

  11. I am really glad you made it on time and you are safe and enjoying yourselves in Italy. Hope you have a blast and create many many sweet memories. Love this picture! Can't wait for more…

  12. Jane

    So glad you were able to make it to Italy! Crazy story about the airport/missing flight! Have a great time~~ xoxo

  13. Crystal

    so glad to hear you are all safe and happy. And SO LUCKY you made that flight! I would have been so disappointed for you! Looking forward to Italy posts!

  14. Awe you look so cute, so glad you made it there =) and awe Kingsly so cute miss seeing him on the blog.

    XO, Adropofbliss.blogspot.com

  15. A Happy Halloween to you too!
    P.S What incredible luck you have catching that insane flight with two babes in tow to boot, what a feat!

  16. Mariela

    I am glad you and your lovely family are good in Italy, enjoy!!!


  17. I can't wait to see the Italy pictures!
    Drey- highdollarhippie.blogspot.com

  18. I'm glad to hear everything worked out for you! And that's adorable that Kinglsey is a halloween dog! I'm glad to hear he's doing well!

  19. You had to give Kingsley away? Are you ever going to get him back? That's so sad!

  20. Alexis

    I was wondering how you and your adorable family was. I am glad you were not in NYC. Glad to see that you are lovingn it in Italy!

  21. Being in Italy trumps celebrating halloween in the US any day!

  22. Ana

    Happy Halloween! That's so fun you guys went to Italy as a family. That's so brave! Eleanor will have more Halloweens to go to, but it's not everyday that you get the chance to be in Italy and have real gelatto! ;)

  23. I'm so happy to hear you are safe and sound in Italy! Have a fabulous time :) Happy Halloween, and Happy Birthday, Kingsley!

    <3 Josephine

  24. kristyn

    yay! so glad you guys are having fun :) and escaped the hurricane! hope the rest of the trip is great!


  25. Katie

    I'd say gelato for Halloween is a fair trade! When we were in Italy, we ate gelato multiple times a day — I told myself it all evened out with all the walking we did. ;)

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  26. perfect time to get out of NYC and sounds like being in italy is worth it! Enjoy every minute of it!

  27. Happy Halloweeen and enjoy your vacation! Looking forward for your Italy post. Kisses to Eleanor and Samson.:)


  28. Stella

    love your cute nose and purple hat!

  29. Jennifer

    I would LOVE to be in Italy. Lucky!

  30. Bianca

    Happy Halloween guys Samsons first! glad to hear your having fun on your trip :) Also happy Birthday Kingsley


  31. Marie

    Hmmm ice-cream makes up for anything. Hope you're enjoying yourself in Italy! :)

  32. Amelia

    so glad to hear you guys are alright, i was starting to get worried. but had forgotten that you were going to italy.

    i'm sure you've answered this else where but i can't seem to find it. could you tell me where this coat is from? grazie mille & enjoy italy! :)

  33. Maria

    Happy Birthday Kingsley!

    Too bad he's not there to dig into a birthday treat gelato. How grateful you must be that you made it out in time. Let's hope NYC is back to it's normal self when you return.

    Maria xx

  34. Does kingsley is going to come back and live with you again? I miss him on the blog :(

  35. Does kingsley is going to come back and live with you again? I miss him on the blog :(

  36. Does kingsley is going to come back and live with you again? I miss him on the blog :(

  37. Have a wonderful time in Italy!

    Happy bday little Kingsley!

  38. aga

    so good to know, that your family is ok. new york looks really bad on pictures and i was a bit worried. lucky. enjoy your holiday!

  39. have fun in italy!

  40. hahaha – gelato in italy.. little E is f i n e i'm sure ;)

    how on earth did you make it back in 50 minutes with 2 kids?!?! thats incredible – i don't think i could get MYSELF back that quick!

    glad your family is having what seems to be a great little getaway vacation… hope when you get back to nyc things have returned to some-what normalcy.

    p.s. – Happy Birthday, Kingsley!!!!!!

    xx, Kara

  41. forgot you were out of town! i was wondering how you were doing with the stormy crap in NYC but i'm glad to hear you aren't actually there :) enjoy italy, i'm sure it must be amazing!

  42. ali

    my little also missed Halloween because we're in italy, unlucky for her though she's not big enough to eat gelato and make it all better. i think i did deprive her… oops!

  43. can't wait to hear how you get on in italy :-)

  44. the memories E is making now will last a lifetime though and who wouldn't prefer gelato?

  45. Marla

    so glad you are all safe and enjoying Italy! Hadn't seen any post since last and was worried about your beautiful family.

  46. comeee to venice pleasee!

  47. comeee to venice pleasee!

  48. comeee to venice pleasee!

  49. comeee to venice pleasee!

  50. zezee

    you re in Europe so you should stop by Turkey 2(: Enjoy your great trip and happy halloween

  51. by BUN

    glad you guys got out before sandy hit. hope you're havin' a ball in italy!

  52. this reminds me of a time when my boyfriend and i were meeting each other at the airport to go to chicago. i'm on the m60 bus to LGA running super late for the flight, and i'm about 5 minutes away and he asks me which airport we are leaving from..

    "LaGuardia, you're there, right?"
    "Well, why do our tickets say JFK???"
    "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh… snag a taxi NOW! i'll be there soon!"

    we meet each other, run to the taxi line, jump in a cab, and say in unison,


    (meanwhile, our flight was supposed to leave in 45 minutes, and we STILL made it on the plane, going from LGA to JFK at 6pm on a Friday)

    lesson: never underestimate the power of a NYC taxi driver!!

    have a fun trip in italy where life is a "tiny" bit slower :)

  53. So jealous you are in Italy right now, but so happy you were able to make your flight and miss Sandy. Hope you come home to an unharmed place. Enjoy Italy! Can't wait to see all the pictures!
    xo TJ

  54. happy halloween in Italy! Hope you are enjoying your time over there. You make me want to go back so bad! xo

  55. Corinne

    So glad you made it and all is well. Been a little worried for you guys. :) Enjoy Italy!

  56. Kristina

    It must be nice to break away from all things social media! Oh and I'm sure Italy is pretty awesome too!

  57. Katness

    Wow, you were lucky to get out since things are really messed up over here. Haven't even gone to work all week, because there's no electricity. I'm afraid I will also not going to get paid for last week since my boss has been unable to do payroll.

    Enjoy Italy and be prepared coming back to a disaster!

  58. Kelly

    Gelato absolutely makes up for trick or treating. E will be good :)

  59. I'd happily trade trick-or-treating for gelato. Luckies.

  60. Jenny

    So happy to hear that you're all safe and happy. It's truly amazing that you got the flight! Someone was looking out for you. ;) xo


  61. Lindsay

    I'm thrilled you guys made it out of the city before the storm hit! Enjoy your beautiful vacation with your gorgeous family. And, of course, happy belated birthday to Kingsley!

  62. Libby

    oh no, you couldnt take puppy with you in NYC? who is keeping him?! and so jealous of your travels, one day i hope to be doing the same!