enjoying autumn today…


we spent most of our day out and about with friends.
the weather was perfect.
the colors were rich.
and if you can get past the smell of garbage on the street corners,
you can kind of smell october.
which, by the way, smells uh-ma-zing.
  1. Such a gorgeous blog. Love your little family! :)

  2. Kirsten

    Haha, oh, I bet autumn in the city is amazing!
    I would love to experience it someday!


  3. love the last picture with all of the pumpkins! such a bright and cheery photo! :)

    xo eden

  4. Love that cute hat on her!

  5. Kristina

    I love your daughters chucks! I just bought my daughter a pair! Lovely pictures!

  6. melynda

    oh my! that beanie!

  7. mandy

    I love your boots!!

  8. Hailey

    love these pics! my little man can finally wear his chucks! i love it!

  9. Beautiful pictures! I love your top!!!

  10. Marsa

    the colors look beautiful!
    you capture great photos :)


  11. Goodness. I love little E's hat!! Too cute!

  12. Love this autumn post:)!

  13. Jean

    man, that place looks lovely! to live in a city like that, wow!!!

  14. Beautiful. I love fall. Eleanor looks adorable in that pom pom hat!

  15. Marie

    Love the pink beanie! It's summer all year round in my country, i would love to experience autumn too.. Anyway have fun choosing pumpkins :))

  16. Ana B

    Beautiful pictures and E looks adorbs! You've inspired me to write my own blog. Hope you'll check it out one day <3


  17. Briseidy

    nice post! I'm enjoying autumn every day here in Montreal too…love this weather

  18. baby model eleanor :) is it normal to be jealous of a toddler's eyelashes? cause i sort of am…

  19. So so BEAUTIFUL, I LOVE NYC. Elenore looks way too cute!

    XO, Adropofbliss.Blogspot.Com

  20. Alice

    I'm so jealous of Eleanor's wardrobe! Autumn in New York looks divine xx

  21. Your blog always perks my day up! :) Thank you!

    cello from sewingroom.typepad.com <3

  22. you make the cutest babies ever!!! love your pictures =)

  23. Nancy

    Love how you captured colorful fall. I adore your little fam and enjoy reading your blog.


  24. Leny

    love the last picture!

  25. Zoë

    can't believe how grown up e looks these days! She's almost exactly a year older than my little girl… i can't imagine her being so grown up already next year!

    Yay autumn!

    waiting for kittenheart

  26. I just have to say I am drop dead in love with your blog. I read it all the time. xoxox

  27. Were these taken with the vsco app? I've sort of fallen head over heels for the app ever since you mentioned it. What a fun find!

  28. Messy

    You take such amazing photos. Love the last pumpkin one…


  29. rachael

    ellie is always dressed to kill. wearing that fushia toque like a boss!


  30. I love your outfit / E's outfit and all the photos. fall is a lovely time of year.

  31. Gaby

    eleanor has got to be the most stylish toddler around!

  32. colleen

    such a cutie in that pink hat!

  33. Little E's outfit is absolutely adorable… your family is too cute! I'd love to spend Fall in NY. I bet it's amazing!

  34. Lovely pictures, the colours of autumn are amazing! Love it! <3

  35. Dani

    Oh how lovely. How beautiful is little E? I love it.

  36. Coryann

    I'm quite jealous of the rich autumns you northerners have!

  37. Kelle

    it's been almost a year since my first trip to new york and i'm convinced another one is already past due. is there a way to possibly NOT love that city?

  38. Jennifer


  39. Ana F.

    So pretty! Love the bright colors!!

  40. Katie

    eleanor is so cute!

  41. Bianca

    Awesome photos. Love E's jumper and converse. <3

  42. animru

    happy halloween :)))) we don't have halloween in Poland.. 1 october is rather a sad time.

  43. Kathy

    eleanor looks so grown up with her converse and pom pom beanie :D

  44. This PomPom hat is now my MUST HAVE ! :)
    Eleanor is my vouge icon !!! :D

  45. This PomPom hat is now my MUST HAVE ! :)
    Eleanor is my vouge icon !!! :D

  46. This PomPom hat is now my MUST HAVE ! :)
    Eleanor is my vouge icon !!! :D

  47. This PomPom hat is now my MUST HAVE ! :)
    Eleanor is my vouge icon !!! :D

  48. This PomPom hat is now my MUST HAVE ! :)
    Eleanor is my vouge icon !!! :D

  49. This PomPom hat is now my MUST HAVE ! :)
    Eleanor is my vouge icon !!! :D

  50. Happy Halloween, Davis family :) We don't have it here in Croatia, but I think it is slowly making its way here too. Love E's hat, she is cute as always…
    It is always nice to read your blog!

  51. Megan

    I <3 your pictures. Always!

  52. there's nothing like walking through colourful fallen leaves and breathing in fresh october air, so good :-)

  53. haley

    E is getting so big! She's absolutely beautiful…as are all of these pictures! Fall in city looks lovely. It is still 80 something degrees here. I miss the changing seasons!

  54. It really does look like the perfect day. I love all the rich colors and how cozy everyone looks. Just lovely.

  55. Aww Eleanor's looking like a proper little person! So cute x

  56. vanessa

    Hi, and very nice to meet you!
    I find your blog in the web yesterday, and then…I spend all
    my afternoon, evening and night readind your story and
    watching your wonderful photos! I read that you will be in Italy
    next month, I live in a beautiful city on the Adriatic Sea,
    if you want..
    I'm here for same tips for your italian journey!!

  57. thompson

    being out and about is always refreshing. october does smell awesome….especially awesome since me and the hubs bday and our anniversary are all in october!

  58. those little corner store/bodega/grocery/convenient store things are one of the BEST parts about NYC. we have a couple in our neighborhood in jersey city, and it's fantastic. they know us by name now, they always have fresh (and cheap!) produce and flowers, and always seem to put a smile on my face! i'm not sure if you just took the photo because of the pumpkins, but if you haven't taken advantage of those places, you should start :)

    cheers to a BEAUTIFUL fall so far in NYC! my neighborhood is full of decorated stoops too! i just love it.

  59. as always, Naomi, you take such lovely photographs. enjoy your autumn in the city

  60. kristyn

    your outfit is cute and colorful–as is eleanor's! looks like a beautiful fall day :) i wish the leaves would change colors in florida, i do so miss it….


  61. 2busy

    I smelled fall yesterday. It smelled like damp leaves, rain and toasty wood burning fireplaces.

  62. lovely!

  63. Lindsey

    What great pictures! There is something so magical about the changing of the seasons!

  64. ClareK

    Ice cream cones ON a sweatshirt – SOLD. I need to get me one of those. Though I'm sure I couldn't pull it off like Eleanor.

    Don't you just love fall – pretty pics!

    Suddenly City

  65. Oh my goodness she's adorable!!!

  66. Ahhh…there is nothing like NYC in the fall…i wish i was there.

  67. Love your pics of NYC! I live in a small town in Mississippi, and while we do have some signs of fall, it's still 85 degrees today. Your pictures are always beautiful, as are your children! Thanks for sharing the "big city life" with a small-town southern girl. ;)

  68. where is your sweater from!??! i love it so much!!

  69. I really like this brown sweater! So cute :)

  70. Teresa

    Gosh I love your style! E's outfit is killer!

  71. Those pumpkins look so perfect – I want to take them all home with me! NYC looks so beautiful in the Fall.

  72. E is so cute in that hat! eeeeeek!!!

  73. Love the pumpkin photo!