watermelon lemonade.

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with all the walking and summer heat (and lack of adequate air conditioning in our new nyc apartment) we sure have been missing our sweetgreen salads and lemonades the past few weeks. to make up for not being in nyc, sweetgreen, our sponsor from DC, has shared their new watermelon lemonade recipe with us so we can make it ourselves! we’d love to share it below if you’re interested…
what you’ll need :: 1 lb watermelon, 2 oz lemon juice, 1.5 oz agave & 4 oz water (we like to double it.) what you do :: blend everything together in your blender, then strain it through a fine mesh strainer. whallah! watermelon lemonade so delicious, that plain lemonade is straight up jealous.


*see more of sweetgreen’s recipes HERE. and our july salad recipe HERE.
  1. mmmm I want to try and the pics are….wowwwww!!

  2. this sounds SO good! watermelon never sounds like its worth the effort of chopping up, but when i DO eat it, i LOVE it!

    i think if i made this recipe at home, though, i wouldn't strain it… why take out some of the most nutritious parts!??! or, at least try to use them in another recipe maybe?


  3. Emily

    Beautiful pictures! I love watermelon – one of the wonderful things about summer. The recipe sounds scrumptious, but I do agree with J+H that straining it takes out the beneficial fibre and leaves little more than the sugar. Not good for any of us – and especially for children, who really shouldn't have juice. I'm sure that big glass was just for the pics, though. :-)

  4. Marie

    Sounds refreshing and delicious! Btw Eleanor looks so cute drinking tt fruit juice :)

  5. Dianna


  6. Mariana

    Looks like Eleanor loves it! :)
    And it looks really good.

  7. I absolutely LOVE the photo of your baby girl with her finger on the button of the blender!! So adorable!! Welcome back to New York. Autumn will be here before you know it and there's nothing like Autumn in New York!! I'm just 20 miles north of Manhattan so we'll be experiencing the same weather. I was in D.C. over the summer and it was some of the most brutal heat and humidity I've ever experienced. BLAH!! Bring on the cool air and pink bunny noses!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  8. tinajo

    Oh yummy – and sweet pics too!

  9. RoselyC

    That looks refreshing, cant wait to give it a try.

  10. Diana

    Aww, here's to hoping Sweetgreen will open up an NYC location. *crosses fingers*

  11. That sounds delcious.

    Also, the last picture is the cutest ever.

  12. Jenny

    Ooh, Le Pain Quotidien makes a version of this that I love. I'll have to try it at home! (Also, it's "voila." Got burned for that one by an angry English teacher in high school.)

  13. Laurie

    This looks sooo delicious!
    And a nice different way to eat watermelon!
    Also, I laughed when I read your whallah! instead of Voilà! haha! Being french and being teased a lot by my american husband when I make mistakes or invent words, it was nice to see the opposite side or it. ;)

  14. Ana

    we just got a new juicer and this is the perfect recipe! i'm going to make it tonight, I bet J will love it

  15. Ashlee

    Looks absolutely yummy! Dying to try this <3

  16. Brenny

    Yum! Def trying this! :) E is so cute!

  17. Delicious ! An it's such a wonderful color !
    Greets. x

  18. Delicious ! An it's such a wonderful color !
    Greets. x

  19. Delicious ! An it's such a wonderful color !
    Greets. x

  20. Oooo so yummy! Thanks for sharing!


  21. Kathy

    Definitely trying this when summer rolls around :D I'm so jelly of Eleanor's eyelashes!! I love the last photo, looks like you've got her approval haha.

  22. This sounds too good, and your pics are so cool, lovely as always x

  23. YUMMY and DELICIOUS!!! Just in time for our summer!
    What is agave? I want to know what i can substitute this with in South Africa as we don't get that here…

  24. delicious!

  25. Jenna

    Pretty sure my husband would LOVE this! I am defiantly going to make this.

  26. angie

    perfection in a glass! yum!

  27. It loooks refreshing, i need to try it!

  28. E is such a doll. Look at that picture of her sipping that drink.

  29. If I was in any doubt that last photo totally convinces me to give this a try. Look how much little E is into her drink!

    Thanks for the clear recipe and the really sweet photos Was it a coincidence that E, the straws and the lemonade match? Or are you just that good :)

    x Elena Randomly Happy

  30. Oh this just looks delicious!

  31. What a great idea! Love it, and easy enough. And how can you not love those precious photos.. such a lovely blog post :)

  32. Laura

    oh, i really need to try this! x

  33. just made this, so so good!

  34. Katie

    Can't wait to try this!

    And such sweet photos of E. :)

  35. Bev

    This sounds so delicous and refreshing, will have to try out this recipe.

    ~ Bev

  36. YUM! Anything watermelon is bound to be delicious! Can't wait to try this out.

  37. Natalie

    Don't know what I like more this little princess or this recipe! I must try it :)

  38. Katarina

    looks great! :D

  39. That looks sooo yummy!!

  40. Dana

    Lemonade looks so much more appealing when an adorable baby girl is drinking it!

  41. Coryann

    Thanks for sharing a delicious recipe to survive this heat! And E looks like she's enjoying after sip : )

  42. that looks amazing.
    + cuuuute photos!

  43. that looks amazing.
    + cuuuute photos!

  44. HayleyR

    Yummy :). E looks too adorable Xx

  45. Mmmmm that sounds delish! And your photography is so beautiful!

  46. Mhmmmmmmm! Will def try this.
    E. looks so cute in her little mushroom dress.

  47. Ginger

    Mmmmm. One of my fave 'cooking' projects with my daycare class of one years olds was to make watermelon juice. Gave them each a ziplock bag filled with watermelon pieces and a wooden hammer. They pounded away, then we popped a straw into a corner of the bag. Loved it…the hammers and the juice.


  48. rachael

    hah just sippin away!

  49. ooh sounds delish! and love these photos – your little girl is just the cutest and the vividness and movement of the photos is just great.

  50. e.

    I think you spelled "voila" wrong.

  51. Kari

    looks delicious!

  52. Oh yummy yummy yummy!! Looks delicious!

  53. I'm for sure gonna try it now since the little one looks so content!

  54. Nicole

    I had never considered watermelon as a flavor option for lemonade before! This looks amazing! I cannot wait to try it this weekend!

  55. carli

    this looks sooooo good! Can't wait to try it!

  56. This coolers will definitely be try with my kids. You have an adorable little model up there.Such a cuteee and want to pinch her cheeks.:)

  57. Cate

    I was trying to figure out what to do with my leftover watermelon from my belly-shoot the other day (I'm 39 weeks pregnant) and this looks delish! :-)

  58. Steph

    looks tasty! and wouldn't you know i have a quarter of a watermelon staring me down from our fridge right now. i'm on it!

  59. Alexa

    It sounds and looks amazing! And Eleanor is adorable :)

  60. It's "voila" not "whallah." How old are you?

  61. so cute !

  62. little e's tiny hands holding the big glass is too cute for words!

  63. Hi! I just wanted to let you know(if you weren't aware already) that FTC(http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CFR-2003-title16-vol1/content-detail.html)came out with a rule about a year ago about disclosing sponsored/paid posts. It says,

    "Bloggers who receive cash or in-kind payment (including free products or services for review) are deemed endorsers and so must disclose material connections they share with the seller of the product or service."

    You said Sweet Green is your sponsor and this sure looks like a sponsored post along with the video you did, and you should clearly state that this is a sponsored post on your blog post. I'm sure you receive many free items(Petunia pickle bottom diaper bag? Brahmin handbag? Madewell?) and if you post them on the blog, you should post that it was given to you by the company. It's just morally right and ethical. Wouldn't want you to be fined for it, so I'm just letting you know! :)

  64. Lili

    Yummi! :)

  65. looks delish!


  66. It was sooo delicious! Even made my Dad like juice all of a sudden ;)

  67. Congrats on your move to NY!

    I am a native NY'er and would love for you to check out my new blog:


    Lots of great pieces of artwork to decorate the new walls of your apartment!!

  68. Saar

    The other day I went to ikea to buy some stuff (my boyfriend and I moved into our first little studio together this week!) and I found this really cool bottle so I was looking for something to put in it! This looks perfect! :D

    love, Saar

  69. This looks delicious! I must try this before summer ends!!!

  70. Hope you guys are alright?
    Just woke up here in London to the news that there was a tornado in NYC!?

  71. GRACE

    i love your pictures. they're so bright, crisp, and clear!! and this recipe looks awesome~


  72. meg p

    I am definitely making this when summer comes! only a few more months.
    looks delicious!