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hello hello! i’m not really sure how it is monday already (or september 10th for that matter. i mean, seriously!) but here we are…. i hope the weekend was good to you! i spent most of mine missing my little ones terribly while in class at blogshop ny. blogshop teachers and founders, bri and angela, invited me to attend their class for free this weekend and i can’t believe how much i learned!... Read more

eleanor & samson’s nursery tour.

hello! today i thought i’d share a few photos of eleanor & samson’s nursery. we’ve only been in our new apartment for a few weeks, so there is still a lot i’d like to do with this room. but to be honest, it will probably be months before i get around to those things (if ever!... Read more

watermelon lemonade.

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with all the walking and summer heat (and lack of adequate air conditioning in our new nyc apartment) we sure have been missing our sweetgreen salads and lemonades the past few weeks. to make up for not being in nyc, sweetgreen, our sponsor from DC, has shared their new watermelon lemonade recipe with us so we can make it ourselves!... Read more

life lately. (but not according to my iphone.)

these photos are from the week before last. when my sister hannah was here and before josh had to shave that sexy scruff off his face. :( friends have been asking how i’ve been doing in the city with the two babes this week since josh is back to long office hours and my sister is no longer in town.... Read more