More of Me Maternity Fall 2012 Lookbook!

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back in may before samson was born, i got to prance around washington dc one morning in a bunch of the beautiful fall dresses which more of me maternity just released! here are a few of the photos… you can see the rest of the lookbook here, if you’d like.
i discovered more or me maternity last spring when i was pregnant with samson.  they quickly became one of my favorite maternity brands.  i’m all about a maternity piece you can wear before and after your bump, too, which was something these pieces offered.  i was really excited when jessica, founder and designer behind more of me (and biggest sweetheart ever!), asked me to be a part of her fall lookbook and so happy that one of my favorite photographers and friends, carissa, was the one behind the camera.
*while more of me maternity has been a sponsor of this blog in the past, please note that this is not a sponsored post. thanks for letting me share these images with you!
  1. Rebecca

    The photos are gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous, Naomi!

  3. Kribamil

    you are so beautiful!
    love the green dress!

  4. So sweet! You look beautiful and happy! And these clothes are to die for : ) Checking out the rest of the lookbook now!

    heart, My Billie

  5. I am in love with all of these looks, but the photo of you in the mustard-colored tights (photo 1) is a real favorite! and your bump in the green is perfect.

  6. You look gorgeous!! I love that green dress!

  7. It's official: you are the most adorable pregnant woman ever.

    Love the last one, with those green Hunter boots. It reminds me of a British moor!

    Also, when I saw the first picture, I thought, "There's no way she's pregnant again, is there?" Phew. Enjoy your time with your two little ones! No rush :)

  8. Oh wow, I didn't realise how perfect your bump was! Its like you've got a ball in there! Beautiful! x

  9. you are stinkin' adorable! Making pregnancy look easy-breezy :)

  10. Dianna


  11. Dianna


  12. Dianna


  13. Flourish

    You are adorable pregnant or not!

  14. You're stunning! You make me want to be pregnant!

  15. Miranda

    Beautiful pictures! I could never get away with it but I LOVE your style!

  16. Joan

    Beautiful! My baby bump is just barely starting to show, so I've been looking back at your blog for some inspiration. So excited for this post!

  17. adorable! i think when i'm preggers i will try to find things i can wear afterwards too… i actually "accidentally" bought a maternity dress this year… and i'm NOT pregnant. it was a maxi dress, so it was flowy in the midsection anyways… maybe i can keep it for pregnancy if my bump doesn't get TOO big :P


  18. Chelsea

    You were the most beautiful pregnant woman!

  19. Bridget

    beautiful, naomi! i know you may not have felt great all the time while pregnant with samson, but you carried so beautifully.

    that kelly green gracie dress is awwwwesome too.

  20. Amelia

    so beautiful naomi. especially fond of the one on the windowsill.

  21. You had the neatest bump ever! Can you believe that bump is now Mr Samson?! The wonder of humans… This collection is delish too.

  22. WOW-ZA! You look FABULOUS. Hallelujah for Maternity clothes that aren't BUTT-UGLY!

    Also, I totally agree with you – I'm all about buying something that can be worn before and after the bump!

  23. What a gorgeous model you make! These are lovely pictures- "work it, girl!" Xo

  24. Alexis

    I love so many of these dresses! They look comfortable even when pregnant which is so hard to find. And you look so great! I love your style :)


    swaney e

  25. You were a vision in that green dress! I hope that I can look half as stunning as you did with both of your kiddos :)

  26. 2busy

    She couldn't have picked a lovelier model.

  27. Gorgeous! You are/were the cutest preggo ever!

  28. Awe AMAZING! How cute was your belly!

    XO, Adropofbliss.Blogspot.Com

  29. I was just drooling over their fall line yesterday!!!! Bahhhh… I want!!!

  30. you should just keep having babies. they come out so cute and you look gorgeous making them!

  31. You're one of the cutest pregnant women ever!!

  32. you are darling pregnant and all! love these looks and Carissa's amazing photo skills!

  33. Jessica

    Those are the cutest dresses! I have to remember that place when I'm prego!

  34. Jenna

    These are such beautiful dresses. I can see why you wanted to partake. The pictures turned out wonderfully.

  35. Such beautiful photographs! Stunning x

  36. Julia

    that green dress is so classy. stunning!

  37. oh my goodness! I am so excited. The items are still a little pricey, but knowing that I can wear them before and after is comforting to both me and my bank account :)

  38. Stella

    Love the photos! Hope I can be half that cute when I'm pregnant :)

  39. Lesley

    love carissa's photography and LOVE that last dress so much!

  40. Marie

    The photos are very well taken! Love the green dress :))

  41. Gorgeous photos! You and your baby bump are just too adorable! It's not surprising Samson the king is too :)

    <3 Josephine

  42. beautiful and sweet!!


  43. Mrs. A

    You are seriously the cutest pregnant lady. Will keep this in mind for next year… I'm going to need it!

    xo Emily

  44. holtkamp

    you look amazing! i'll have to check out more of their stuff!

  45. Stacy

    Thank you for sharing! I am preggo and it is so hard to find cute clothes these days!

  46. Coryann

    I can't even wrap my mind around that this was last year! Can you believe it?

  47. Michelle

    Hi Naomi! I've been reading your blog for years, but hardly ever take the time to comment (oops!). I just wanted to say thanks for always being up-front with your readers about content that is or isn't sponsored. It's so great to read a blog whose author treats her readers with openness and respect.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  48. ohmygoodness! i love everything about the green dress photo. everything!

  49. Laura

    Beautiful clothes and a beautiful woman. Man, I need a bump ASAP. You look gorgeous!

    x Laura

  50. You look gorgeous!! I love that green dress! And how fun Carissa took the pictures!

  51. Gorgeous photos! I love that green dress!

  52. You are so beautiful! Inside and out!

  53. shamim

    i really got a kick out of the photos

  54. what a doll. :) You wear pregnancy so well.

  55. Dana

    Beautiful pictures!

  56. These pictures are absolutely stunning! Love the way these photos were taken. And that green dress is fabulous!
    xo TJ

  57. the green dress photos are stunning! drop-dead. pregnancy (and motherhood in general) suits you so well.

  58. Lisana

    The clothes are cute and you look stunning. Seriously, I have rarely seen a more good looking, always glowing and dressed cheerfully pregnant lady than you were with both your babies Naomi. Glad you were the model of this brand :)

  59. I Lelli

    I'm so excited, I remember when Cesy was pregnant …. wonderful period ….. I felt to have another child

    kisses from Lelli, italian fashion family

  60. Corinne

    So look so beautiful, as usual! LOVE the pictures. I recently bought some of the NARS lipstick you recommended in your FAQ and I have gotten lots of compliments! Thank you so much. I was starting to feel a little frumpy and it has been a little pick-me-up! I even blogged about it. Ha ha. :) Thanks!

  61. Johanna

    So beautiful pictures and such a beautiful pregnant lady!

  62. amber

    this makes me want to get pregnant again! (but not really as my little guy is just 4 months ;)

  63. I loVe LOVE love your Blog!

    Greeting from Germany! <3

  64. How beautiful! You are the most stunning pregnant woman I've seen and so it makes absolute sense that you got to be a pregnant-model for a clothing line (and what a pretty one!) – thanks for sharing :)

  65. Chelsea

    just stunning!!!

  66. most fab pregnant woman i've seen! wish i was a chic when i was preggers!


  67. Lena

    You look like a perfect princess! So gorgeous! And Carissa really takes the best pictures out of all! I would hire her if I would life nearer by haha! :)


  68. Shannon

    what a great belly in that green dress! You look fabulous.

  69. Saar

    Those photos are beautiful!
    I love them! Beautiful maternity clothing too!! :D

    love, Saar

  70. Emma

    Naomi, are those Frye boots? Can you share which ones they are? (The black leather ones, that is)

  71. Brooke

    The green dress and windowsill shots are both stunning! Way to make pregnancy look hott.

  72. haley

    You always look so beautiful! Please share the secret!! :)

  73. brittany

    you are such a stunning mama in these photos! what a sweet and fashionable way to capture that pregnancy!

  74. You look gorgeous!
    The picture with the door is brilliant! Love it.