1. MJG

    Is that your brother with the kids? Looks like your smile!

  2. Deanna

    Gorgeous! I have kids close in age as well, and I'm amazed with how much of a social life you still seem to have. (-:

  3. Tish

    The bathtub pictures are priceless. I know you take oodles of good ones of the kids, but I'd blow that left bathtub pic up and frame it. TOO CUTE!

  4. Meli

    ah, your family is adorable, im glad your in NYC again, best city in the world ! :)

  5. Zoë

    Ooh you have the Stokke carrier! Fun!

  6. samson is so precious. duh, but it has to be said! xo

  7. colleen

    while there are a lot of good pictures the best is you and sansom with the skyline in the background. one to keep forever.

  8. little E. in the tub is just too adorable!

  9. leyla.

    sweet snapshots, just like those cupcakes. they look so good! enjoy the time with your family. those moments go by so fast.


  10. Priya

    love the sweet bathtime shots, and HOORAY for pigtails! She is adorable, for sure!

  11. i'm pretty sure you make the cutest babies ever! i can't get enough of Eleanor, she's so adorable!love your iphone posts =)

  12. E makes the cutest facies! I love the one where she's sticking out her tongue :P

  13. lovely. Do you think maybe it is time to update the page to include Samson in the header, and a more recent picture of E? xx

  14. Dianna

    love the bath tub shots! the best.

  15. Eeekkk!! Love all of them!! Thanks for sharing. :) xo

  16. great pics :)

  17. Marie

    Adorable photos ♥ love that photo of her in the tub! So cheeky :D

  18. Lyndsay

    Your family is so sweet. Great pictures. Those cupcakes look so perfect, the apple one is adorable!

  19. Kathy

    Eleanor looks absolutely adorable in her pigtails!! :) i love the bath tub photos, she's such an amusing kid haha

  20. Zoë

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  21. EVERY picture of your daughter is cuter than the next. you have the most adorable family. it makes me really excited to be a mom one day.

  22. Jessica

    great pics!

  23. alyssa

    Hi! Just wondering where you got the cute flashcards that E is playing with? My son would love those!

  24. Coryann

    Is Eleanor making a scrunch face in the bath? Good golly gosh, is she a character!

  25. Reny

    Love your fotos!

  26. Marie

    Btw just a qn from a mum to a mum: does ur baby carrier hurt ur back? (the one in the pic). i've used to have that too, but after a while, my back hurt and i stopped using it. any gd recommendations for a baby carrier?


  27. Dana

    your baby girl is so adorable

  28. Laura

    what a beautiful family! painfully good-looking parents make damn cute babies…

    xxx from Germany
    – Laura

  29. Fa

    I've been reading from France for a good while now.
    I enjoy your family smiles & the pictures.
    I'm surprised to see you have Carroussels in NY. Thought we only had them here.
    Carrying Samson facing the world isn't a physiologic position. It can hurt him. You will find info on the internet about carrying babies.

    Is E going to the baby gym ? My 2 years old has also started here.

  30. Adorable photos! I can't get over how big Samson is getting!! And E with her random bath toys! Haha, too cute!

  31. The most adorable photos, the bath shots, so cute! x


  32. Ilja

    Such a cute, cute family. Just adorable, and I love to see Samson growing up, he looks so different than just a few weeks ago.

  33. i love these little sneek peaks into your daily life, so sweet :)
    xo, cheyenne

  34. very cute! Love the bath photos!

  35. Hannah

    you gorgeous people!

  36. LOVING these pictures – food so yummy and your beautiful family x

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  38. Adorable pictures! Both children are so cute! It looks like you are enjoying NYC…check out my blog – all the posts this week are about the city. Enjoy the sunshine today!

  39. Absolutely adorable pictures! I love the last one of everyone on the steps and the one of you holding both of your sweet babes. Happy Friday!

  40. Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous blog and family you have! I am so glad i stumbled across your site, I am most definitely your newest follower!

    Ps. I may have to re-design my daughters nursery now I have seen yours! Thanks a lot! haha


  41. don't you just love the iphone? such amazing photos and the quality is great in all of them.

  42. Looks like life never has dull moments! Hope you transition is going well! Have a wonderful weekend!



  43. Such cute photos. Where did you pick up Eleanor's flash cards, they are adorable. This would be a great gift to give. xo

  44. I love the stoop picture. It looks like you have some cool stoop buddies there!

  45. I adore your petite family.

  46. What a wonderful little life! Looks like you've adjusted to the city perfectly :)

  47. nettie

    Wow, your babies look so alike now! Adorable family!

  48. I can tell fall is on its way from your pics!

    I can only imagine fall in NYC- seems dreamy!



  49. Bri

    You're babies are adorable! Our boys are about 1 week apart. Can't believe 3 months have already past! :)

  50. I've been reading your blog for a long time but I'm particularly loving it right now since I moved to NYC at the exact time your sweet family returned!

    Could you tell me where you got the blue and white check shirt you're wearing in the picture with the baby carrier? I've been on the hunt for something just like it for weeks.

  51. QTKT

    so cute! I've been following for a while now… and am expecting our first baby in Jan. I'm looking for the right carrier – how do you like the Stokke? Thanks!

  52. Aww such cute pics :-)

  53. It's crazy that as Samson gets older, it is suddenly more obvious how close in age they are! I mean, you have two babies!

    You look great, by the way. Motherhood suits you!

  54. Katie

    Lovely photos, as always, Naomi (and Josh)!

  55. Maria

    I love your posts, you have the perfect family : ) I hope you're doing well with the move. Remember to breath

    Love your blog !


  56. Kathy

    i must admit – both my fiance and i love seeing your pictures, and can't wait until the days of "kids" comes along for us too. congrats on your beautiful family!

  57. I'll take one of those cupcakes :)

  58. You have a beautiful family.

  59. Esencia

    Preciosas instantáneas, como siempre!!

  60. Your family is so cute I might cry.

  61. you & samson on the bridge melts my heart.

  62. I Lelli

    Hi Dear. We are an italian family. We love a lot your family and your blog. Wow it' wonderfull. We have just opened a new blog. A little family stories a little fashion advises. Are we crazy? No we are dreamers …. Now we'll write also in english and we added your website in our favourites link. Keep in touch. A big hug. Leolelli family


  63. Your life always looks like a dream! What beautiful children. And it seems like New York is welcoming you all back with open arms! :)
    xo TJ

  64. Eleanor is seriously a cute princess!! :)

    Btw.. I keep on checking to your blog every day.. and waiting for some changes on your web page (eg: adding samson's picture and grown up little miss E!)


  65. Love LOVE all your instagrams.. looks like the best time ever! I cant get over how precious (and well dressed) your little kids are…in love!

  66. Bonny

    I have decided that little Miss E's talent is making people fall in love with her. She is seriously the cutest baby/kid ever .

  67. That IS a sassy girl, ha. Keep those adorable things comin'.



  68. jennie

    Hey Naomi – where are the alphabet cards from that E is playing with? [email protected]

  69. Taza, I've got a little one getting ready for the Toddler phase too (she was walking at 8.5 months). I'm a Ph D student and I have very little time to read books. Are there any particular ones you have found helpful? Love your blog.

  70. Ashley

    You might win for best iPhone photos. They are always impressive and filled with so much cuteness. :)

  71. Madge

    where is kingsley? :(