1. Klér

    OMG! You are a beautiful family!

  2. e.

    you should add samson's picture to the headline of your blog:)

  3. Marie

    Your children are adorable :))

  4. Diana

    that first picture? SO cute!

  5. Kathy

    haha I couldn't help but laugh at eleanor wearing those sunglasses, her expression lol She's such an amusing kid.Aw samson's smile is so adorable, such a beautiful family :)

  6. Natasha

    You guys are adorable!!!!! =))))))))
    Greetings from Russia =)))))

  7. Sun

    which photography-apps do you use?? great pictures all the time :)

  8. Gaby

    love the shot of you and your littles on the bench. so sweet x

  9. Oh I love these posts, the pics are too cute! And I love it that you guys are such pizza fans, I always get hungry when watching at these photos. :-)


  10. Kerstin

    I love the lion hat, where did you buy it?

  11. Jazzille

    The black&white; picture of you and your little one is soooo lovely!!! The perfectly captured moment…

    Every time I pass by here in your internet home, I catch myself smiling ;)

    Have a wonderful day, dear!


  12. Oh my gosh your photos are amazing! I love that B&W; photo of you and baby. SO CUTE!

  13. Lyndsay

    These pictures are so cute, your family is adorable!

  14. Mich

    Omgosh you make cute babies.

  15. you have the cutest family ever!!

  16. The hats! Loving your cuties in those hats :) We've got a fun little collection of silly hats for fall here too.

    xo Lilly

  17. Wow, you are such a happy family.
    I wish you all the best!

    Kisses from Berlin,


  18. Absolutely love your towel hooks! They are so beautiful. Eleanor is turning into a total rockstar!

  19. May

    Madre mía!!!! Cada vez están más guapos!!!!

  20. Laura

    Oh my… SO CUTE!!!

  21. Loulou

    Great images of a very happy looking family! I love the one of each of your towels all in a row.


  22. Flourish

    You have such pretty iPhone pics!!

  23. The Kids faces just make these photos ha. It's so good you capture this moment so you can look back at them forever- never stop taking photos- we love them!!


  24. I love that last pic of E! She looks like she's in high heels and her outfit is something I think I would probably wear!

  25. kristyn

    love these! eleanor's outfits are so sweet and stylish ;)


  26. Alexa

    her pigtails are killing me. so sweet!

  27. Ilja

    Awww happy Samson! He looks so cute in his jacquard-sweater! And Miss Eleanor is just precious as always :)

  28. Lisana

    Your smiling little pumpkins make me happier. I can only imagine how happy you must be to have them all day everyday :)
    I want Eleanor's stripped blouse in bigger size, where is it from?

  29. love E's pigtails!

  30. Jordan

    That pic of you three is tooooo cute! E is so happy!

  31. oh my goodness. there are so many great pics in this batch!! baby boys tummy rolls! and little E's piggy tails! love it.

  32. Unfurled

    he's SMILING! so rewarding when that starts, isn't it! and you can really see a resemblance between these 2 now!!

  33. Becca

    In the pic of Eleanor looking at someone else's shoes… are they her obsession right now? My 18-mo-old daughter convinces everyone to take off their shoes, even on Sundays at church, and then walks around in them. She had our pastor's wife standing in her socks while she marched around in her knee-high boots (hip-high with extra room for my baby girl!).

  34. Lievebee

    that first picture of the three of you is just about the sweetest thing i have ever seen!

  35. a-a-a-dorable!!! These pictures are a lovely definition of what family is all about. xo

  36. Cute, Naomi :) I think the towels is my favorite, though all of them are heartwarming :)

  37. That lion hat is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!! Great pictures:)

  38. 2busy

    You are definitely an on the go mama!

  39. Ana

    the cutest! you guys are lovely

  40. Wendy

    These kids are lovely and so cute!

  41. Zoë

    I love the black and white one of you and little Samson. Oh, those rolls! Baby rolls are so divine!

  42. RoselyC

    She looks adorable with sunglasses.

  43. Is there anything better than tiny baby sweaters? I think not.

  44. I just love E she is such a little model! Looks like you guys are loving NYC!

  45. Courtney

    Where did you get Eleanor's navy and white striped top? So cute.

  46. Cute family!! I'd love to see a post about some of your comfortable walking shoes. I am in great need and I have no idea where to get some! Thanks!

  47. First one is my very favorite :)



  48. I love these set of instagram photos. I adore the lion beanie. So jealous to see your babies wear them. It's still way too hot here to wear any fall gear. P.S. love that last shot of your baby girl skipping.


  49. What a beautiful family. I couldn't help but smile at Eleanor's white striped shirt…I'm guessing that's a favorite of hers? Haha, I went through that faze as a kid too, my mom would have to do a rush load at night because she knew what I'd ask to wear in the morning.

  50. You have such a sweet family! Where do you buy clothes for Eleanor and Samson?


  51. My goodness is Samson a dead-ringer for his daddy! Absolutely adorable :)

  52. Oh how precious!!! I love the one of the towels hanging. Such a cute family of 4. Great pictures!

  53. Oh how precious!!! I love the one of the towels hanging. Such a cute family of 4. Great pictures!

  54. looks like you're getting some great smiles from your new little man samson :)

  55. Hannah

    wonderful, fall wandrope looks so good on you all!

  56. Angie

    So cute!

  57. Jessica

    you really have the cutest family ever.

  58. nettie

    Man, your kids are little Rockstars! Love that little girl's spunk!

  59. Al

    so many cute moments captured!! love it!

  60. Aya

    CUTEST family there is.

  61. Dana

    I love that little lion's hat he has! So cute!

  62. Julia

    the first photo is such a sweet photo of you three!

  63. Katie

    A blessed life you live, Naomi — Thanks for sharing!

  64. Dimitra

    Love and beauty is in the air! Many kisses from Greece.

  65. i love all the recurring motifs in these, naomi! the stripes, the autumn mustards & maroons & cognacs & reds…they're just beautiful. and the bottom photo of miss e pushing up those glasses — i've never seen her cuter…she's a little movie star, that one. ; )

  66. Jemi K

    Lovely pictures. I absolutely love the last one on the right. Such a beautiful moment.

  67. Alison

    You can definitely tell from these photos that Miss Eleanor is growing up. She looks so spunky!

  68. Morgan

    Those two are definitely as stylish and beautiful as you!

  69. Kelsi

    Your header definitely needs an update with your newest little one! :) Love getting to have a peak at your cute family, Naomi.

  70. aww, these pictures are so sweet!
    you have such beautiful little ones (:
    xo, cheyenne

  71. I die over Samson in that little cardigan! Where did it come from? My little six week old baby boy needs one!

  72. Adorable family.

  73. New York looks good on you guys!

  74. Kym

    so excited to see the lion hat making a comeback! love that thing. and the photos of sampson smiling and e and her glasses are killing me, they are beautiful babies :)

  75. You always take the most perfect images! And seriously, baby E's pigtails. I can't get enough!!!!
    xo TJ

  76. colleen

    the picture of her with the sunglasses is beyond. it needs to be kept forever.

  77. Your kids have the best accessories ever :p

  78. Love your family shots…your children are beautiful and always look like they are having tons of fun!