1. Sarah

    Gorgeous photos as always, love Samson's little outfit and Eleanor is the cutest! Looks like she's getting cheeky.

  2. It's lovely to look at each and every photo in this post.


  3. Kribamil

    Love the towels!

  4. Kera

    so sweet.

  5. Your blog makes me want babies RIGHT NOW! (Don't tell my boyfriend ok?)

    Sam :)

  6. Gigia

    You have a great family Naomi ! Love watching your pictures, they're so cute and make me want to discover the United-States, particularly New-York ! Greetings from Switzerland, somewhere, in the french part, in the middle of the mountains… ;o) Gigia

  7. I love how much walking you guys do! Walking is such an awesome way to explore everywhere and it shows in your posts.

    I can't wait to holiday in the Us so many of my pitstops are places I've read about here!

  8. deb made

    I'm so glad your little ones are discovering the magic of NYC! Would also love to see an update on Kingsley and his adventures in his new home with his new family!

  9. gosh I love your little family! it makes me long for one of my own. maybe someday soon! happy thursday!


  10. Hello, I am french, I love your blog you are a wonderful family. I also have a girl her name is victoire, she looks like a little has eleanor!
    I would like know the brand of eleanor's shoes on the last photo, I have them seen on the other photos, and I like very much them.sorry my english is very bad.

  11. You have such a beautiful family! Eleanor in those sunglasses, her face! If anyone knows where you can buy those towels with the animal heads please let me knw, they're adorable and would make getting the kids out of the bath a lot easier!

  12. jenny

    You're kids are ridiculously adorable! And more stylish than I will ever be.

  13. Your family gives me warm fuzzies.

  14. loving the yellow and white towels!

    yellow is my accent color in my bathroom and i've bene looking for some yellow and white or grey and white towels…

    cheers :)

  15. i'm worried that kingsley hasn't been in any photos lately. did he make the move to ny with you?

  16. Jennifer

    perfect little family.
    hawthorne girl: she posted after the move that he stayed with family back in virginia.

  17. Seriously can't get over how cute your babes are!

    I too want to know where you shop for their clothes – they are keepin in classy!

    And I agree – you do need an updated cover to showcase your little man!

  18. I already follow you on instagram, but I love to see all your photos together :) Your kids are amazingly (is that even a word? :P) cute!

    x Sari

  19. Your chillens are just about the maximum amount of cute any child could be.

  20. Lynsey

    Where did you get your yellow bath towels and towel hooks? LOVE!

  21. Lynsey

    Where did you get your yellow bath towels and towel hooks? LOVE!

  22. Lynsey

    Where did you get your yellow bath towels and towel hooks? LOVE!