it’s the most wonderful time of the year…

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while we still technically have a few days left of summer, i think autumn is making its way into the city! it’s been breezy and cool and colors are changing everywhere. i couldn’t be happier about it.
hey humidity….. see ya!
ps. you guys, pigtails! finally. such a proud mamma moment when the hair fits into little ponies! even more proud when she holds very still and lets me play with her hair. all my dreams are coming true! ;)
  1. Stef

    I was just thinking today that it is SO nice to have my windows open without it being humid outside. yay for fall!

  2. bobik

    o my God, she is so cute ♥

  3. Seriously, seriously…she couldn't be prettier!

  4. i'm LOVING the weather! just across the hudson over here :) i think a high of 73 calls for a nice bike ride in liberty state park!

  5. I can't believe you're seeing colors already! Here in New England, everything is still green!

  6. Kirsten

    This is precious!
    We've just begun to feel the season change in VA, but the colors have not followed suit, yet.

    Eleanor is a beautiful little girl!
    Congrats on getting to the ponytail stage!


  7. Rebecca

    Pigtails! I can't wait until my daughter's hair is long enough for them.

  8. Britney

    It is definitely the most wonderful time of the year! I'm a fall baby and eat up everything pumpkin and the beautiful leaves changing. Can't wait to see all of the gorgeous pictures you'll be posting during this fall–not to mention those sweet little pigtails!

  9. She is so adorable and her little hair clip is cute. Yes, you can definitely see that fall wants to push its way in here in NYC. I am absolutely loving this cool but sunny weather. It's so perfect. Enjoy the fall with your little one. :-)

  10. It's my favourite time of the year too :) xx

  11. Sigh. After yet another crappy summer here in Ireland, I'm so jealous of your heat and humidity…

  12. Aw, too fun! We're still working on getting Evelyn's hair long enough for a barrette ;)

  13. Jackie

    I LOVE that youre in NYC now! I live on long island and also feel the autumn chill :)

  14. Loving the cool mornings and evenings here too. I think we are going to bake up some pumpkin goodness this weekend as well. Aren't pigtails the best? The 1st day I got my little girl's hair in to some I was on cloud nine.

  15. I can't wait till we get to little sweaters and coat weather :)

  16. could not agree more, it's cooling down in DC too! love this weather & love E's little pigtails :)

  17. Kristin

    These photos just made my afternoon. What a sweet, sweet girl.

  18. Faith

    I love the vibrant colors in these photos. Eleanor is beautiful! Enjoy autumn in NYC!

  19. tiffany

    Love the autumn air- it just smells different :)

    The pigtails are just too cute x

  20. rebecca

    september is just a perfect month! :)

  21. I saw your pigtails photo on instagram. SO cute! Makes me look forward to the day I can do that with my baby girl! She's 1 and her hair is growing sloooowwwly. I'm eagerly awaiting our pigtails moment!! =)
    Fall in NY is my favorite! I live in Cali now… it's just not the same.

  22. Soon those beautiful colors will be all over our utah mountains! oh I can't wait for the day to hike through it all…… The pictures are lovely. Thanks for sharing!


  23. precious. :)

    xo eden

  24. lovely like always!

  25. sonya

    Im so envious of you! Im in southern california and its still 93 over here all week!

  26. You are so lucky you get awesome weather right now! And the pigtails…hooray! She is precious

  27. We had our first sunny fall morning here in Portland, Or today. I m just as excited!

  28. Emily

    Fall breezes are finally coming our way in Atlanta, too, though I'm so jealous you're back living in NY. Congrats on your pigtail moment! I can't wait to be a mother myself one day and experience having a daughter. You're always an inspiration when it comes to celebrating the little moments of life! :)

    via Emily

  29. nettie

    New pigtails are always a proud mama moment for me too! I just adore them and dreamt about them!

  30. Caleisha

    That second picture is sooo adorable!! Hopefully fall will hurry up and make it down to the south… these 80-90 degree days are not how I want to spend my September…

  31. Marla

    im jealous!!! it's still in the 90's in Los Angeles and so, so humid. i'm so done with summer!!!

  32. Coryann

    Eleanor in the first picture is seriously LOL! She has thee best facial expressions ; )

  33. Too cute for words!! Gosh she's growing up so fast!

    I can't believe the colors are changing that quickly already, where did the time go? Maybe it's because here in florida, it still feels like mid summer and the leaves aren't falling off the tree yet.

  34. Chelsea

    Beautiful photo!

  35. Loulou

    How cute is this child? I wish I had one just like her.


  36. I'm in LA and it's still SO hot right now. I've been dreaming about a getaway to New York or Chicago and see the beautiful change of weather (since we really don't have seasons here).

    LOVE your little girl's pigtails. How adorable are they! I'm 9weeks along now, and my husband and I are really reallyyyyy hoping we have a little girl next.

    S /

  37. i can't wait for fall!
    and yay for pigtails!
    xo, cheyenne

  38. Jessica

    Seriously could E be any cuter?! I think not.

  39. rachael

    i love fall too! i can wear all my favourite clothes :)


  40. Although Autumn on the Oregon Coast is a bit different – i.e. stops being sunny, and a big fat cloud sits on our little hill until May, swaddling us all in its misty center – I can still feel the Autumnal cues! It's amazing – there truly is something in the air when Fall decides to show up.

    P.S. Yay for pigtails!



  41. Meg

    She is such a little cutie! I love her hair, and all those pictures! I can't believe Eleanor is getting so big…and this September marks one year following your blog :) I love getting to see your beautiful family grow. Great post, Taza!

  42. her pigtails are just about the cutest!
    and love this photo! bring on the fall season and the pretty changing leaves!
    xo TJ

  43. Aw! You two are just so cute! I absolutely loved the pigtails yesterday!

  44. Emily

    Love her pigtails and the little button up shirt. :) My daughter let me french braid her hair for the first time today! :)

  45. Vickie

    adorable and I absolutely LOVE the pigtails : )

  46. Stella

    Gorgeous pictures. I love the subtle fall leaves in the background!

  47. so incredibly cute!

  48. This time of year makes me so happy! Pumpkin lattes, sweaters, holidays… I love it!

  49. She is absolutely adorable. And the pigtails, congrats!! That's awesome she lets you play with her hair :)

    <3 Josephine

  50. Jennifer

    such a beautiful little girl

  51. Marie

    Awwww…she's such a sweet and adorable child. Her cheeks are so chubby and cute!

    I can't wait to tie pigtails for my daughter some day.. Right now I can't do that for my son. Lol. :/

  52. Marie

    Awwww…she's such a sweet and adorable child. Her cheeks are so chubby and cute!

    I can't wait to tie pigtails for my daughter some day.. Right now I can't do that for my son. Lol. :/

  53. Natasha

    Aaaawwww…. She's adorable!!!!
    I LOVE making pigtails to my lil sis =)))

  54. Kathy

    aww eleanor is such a cutie bear :) she's growing up so fast!

  55. Awe i love this time of year too! in England the weather is totally strange this year and it seems to be getting hot now our summer should be over :( i cant wait till autumn though! one day ill see it in New York :) have fun! :) x

  56. rtkce

    Starting to feel like Fall here too!!

    LOVE E and her pigtails!

    Thanks for continuing to share!


  57. Jo hanna

    what a beautiful little girl!
    she looks a little bit like my best friend as a child, so sweet :)
    Johanna (from Germany)

  58. she is even more beautiful in the autumn :D

  59. Any chance of an update on your FAQ as to what cameras you have on rotation at the moment. Your photos are gorge :)

  60. Ilja

    Miss Eleanor is such a cutie, and I love autumn too!

  61. Wow she is gorgeous!!! LOVED your about us story! Very well written and cute :)

    LOVELY blog.

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  62. Just found your blog from Emily's. I love it! Your newest follower:) Your babies are absolutely adorable!

  63. Zee

    Love the pigtails pic. I don't have kids. But I'm 33 and sometimes when we have a girl's night we still play with each other's hair! True story.

  64. Bev

    It truly is the best time of the year, i look forward to autumn with a big grin on my face every year!

    ~ Bev

  65. I'm just wondering where you're seeing the fall colors in NYC. I'm sitting at Riverside Park right now and – aside from a few dead leaves on the ground – everything is still very green. I'm just wondering where I've been to miss the change. I do love the cool(er) weather, though!

  66. I love autumn too! I wish I had some colorful autumn leaves falling around my house, but I will have to go to the mountains for that. Your family and blog is so wonderful!!

  67. Laura

    LOVE the pigtails! She has the cutest little face!

    We never really had summer this year in Germany, so I'm looking forward to what seems to be an awesome fall.

    All the best,
    x Laura

  68. Hey Naomi what's the difference between this web site and ?

  69. So, so, so jealous of the seasons! And those pigtails! Oh my! You have the most adorable children.

  70. I'm also excited about autumn! I can't wait to consistant days without humidity!! :)

  71. meg

    E's pigtails are just about the cutest thing ever!

  72. I love your blog, I have never been to USA or NYC for that matter, and just seeing it thru your photos and posts is amazing and now i really want to go! :)
    You have adorable kids, they are such cuties…
    Love from Croatia…


  73. Lick

    Sigh, I always miss NYC around this time of year.

  74. What a beautiful little girl you have! I love you enjoy your autumn (it's spring in my side of the world). xx

  75. naomi, your photos have always been beautiful. but these are out of this world! you are only getting better & better at this. : )

  76. Jo


    This has nothing to do with the darling photos of your beautiful daughter, but I had a moment where I thought of you and had to leave a comment… I'm listening to the newest Fiona Apple album and I cannot stop moving. I turned it on while settling in to do some classwork but I've been neglecting my books because so much dance keeps busying my limbs.

    I think at some point not too long ago you posted a photo outside FIona's concert–and of course my mind would wander to you when fabulously impromptu modern dance moves are born in my kitchen to "Every Single Night" …Your blog has shown so many glimpses into your impromptu dances, etc.

    My best,
    Jo Farmer

  77. Yeah, fall! I am so ready.

    And what a sweet thing to think about, playing with your little girl's hair! With three little boys, I am nowhere near that kind of playing! So sweet!

  78. Yeah, fall! I am so ready.

    And what a sweet thing to think about, playing with your little girl's hair! With three little boys, I am nowhere near that kind of playing! So sweet!