hello monday!

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hope you had a happy weekend with the ones you love! we spent most of ours together working on some projects around the apartment and shopping for a new sofa.  the latter part has proven to not be fun. we are still sofa-less. so if you come over, sorry we don’t have any place for you to sit. 
we also tried to catch up on our sleep. each time i went to put the kids down for naps, i fell asleep with them and josh said i snored.  
this weekend was a chilly one in the city so we’re pulling out the hats and scarves to have on hand this week in preparation for cooler days.  i think it’s also time for some crock pot chili and pumpkin cookies. am i right, or am i right?! 
  1. RosieB

    Sounds like a perfect weekend! Pumpkin cookies sound amazing too, in England pumpkin isn't popular at all so I've never even tasted it! It's on my 'to-do' for this Autumn :)


  2. Veronica

    This is my favorite time of year. I pretty much love pumpkin flavored anything!

  3. So right about crockpot time. Looking forward to trying some new recipes in mine – like breakfast dishes and desserts. Hope it doesn't turn into a disaster.

    Happy Monday!

    x Elena Randomly Happy

  4. Ilja

    Good luck with finding a sofa! And I love fall, finally time for big sweaters and hot cocoa! Have a happy monday too! :)

  5. Kayla C

    Mmmm! Pumpkin cookies! Yessssss!


  6. colleen

    you, m'lady, are right.

  7. Miriam

    I made some cookies as well today! Just wanted to leave a comment to tell you that I really LOVE your blog! I discovered it last week or so and since then I feel like I've read all of your posts and watched all the beautiful pictures! I'm also a little jealous of you because you live in NYC ;)

  8. Love those pigtails! My mom always called the one's that are looped like that 'spoolies' and I wore them until I was far too old :) We just got a couch as well, it was tough but we finally settled on one from Boston Interiors which was well priced and the tailored modern style we prefer. Excited to see what you choose!

    xo Lilly

  9. You are correct – cant go wrong with ANYTHING pumpkin in the fall!

  10. Lyndsay

    Her little pigtails are so cute! It's definitely time for pumpkin everything. Good luck finding a sofa!

  11. Loulou

    Good luck with the sofa hunt and enjoy all the pumpkiny goodness! We once spent a long searching for a good sofa for an apartment we were renting and then waited ages because it was back ordered and then when they tried to deliver it, it wouldn't fit up the stairs by a quarter inch! So we gave up and finally just bought a temporary futon couch which we gave to a friend when we moved. Wishing you better luck and be extra careful about the measurements!


  12. Bianca

    I stuck a lamb leg in the crock pot yesterday what a winner! I love autumn. if i was going to buy a sofa id buy a pre loved one. Its already "broken in" and all comfy.

  13. Wow, I love E's pigtails! She looks so big now :)

  14. Maria

    Suuuch cute piggy tails! My Eleanor would so be ready for them…. Except she cut off her HAIR! So beware! Your Eleanor is approaching scissor readiness and don't leave her site when she's using them (yes, even the kiddie kind cut hair). Oh boy, the joys! :) Anyway, I LOVED your pumpkin cookie recipe from last fall! I made them over and over (w chocolate chips of course) and I thank you for sharing!

  15. Recently I spent 2 weeks working on a whole lot of design projects that were due, most nights I was up until 3am. Then I would crash in bed, and, my husband tells me, snore. I have never snored (knowingly!) in my life! So it must be because I was (and you are, you poor thing!) so tired. Apparently I sounded "like a respirator" and kept him up for the rest of the night. Haha. Payback. Hope you caught up on your much needed sleep x

  16. E is stylin'! How cute is she?!
    Good luck with the couch hunt and please send some of that chilly weather down to florida! :)

  17. Cheltz

    I started getting my hopes up to see your new couch, but saw that you're having the same problem I am. Darn!

  18. shamim

    hey look at her tiny piggy tails!

  19. Kathy

    aw eleanor's little pigtails is so adorable! mmm..I've never tried pumpkin cookies before,but it sounds pretty amazing already.All the best for finding the perfect couch!

  20. sounds like a great weekend! you and your family are so freakin cute =) loving the big girl hairstyle!

  21. Jaymerz

    You are so right, we made chili yesterday, it was yummy!! Happy Monday!!

  22. Erica!

    i love fall & i love those pigtails!!

    crock pot chili sounds the bomb dot com. & while i would enjoy some pumpkin cookies my husband doesn't care for pumpkin anything!

  23. Laura

    So envious of your weather! My husband and I left NYC (kind of to raise kids in an eaiser place, so you have my respect for pulling it off) and this time of year makes me miss the city SO MUCH! (we are in Austin, where we get excited when the triple digit temps finally stop and we call it fall). Also, my youngest is E's age and I still nap when they nap on the weekends. I think I will keep napping on the weekends even when they stop :)

  24. Faith

    Good luck on your sofa search! How wonderful that you were able to catch up on sleep this weekend. I can't imagine being a momma of two! How do you do it?!

  25. her hair is SO cute! i keep asking this, but i am curious … why do you have both a .com and a blogspot.com??

  26. Dianna

    your right!

  27. you're completely right!

  28. You are right! However, it will be 93 degrees here in the heartland. I have some veggie chili in the freezer just waiting for a cold front to come through!
    check out my leather tassel tassel tutorial!

  29. You are so right – crock pot pumpkin soup and craft projects should be added to the list.

  30. definitely right (:
    and good luck with the sofa hunt!
    xo, cheyenne

  31. holtkamp

    anything pumpkin is one of my favorite things about fall! love that picture of eleanor with her pigtails. good luck finding a sofa!

  32. I have got to know where E's skirt is from? It's just the cutest thing around!

    Happy fall!!

  33. Hi Noemie (and all the family) !
    I'm a french girl and since one week, I'm reading your blog. It is fantastic ! I learn so much about the way you're living in USA, and you give me really good idea for my flat !
    I wish you all the best, it will be a real pleasur to read your new article :)
    Sorry for my english ;)


  34. Rachel

    We had the same struggle with the sofa hunt and settled for the Ikea Karlstad, which we thought we'd eventually stick in our basement. We ended up totally loving it, and keeping it in our family room. I've upgraded the legs to be mid-century peg legs, and we love it. Also love how kid-friendly the slipcover is. It's worth considering :)

  35. definitely right. i cannot wait for hat weather, have so many hats i cant wait to wear again :)

    and this year i am going to try and make some pumpkin cookies as Rosie said they aren't big over her so i can't wait to see how they turn out.

  36. adbwgooc

    Well sofa shopping is hard! One word (or two)
    good luck and love E's pig tails

  37. Marie

    Is that Eleanor with the pig tails? So cute!

  38. Becca

    Can't wait for some crock pot meals! I'm looking forward to them because our house in Sicily is FREEZING in the wintertime. Smelling warm things cooking all day is bound to help us feel cozy!

  39. Aman

    This picture is soooo cute!
    It reminds me of my sister when she was 2!
    She looked just like this.
    Have a lovely week!
    My love to the babies :D

  40. girl, say no more about the sofa. double ugh.

  41. Coryann

    Fall is definitely in the air! And E is looking as cute as can be in her pig tails ; )

  42. Stella

    Definitely! I broke out the crockpot and made a delicious taco soup this weekend. Love this season!

  43. Gosh you are so right! I woke up this morning and it had rained last night and I could see the wind was blowing. Needless to say I was super excited to throw on my boots and a comfy sweater.

  44. Sarah

    yummmy!! if you go to allrecipes.com and type in "iced pumpkin cookies" the first recipe that comes up is to die for! I made them last week and they were gone within two days. they're more like a cake cookie.

    have a great week!! Enjoy the cooler weather :)

  45. Autumn

    Sounds like some sleep was definitely merited!

    I woke up and it was COLD here. Fall is here!

  46. Jill B.

    Visit the Room & Board store on Wooster between Prince and Spring streets in Soho. Great price for the quality and many small scale sofa options.

  47. I was so happy when I was able to wear a sweater yesterday & not be too wamr! Autumn has arrived! I couldn't be more excited. Thanks for the wonderful post. It's nice to know that I'm not the only person who snores when I'm dead to the world. :)


  48. nettie

    Its still in the 100s here but a lot cooler in the mornings! Yay, I love Fall! Best season around. I would love to visit New York in the fall.

  49. Sarah

    Oh you are definitely right. I love the bear ear hairdo. My little one had been rocking that lately too. It's full blown fall in my house right now… scented pumpkin candle and all. Very exciting =)

    – Sarah

  50. I wish you lived closer. I just moved into a house and they left an amazing sofa I think you love! E has the cutest pigtails! I can't wait until my little ones hair does that. The colors on the mountains here in UT are beautiful right now. Yay for fall!

  51. First off, if that is baby E then her pig tails are just about the sweetest! I also love her polka dot and stripes combo. She has better style than me ;)
    Hope you find a sofa soon. I definitely know how that goes!
    xo TJ

  52. Theresa

    Love the stripes and polka action! Her pigtails are adorable! Yes yes yes to pumpkin cookies!


  53. Dana

    mmm pumpkin cookies… Do you have a recipe?!

  54. Bonny

    Why is sofa hunting sooooo hard? My husband and I built an entire house and never had one disagreement until we went to buy the sofa! Sofas are like clothes they fit everyone so differently, that was the concision I finally came to. Happy sofa hunting. P.S. Just out of curiosity is little Miss E going to be allowed to jump on the sofa?

  55. Katie

    The cutest photo!

    Good luck finding your perfect sofa; it only took us 4 years, LOL.

  56. Elisse

    Well, that's the cutest picture ever. You just made my Monday! I really wish we were having some cooler weather in LA, but no such luck. Enjoy!


  57. Hannah

    is that E??? she looks sooo grown up…

  58. Oooo can't wait for crockpot recipes and anything pumpkin flavored. The weather where we are was absolutely gorgeous this weekend.. still actually quite warm but still had that wonderful fall feeling. Glad you were able to catch up on some sleep! Weekends like that are so needed!

  59. Carly

    the pigtails! E is so stinkin' adorable.

  60. This child is precious! Love the ponies and skirt=)

  61. Annette

    I am living vicariously through you as my dream would be to move me and my family to New York. Really happy to see that families can live to the fullest, even if in different ways, in New York.


  62. I Lelli

    Working together on some projects make the family happy …. during this w.e. lEO at the Park has learned to skate ……

    (sorry for our english…)

    xoxo from Lelli, italian family


  63. 2busy

    Definitely time for pumpkin spiced cookies and hot chocolate.

  64. Dimitra

    Oh yes, the pigtails are [email protected] Here, in Greece, it's still summer! I envy you guys!

  65. Tascha

    So chilly in Manhattan this week, I thought nobody else noticed! Hopefully we won't get another Octsnowber…
    Yes to pumpkin everything!!!

  66. i snore, too :-/ toddlers do that to you.
    and anthropologie has the BEST couches!

  67. E looks all grown up here! And I love all her clothes, I wish there're adult versions of them! :)

    <3 Keep warm!

  68. You and your families' attire makes me jealous for your weather! It is still well in the 80's during the day in California. Can't wait until we can rock the fall attire! It's just still way too hot right now


  69. Kate

    How cute :) Any friend worth having will be happy to sit on the floor until you make up your mind! Happy Tuesday.

  70. Adorable young lady with these pigtale! :-D
    Greetings from Hungary!
    Have a nice week and good luck for the sofa hunting!

  71. Melanie

    Her little pig tails are adorable!

  72. Laura

    YES to chili and cookies! I'll be fine sitting on the floor.

    x Laura

  73. hey naomi ! here in france it's becoming chilly too and pumpkin cookies would be welcome ;)
    have you been at IKEA for your sofa ?
    The "ektorp" sofa is perfect, very very very comfortable and so easy to wash with your little ones ;)
    There is the ikea PS 2012 sofa too, which is new, with a very original design. Hope I could help you !

  74. Cute pig tails! I want a little girl

  75. You are right my friend! I made pumpkin break in my PJ's yesterday….that is the way life is suppose to be! Happy Tuesday! All the best with the sofa hunt, Sally xoxo

  76. Corinne

    I pretty much love pumpkin anything. Especially in the fall. One of my favorites is a no-bake pumpkin pie by Cooks Illustrated. YUM.

    So glad you got a nap. :)

  77. Lea

    The last two weeks have reignited pumpkin love! We have had pie and muffins, and are now looking forward to pumpkin chocolate chip. If only we needed our hats in North Carolina…a lady can dream in frigid AC.

  78. Those little pig ails KILL me! So sweet. Check out West Elm's couches – I have the Henry and I love it.