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hello hello! i’m not really sure how it is monday already (or september 10th for that matter. i mean, seriously!) but here we are…. i hope the weekend was good to you! i spent most of mine missing my little ones terribly while in class at blogshop ny. blogshop teachers and founders, bri and angela, invited me to attend their class for free this weekend and i can’t believe how much i learned! i feel like i’ve got so many cool tricks up my sleeve now (including my fancy animated confetti gif that you are probably annoyed with and wanting to turn off already– oops!)

bri and angela give these workshops all over the world and last weekend they taught one in nyc. if you’re unfamiliar with blogshop, it’s basically a two day workshop covering the basics and some advanced techniques for using photoshop for your blog… i’ve been blogging for 5 years now (what?!) and since i’m completely self taught up to this point when it comes to things like photoshop, i was banging my head when i learned how to do things this weekend with 2 simple clicks that used to take me over an hour to do. (i wish i was kidding!)

**photos in gif by angela kohler. iphone photos by me.
**special thanks to bri and angela for inviting me to attend blogshop ny! and an extra special thanks to my mister for watching both babies all weekend long. that ain’t easy. so thanks, josh!
  1. Hannah

    how cool is this!! seems like you had a lot of fun!

  2. How fun! I wanna go!! :) Love your fun confetti image.

  3. rachael

    i`d love to visit their class.. i have much to learn. good to see you letting your hair down, naomi! literally!


  4. How neat!! I would lovee to go to a blogshop class one day!

  5. Rebecca

    That's so cute! I don't want to turn it off!

  6. Tinyo

    that was cute but ooo it did make my eyes go a bit funny!!!

  7. I love that gif of you! So fun! :)
    I'd love a chance to go to Blogshop one day and learn quick photoshop tips too!

    Love & Whimsy

  8. wow! are ALL of their classes free?? this is the SECOND blog i've read this morning that talked about this class in NYC! wish i could have gone.. i'm just 2 train stops from manhattan over here in jersey city :(

    i have some fun pics from the weekend that i NEED to do this looped-moving-still-photos thing that you've got going on the top :P


  9. Marie

    Sounds like a fun & really useful workshop! Wished they have it here in my country. That would be great :)

  10. Marie

    Btw i love the gif photo of u. Look great!

  11. Taza, This is awesome! I want to take a blogshop so bad!!! I think I might have to snag a spot in their next Chicago class!

  12. I looked into blogshop after seeing your posts on instagram and what an awesome workshop to be at! I wish that they were having one in Chicago but the only one I see on their calendar is a video course. I definitely feel your photoshop woes.. I've been there too, trial and erroring my way through the program when a couple clicks would get me to the same place sooo much quicker :)

  13. Jenna

    Wow! Looks like so much fun. Love the confetti picture. You really have a great husband :) I am sure he had fun with your two little ones!

  14. Confetti makes everything more fun!

  15. well, I totally love your little gif. and I adore the moment, when try & error becomes more professional. so many options, so many freshly opened doors! greetings from berlin, knee-deep in learning too.

  16. Your images are always beautiful but it's great that you learned to do things much faster!
    I wish I could learn that too. I hope they could come to Paris!
    I spending too much time in front of my computer when all I want is to spend it with my little baby boy.

    Have a quick look at my blog here and I would be so happy if you have time to leave a comment…! :)


  17. this looks like so much fun! and i love your pants. always so stylin'

  18. What a WONDERFUL oppurtunity. That's a class that I need to take. Because I suck with computers.


  19. Dianna

    hope they come to Miami FL!

  20. Elizabag

    Awesome! Great to see you already using what you learned with the gif.

    Could you please tell me the brand/style of your watch? Thanks!

  21. you look gorgeous naomi and how fun! I hope I can go someday!!

  22. Briseidy

    love it! you look like you're having lots of fun

  23. looks like so much fun, so wish i could go!

  24. Ashlee

    Wow! So incredibly jealous! I've been wanting to attend blogshop so badly for about the past year! It looks so amazingly fun and instructional! Hope you had an awesome time, which it sounds like you did!

  25. I love the .gif! I need to brush up on my photoshop skills, I'm jealous! :)

  26. Coryann

    It looks like you had a fun time! I can't wait to see what you've learned on here ; )

  27. SO SO SO jealous!!! Looks like such a fun place to be in class all day! Can't wait to see your new tricks implemented on the blog! xo

  28. Not annoyed by the confetti. Just completely wishing that I had an animation like that of my own! How DARLING. So glad you had fun! I loved keeping up with the instagram pictures you took over the weekend.

    September 10th? Where has this year gone……


  29. RoselyC

    Wow looks great. I wish I could attend one of those because I'm still trying to figure out what each button does.

  30. I need someone to teach me a thing or too! Your blog is already so wonderful as it is, so I can't wait to possibly cou1ld be improved!

  31. looks like a blast. i would die to attend one of these and learn all the new tricks! fancy. come to Charleston blogshop.

    [email protected]

  32. nooo, i love the gif! so fun :)
    that workshop sounds awesome, i could definitely use something like that!
    xo, cheyenne

  33. I've been admiring the blogshop classes and all that can afford to go for some time now. Looking forward to seeing your posts now that you have all these tips and tricks up your sleeve.


  34. Hilary

    Taza, I've been looking for a gold cuff bracelet. Where did you get the one you're wearing on the same wrist as your watch? love it!

  35. Great post! I really enjoyed seeing all of the tweets and photos on instagram this weekend about blogshop! I definitely want to do one in the future!

  36. ooh yippee! i love getting a little extra inspiration, and from those two..well, let's just say, i just can't wait to see what you come up with :)

    ps: september 10th..what the heck! so weird!!!

  37. this sounds like so much fun!i would love to go if they are even in Amsterdam or London :) :)

  38. How fun is that? I was like a mini work vacation. I love how small and intimate.

  39. I actually love your moving confetti action – so cool!! I could stand a little blogger help in my life bc I'm sure I'm going about everything the archaic way and there must be some easier (quicker) ways to do things! Good hubby of yours too.

  40. Agata

    i love your gif! makes me smile ;)

  41. What kind of hair product of you use? Your hair looks amazing in that gif :)

  42. That is too darling!

  43. Is wonderful !

  44. Yes, they are amazing! I did their workshop in London and learned so much I thought my brain was going to explode. In a good way, of course. My latest post was really photoshop heavy and there's no way I would have even attempted it before blogshop. Check it out:

  45. jo

    you are darling.

  46. Jenna

    Looks like fun!!! I just started a blog for kicks and giggles but wow! It's crazy to think all the neat things you can add. I thought I was being clever when I added pages to mine :D Happy blogging!

  47. I love the GIF!! I think you look fabulous, and I'm so jealous you go to blogshop i've been dying to go!

  48. kristyn

    my goodness, i want to go! i'm in dire need, too–my photography skills are quite bad haha. looks like you had a great time!

    also–i'm loving your outfit! are those harem or parachute pants? i can't tell in the photo….


  49. Rhonda

    I like the confetti image! I need a class like that. Really badly!

  50. Theresa

    Well let me just say first that I've really enjoyed reading your blog these past few months. You have amazing style and such a beautiful family! I love the confetti picture by the way(I've always wondered how people do that). You look like you had so much fun at your blogshop class. I would love to do a blogshop class one day. Now if only I could find one and make it there. First, I'm going to read Joy Cho's book. I am new to blogging and just started to blog regularly.


  51. so adorable! what an incredible experience!! really need to do this sometime!
    xo TJ

  52. Erin

    How fun! I'd love to learn all of those tricks. Sounds like a great time!

  53. Lea

    Your struggles through self taught photo editing are shared by many, me included. If only blogshop would allow for non mac users!
    P.S. Josh deserves gelato and a cookie for stepping up. Kudos to your husband!

  54. Jennifer

    That's really awesome!

  55. Katie

    I, for one, think your gif is the sweetest. What an awesome opportunity for you — and what a husband!

  56. Jamie

    Love your gif!!! :)

  57. Natasha

    LOVE that gif image =))))

  58. I'm Pam

    I'm a little jealous! I have read about this class a couple of times and it just seems like a great class to really learn things. I'm glad you were able to attend and get a few short cuts on photoshop. enjoy the blog posts as always. xoxo pam

  59. That sounds very cool! I've just started blogging, any tips? It looks like I am going to be "self-taught" as well.

  60. GRACE

    this seminar looks so so cool. i want to attend one. my photoshop skills are non-existent and i can use all the help i can get~


  61. This is so cute! I just started, and know how to do NOTHING although, I don't really have the desire to put that much time into mine yet anyways. Maybe one day! (:

  62. i wish they would do one in Madrid!

  63. Hope

    Ah, love the gif! I guess there's always room to learn new things! :D

  64. that gif is UNBELIEVABLY cute! what an amazing workshop to attend…i feel like i'm stuck in the old, terrible habit of using presets over & over in photoshop. maybe someday you'll be able to share some of your newfound tricks with us! xo.

  65. Love Angie! I used to be her hair doer in UT and went to school with her. She is one talented lady!!!

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  67. Hi. I love your blog & enjoy your style. I love the adorable pictures of your babies. But… I have a minor suggestion for you. Your photos are very charming and colorful but they could be even better if you do one simple thing in photoshop. You could enhance the brightness of your colors slightly with Main Menu > Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation > Type 10 in Saturation Tab. You could try a less number if you like. Sorry for being so forward but it's one thing I always notice. I like brighter colors. :)

  68. sooo jealous! i have wanted to go to this forever!!

  69. sweet :)

  70. Lexi

    I am so excited to hear about how much you learned at blogshop! I am officially signed up for the first week in December (they're finally making their way to Miami!) and I couldn't be more excited!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.