around this apartment…

samson’s toes! i could eat them. i really could.

just the cutest little face ever. with wispy alfalfa hair and slightly oversized ears. ;)

someone likes wearing mama’s shoes any chance she can get. part adorable. part oh-my-gosh-stop-growing-up-so-fast-miss-eleanor-davis.

i’ve been desperately reading up on all parenting material in my spare time the past few weeks as we begin this exciting yet very scary (and sassy? what the…) toddler phase.


a very tiny fridge covered in sticky grams from the past year…
we spend most of our mornings before 8am with crayons in hand.
eleanor watching the panda cam from the national zoo trying to spot mei xiang’s new baby panda (no luck!) but still happy as can be seeing a panda on screen!
  1. hmaynard

    I feel like I NEED to know where that walker toy came from – it's so cute and not plastic looking! My little guy would love it!

  2. @hmaynard, the walker is from babies r us!

  3. Beautiful!! Baby toes are THE best, aren't they?
    And I love the fridge covered in tiny instagram photos!

  4. HayleyR

    Aww all those pics are absolutely adorable! I'm thoroughly enjoying the newborn phase but looking at all these pictures makes me excited for all the fun I'm going to have with my daughter as she grows. Xx

  5. kathleen

    so cute and also, i LOVED parenting with love and logic! when my son was 3 we hit the " oh my goshh what do we do now?!" and that book was great!

  6. Lyndsay

    They are so adorable. I love the pictures on your fridge, such a great idea!

  7. Love and Logic is amazing! I have their different CDs and listen them over and over. Thank heavens for great resources!

  8. hmaynard

    Thanks! I'll have to look for it!

  9. Jenna

    Eleanor is so adorable. I love these photos of her.

  10. Such a precious family. And I love the fridge, so fun!

  11. Meagan

    You have THE cutest kids! :) I also adore your fridge covered in all of those sweet pictures.

  12. i almost just died seeing E in her papas shoes! i used to do that :)

  13. 2busy

    Eleanor's toes are munchable, too. I've heard good things about love and logic. In fact, my daughter's school uses that.

  14. Beautiful fridge! How did you make those sticky grams?


  15. Becca

    Such gorgeous photography that captures such lovely moments! Is your apartment really flooded with that much light?

  16. Hi! I said it many times but you have the most amazing looking daughter! Your son looks like a handsome boy when he grows up too! OH KIDS grow up so fast…

  17. Ah! I just noticed the link! I might need to check out this fridge art! :D

  18. rtkce

    Love E with her sassy jeans!!

    Thanks for posting!


  19. Such freaking cute pictures.
    I read Love and Logic for Early Childhood. While I didn't like their "this-will-work-100%-of-the-time-or-you-are-doing-something-wrong-and-you-are-only-parenting-right-when-you-are-doing-it-OUR-way"-approach, I found that a lot of the fundamentals really DO work. My daughter is only 15 months, but she already knows that "so sad" means she's gonna be in the crib. It has made me get frustrated less and enjoy PARENTING more.
    Anyway, there's my plug. Feel free to email me if you wanna talk about it because I would love to talk to someone who isn't judging me for trying out a new parenting technique! HA!
    -Carrie ([email protected])

  20. Absolutely adorable! Samson is your husbands twin and E is a mini you, in her freakin cute tiny jeans! You are one blessed lady.

  21. Loulou

    Eleanor in mama's shoes is pretty cute alright.

  22. Jessica

    just darling. absolutely darling kids.

  23. MrsJones

    I miss my babies being that tiny. I too was a sucker for cute little baby toes. Not as a cute when my 8 and 4 year olds stick their feet in my face. LOL

  24. brittney

    These pictures are really great. I like all the different perspectives and what you choose to focus on. This is beautiful work.

  25. your little ones are absolutely adorable.




  27. jackie

    I love this. what a sweet time in life you all are at :) and I'm sure you never get tired of hearing this: your babies are so dang cute!

  28. Adorable little toes all over the place! Age 2 has been a challenge for us! But it's getting better as three is approaching! Trust your heart more than anything, but be consistent. That's all I got. Ha. It's still a blast though!

  29. i kinda feel like no matter how many fashion bloggers there are in this world, no one will ever look as stylish/adorable in a pair of skinnies as little miss eleanor.

  30. Lara

    Check out the San Diego zoo's panda cam. They just had a baby a few weeks ago and the camera is always on in the den!

  31. Lara

    Check out the San Diego zoo's panda cam. They just had a baby a few weeks ago and the camera is always on in the den!

  32. leyla.

    well, eleanor definitely has great taste when it comes to shoes. i say that because i have the same pair. love the stickygrams. never really considered it before, but i would love to have some of mine on the fridge.


  33. Theresa

    Love those sticky grams! I just got some printstagrams and love it. Your shoes look amazing with her outfit by the way. Ah, parenting books. . . those continue to occupy my life as my son grows.


  34. Kari

    What sweet photos! Yet again, you have truly captured the beauty of motherhood–thank you! :)

  35. Cheltz

    Sampson is a handsome man! And those oversized ears will come in handy again when he's about 70 :).

  36. We read Love and Logic too!!! But we are reading the infant to toddler Love and Logic book. xo :)

  37. OMG Samson`s alfalfa hair. He as cute as his big sister :)

  38. There's something about tiny toddler legs in jeans that makes them seem too long! Beautiful pictures. :)

  39. Kirsten

    So precious watching the panda!

    Baby toes are the best. I, too, get the "I want to eat our toes" bug when around cute babies :)

    The pictures on your fridge are AWESOME! Will have to look into them.

    Happy Mommying!


    P.S. I loved trying on people's shoes when I was little (and…I still do…)

  40. Samson is so animated!! E is going to love looking back on all of these posts when she's grown. Blogging is such a wonderful way to file away memores for future entertainment!

  41. Yes, baby toes! I am addicted to staring at my 5 week old's toes too.

  42. Elaine

    I think samson has his daddy's hair. It is getting lighter all the time… just like josh's as a little boy. Such a darling baby. We are so anxious to see him (and cute Eleanor with the web cam) soon!!

  43. Zoë

    Samson is really turning into his own little Dude and less like a mini E! So lovely!

    I wish that pushtoy was still available. I don't see it on the Babies website.

    waiting for kittenheart

  44. Beautiful photos! The last one is super adorable! She really is growing up fast, wow!

  45. So cute! Where does one get sticky grams?

  46. Mari

    It's the little moments that melt your heart!

  47. Megan

    Check out Alfie Kohn! "Unconditional Parenting" is rocking my world!

  48. McKenzie

    aw what cute photos! x

  49. Our fridge is only magnetic on the side walls. #FridgeFail

  50. Such sweet photos!

  51. Sini

    Samson has so beautiful eyes!

    Thanks for sharing the link for stickygram, I had forgotten this and this will be really nice idea how tocover our fridge :)

  52. Marie

    Aaawww..Samson has that "Huh?" look. So cute and priceless :D

  53. Laura

    Those ears! Oh my… Also, I love the stickygrams on your fridge.

    Beautiful pictures!

    x Laura

  54. N'aaaaw your photography is just the cutest x

  55. I love your fridge collage, and that last photo is the cutest thing ever!

  56. Anoodles

    It definitely goes without saying that you are one of the cutest couples and even more adorable families i've ever seen… i'm from Greece and i check out your blog every single day for new posts… I just wanted to tell you that it has been scientifically proven, that fridge magnets have a negative impact on the food inside the fridge. Although i love them as well, i have removed them all. I wanted to email you the article i have but it's in Greek. Feel free to look it up. Keep up the whole family thing! you are great!!!!

  57. Unknown

    Dear Naomi, As I value your opinion very much and see you do a great job with your babies, if you came up to a book that you think is better than others for parenting please mention it as I would like to read it…had several but nothing special or pointing at something I didn't already know. xx elena

  58. Love the little toes! That is such an awesome idea to cover your fridge with instagram photos! so cute!

  59. Ana

    yes i need all the help i can get with the toddler phase. i find we're butting heads on a daily basis almost…everything is a fight with the little these days :(

  60. all those little toes–so adorable.

    and i love the stickygrams idea for the fridge. think i might be getting some for mine :)

  61. You've probably said it a million times, but I would love to know what camera you use! You always have the lightest/ airiest photos without them being washed out. Adore all your photos.


  62. oh the baby toes I am dying over here!

  63. Try Brain Rules for Baby- goes through developmentally appropriate ways to raise a child ages zero to 5! Uses scientifically proven things not just somebody's advice. Great read!

  64. Also remember for tantrums- any attention (even negative ex: shouting) is attention which is what these toddlers want, which will only reinforce their tantrum behavior. Ignore bad behavior ( while of course making sure they're safe) and reinforce their good behavior!

  65. I can't get over home much Samson looks like E did! Your family is so lovely!
    The Glossy Life

  66. Marla

    They grow up tooooo fast! My advice as a mother of three ages 21,19 & 17…Cherish every single moment. It never gets easier, it's just the priorites that change. But seriously, I think you got it down better than most! True I dont know you but your pictures speak a thousand words…your childern look so happy and that my dear is all your doing (Josh too) !!!!

  67. Hannah

    i love you guys!!! i really do! thank you so much for sharing your life on the internet, letting us being a part of your awesome and truely great life. naomi thank you!!!

  68. Coryann

    What is it about those precious baby feet? ; )

  69. I'd recommend 1-2-3 Magic for parenting as well, as Love and Logic just DOES NOT work for a lot of kids. I speak from experience as a therapist who saw numerous frustrated parents who tried Love and Logic and were miserable. There are obviously many different parenting styles but I think having a lot of different tools in your belt is great. That way you can figure out what works now when they are more flexible with changes in the way things are done/framed.

    But remember too, lots of people don't read books and are wonderful parents because they continue to work through conflict and challenges with love and their children's best interests in mind instead of spite and anger. If you keep that thought in mind, you're unlikely to go wrong.

  70. Stella

    Samson looks SO much like Josh in that adorable picture.

  71. LOVE the stickygram covered fridge. So great for the kiddos. Happy fall in NYC.

  72. Aya

    So cute. And yes sassy! My best friend's 2-yo daughter told her yesterday that she was going to get a new mamma. And that she was going "to find it outside!" Where does the sass come from?! :)

  73. Love those sticky grams! What an adorable idea. And such sweet pics of your babies. :)

  74. Regan

    Your family is so precious! Always love your uplifting posts!

  75. Katie

    Adding "Parenting with Love and Logic" to my reading list … Thanks!

  76. This is so precious and it makes me remember why being a mother is such a great blessing! If you come by any great parenting books please do share! in my recent experience, three is proving to be much more of a challenge than the terrible twos!

  77. Lexie

    I love the tiny feet next to the McBook, your kids are adorable

  78. Samson is looking so grown up in these pictures! He is gorgeous, just like Eleanor!

  79. E watching the Panda cam is killing me! So precious. And I love her crayon scribbles. I mean, work of art. I wonder what age they actually start being interested in drawing and not eating the crayons. My little one 15 months still just thinks its food. So excited for what's next! But not the sass. Oh my, not that. She's already doing that!

  80. such sweet photos! and tell me about it…my daughter is as sassy as they come at only 19 months..sheesh!

  81. haley

    so beautiful! I am obsessed with your sticky-grammed fridge. what a great idea! and samson is already getting so big! crazy how quickly that seems to happen. hope y'all are having a lovely Tuesday!

  82. I love the jeans on Eleonor. She looks so cute. I need to buy one like those for my daughter! beautiful photos!