around this apartment…

samson’s toes! i could eat them. i really could.

just the cutest little face ever. with wispy alfalfa hair and slightly oversized ears. ;)

someone likes wearing mama’s shoes any chance she can get. part adorable. part oh-my-gosh-stop-growing-up-so-fast-miss-eleanor-davis.

i’ve been desperately reading up on all parenting material in my spare time the past few weeks as we begin this exciting yet very scary (and sassy? what the…) toddler phase.


a very tiny fridge covered in sticky grams from the past year…
we spend most of our mornings before 8am with crayons in hand.
eleanor watching the panda cam from the national zoo trying to spot mei xiang’s new baby panda (no luck!) but still happy as can be seeing a panda on screen!
  1. Emily

    Read 123 Magic. She might be a little young–I don't remember how old your little miss is–but if you start now, YOU'LL be in the habit of it when she can start responding to that kind of discipline. It's by Thomas Phelan.

  2. I Lelli

    Eleonor with your shoes is so adorable! My little Leo loves listening music from the IPad today he started the kindergarten …. a lot of wishes from Lelli, italian family

  3. Naomi, why do you have two web sites? One blogspot, and one .com?

  4. aww, cute little feet!
    and those sticky grams look awesome!
    xo, cheyenne

  5. ashieBee

    i fell in love with those instagrams photos on the fridge!!!!! so cute :D i want one!

  6. Ahh both sets of babies feet are adorable! So so cute :-) and I love the pics on the fridge, gorgeous way to display them!

  7. Naomi, how do you like the parenting book? My little girl is the same age as Eleanor and I've also been thinking lately that I need to get some great parenting tricks under my belt as she really starts to test the boundaries! Would be interested to hear your thoughts. :)

  8. Your posts are always very cute! But i would like it even more if you put more pictures of you! You are such à beautiful photogenetic lady with really inspiring style!

  9. So adorable! I love all these pictures and all the cute little toes!

  10. Corinne

    That is about the age I bought the same book to deal with the same issues with my oldest. He is a delightful boy now….:) I also love The 5 Love Languages of Children and The Power of Positive Parenting by Glen Latham. You are doing awesome.

  11. These are possibly the cutest pictures I have ever seen! Your family is beautiful! xo

  12. Love the fridge photos, reminds me of when you had chalkboards in your apartment kitchen- love how creative you are ha.
    p.s. E and S are growing so fast, two cute characters you have there.
    Natalie ♥

  13. Bonny

    I see you've already gotten tons of advice about the parenting books you should read, so I just thought I would add my all time favorite. The Power of Positive Parenting by Dr. Glenn Latham. He is or I should say was fabulous. He taught at USU for years and worked with behavior management. I'm sure you'll do good whatever choices you make guys make. Just the simple fact that you try so hard says tons.

  14. Caty

    Haaaandsome little man! And that photo of E's feet with the laptop looks like it could be an advertisement for Apple. :)

  15. Maddie

    I'm so glad that you promoted Love and Logic on your blog. As a teacher of K-12, their strategies are so helpful and their workshops are great, too. As a first time parent (Gigi is turning 4 months this Saturday!) I'm really looking forward to the toddler years :-)

  16. Abby

    I'm not sure if you've heard of the site but they have live animal webcams. There are a few panda cams from China on there. Miss E would probably enough the baby panda ones!

  17. Q

    your babies are beautiful!

  18. you are such a great photographer! i feel like all of your photos, even if they are of basic everyday things, seem so magical! how did you learn? are you just self taught? im so impressed. i would be very interested to know, i know you are so busy and tired, so dont stress it, but what camera you use and lens and all that- and if you do a lot of editing- but i just love all of your photos:) also doesnt hurt that you have beautiful models!! you have a beautiful family naomi! hope you are holding up okay with the new move and with josh being gone. ive told you this before, but i really mean it, i admire and respect you a ton for your devotion to high standard and your family. you can do it! pray hard:)

  19. Lena

    your apartment seems wonderful! i would love to see a little tour! but dont stress, we all know there are more importanat things in life, than blogging! :)


  20. i never found that walker at my babies r us but did find a cute one made of wood at ikea:

    just in case some other reader is interested! cuz seems like most walkers made from wood are hard to find or super expensive. :)

  21. SO ADORABLE. I'm at home, too, with the kiddos (including a 3 month old) while my husband travels for his firm. Thank goodness for green tea and bright NARS lipstick to balance the constant feeling of almost being out of control.

    Hey, have you read Maternal Desire or Simplicity Parenting? Both have been super influential to me.


  22. Min

    My mom teaches parenting classes using Love and Logic. It's such a great concept. I plan to read it before we have kiddos.

  23. ejndżel

    haha, my younger sister always assumes too big shoes like as the third image ;)

  24. Frau K.

    Love the instagramm idea, didn't see it before. But what I love even more are your shoes…

  25. Frau K.

    Love the instagramm idea, didn't see it before. But what I love even more are your shoes…

  26. Annie

    What do you think of the Love and Logic book? I too am entering toddler world and need all the advice I can get my hands on.

  27. Savoune

    haha i just talked in my blog about the instagram pictures magnets ! it is such a great invention. thanks for your pictures, i can see the results!

  28. awesome..the baby feet is too cute to handle

  29. Unknown

    I must have these! Such a great idea :)

  30. Unknown

    I must have these… such a great idea!