week one.

well, we’ve been back in NYC for about a week
and while there have been moments where
i didn’t think we’d survive week 1, here we are!


our house still looks like this….


but we’ve been eating a lot of this
to help ourselves feel better about it….

sister hannah is in town helping us with the littles
while we unpack and get situated.
she has stolen miss eleanor’s heart in the process.
in fact, i’m kind of not sure i’m her favorite anymore.
and like, i’m her mama.

the kids are loving it here.
for eleanor, so many pigeons to chase,
people to wave hello & goodbye to and trash to try and pick up
when i’m not on my mothering A-game.
toddler heaven for this little one.
as for samson, we’ve never seen him more wide eyed.
tall buildings and sky scrapers appear to be his thing.

josh made us our first meal in our new home and it was delicious!
he’s also a happy camper since there is
an aisle dedicated entirely to hummus at our grocery store.
don’t even get him started on the cheese aisle.
if you ever need to find josh, try the grocery store.

we’re really excited to be back.
we love you, new york. and we’ve missed you.

  1. New York looks so incredibly exciting…. Good luck on this new adventure!

  2. Jennie

    You make me want to live in New York. That is all.

  3. Abigail


  4. belle

    So excited for you! I'm raising my daughter here in NYC too, and I feel that it is such a gift to her to be able to grow amidst so much culture. Can't wait to hear more!

  5. so happy you guys are in NYC again so i can see pics of my favorite city all the time :)

  6. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures in NYC – I miss it! Best of luck to you and your family – moving is always an adjustment.

  7. Gah I miss New York so much, such a wonderful place to be. Im uber jealous. Can't wait to see lots more photos :)

    at-rubik.blogspot.com x

  8. What did Josh make? That looks delicious!

  9. It melts me to see you guys so happy, both here and on instagram. And your son! He is so adorable and reminds me of mine, who is one month older than yours :)

    I've always thought I'd live in a big city so I'll live vicariously for now through your pictures.

    -Karina Love

  10. Yannick

    That pasta dish looks delicious. Would you mind telling us the recipe?

  11. Lyndsay

    You and your sister look so much alike! As for the cheese aisles, the one in Westside Market is insane. If it's not the one you're referring to, you should definitely check it out!

  12. Hilary

    Mr. Samson is looking more handsome everytime i see him.

  13. Samson's little smirk is so cute!

    x's & o's

  14. Mariela

    So happy for you guys! enjoy your new home : )


  15. Steph

    So exciting! So great that your sister gets to come help you out during the transition :)

  16. Natali

    Awww, beautiful photos and you first meal in new apartment/ city looks super yummy :)
    It's so great to read that you've been having great time in NY :)


  17. Can't wait to move to NYC!
    you make it seem so exciting, even with kids!

  18. It's really good to know you have somebody from the family who visits and going along well with your kids.It helps a lot in almost all aspects.Wishing for a good vibes in your new home.:)

  19. Jay

    Yay – glad it's going well :D

    (My husband would be in heaven in an aisle of hummus too!)

  20. jenny

    The food looks amazing!!! What did he cook?

  21. hi-
    Long time reader but have never left a comment. I just have to know what your sisters purse is (strange question i know) and yum how about a recipe…that looks fancy…my family would be impressed:)

  22. Sarah

    You seriously don't know how excited I am as a reader for you. Moving always stirs up inspiration because it's a big change. I can't wait to hear more as the weeks go on. Especially about your new home! How is it you guys always find the best places for lighting and photography? Lucky!

    – Sarah

  23. AWE so glad everything is going great NYC IS MY FAVORITE CITY!

    XO, Adropofbliss.blogspot.com

  24. New York suits you and your little family! So glad you guys are loving it and keep up with the great pictures! :)

  25. Bev

    NYC just got luckier now that they have an awesome family like yours joining them :)

  26. Samson looks so cute in that last picture! He's got such character! Just like E!

  27. This is such a great post! I smiled and laughed so many times! I'm glad to hear you're happy with going back!! :)

  28. i'm so happy for you guys! it's funny how NYC steals your heart. amidst all the unpleasant things that come along with it (trash, homeless people, etc) there are things like a hummus aisle at the grocery store that make you think "THIS is why i love it here"…

    for us it's very similar.. i grew up in a small town in ohio where there's an ethnic SHELF in the grocery store, and within 4 blocks of my home in jersey city i have bodegas with everything, a big box grocery, a hispanic grocery, a vietnamese grocery, and there are serveral indian groceries a bit further…

    so, i feel ya, josh! going to the grocery in NYC (and surrounding areas) is like a kid in a candy store to us too ;)

    cheers :D

  29. Abby

    Josh should start a cooking blog and share the recipe for that meal! I looks delicious!

    P.S. I totally agree with him on the cheese and hummus thing.

  30. colleen

    welcome back! I'm glad to hear its going well, although I will miss your DC adventures. love all of your photos – your sister is gorgeous, no surprise since she shares your gene pool. have a wonderful weekend!

  31. kwerk

    I would probably never be found outside of an entire grocery aisle dedicated to hummus either. That just moved up to my number one thing to check out in New York.

  32. Janssen

    It just seems so right for your guys to be back in NYC.

  33. Cheeeese!!! I can't go a few days without it. Literally. It's kind of sad. Glad everyone is enjoying their new home! And that the little people are getting to spend some QT with their Auntie.

  34. SO fun! I am glad you guys made it. And I wish I could get my husband to make a meal like that. (or even just a meal!)

  35. Sparkle

    so glad u r doing well. oh and hannah is so pretty :)


  36. Shay

    What a fun adventure! Can you tell me what brand your stroller is? I'm looking at getting a double stroller before my new little one arrives and I love yours!

  37. lindsay

    so glad y'all are doing well in nyc. josh's dish looks yummy – want to share the recipe? :)

  38. Lottie

    well done on surviving the first week.

    and ia m still not sure what i hate more packing or unpacking.

  39. Yay! Sounds like you are settling in well!
    Looks like a nice bright flat with high ceilings .

  40. i am so looking forward to posts here on out! the davis family in nyc is the stuff of fairytales. and you know what — our apartment STILL looks like that. and we've had a good couple of months to get unpacked. it just takes time…as you know. : )

  41. good luck for your new ny life :)!
    p.s.=love last picture…

  42. zay

    wow it looks like a lot of work and also a lot of fun!

  43. tRiSh

    So glad you're settling in.
    I love Little S expression, he's really cute!
    And I've got to get some ShakeShack sometimes! Yum!

  44. Jenny

    Well done so far! Little Samson is gonna be a heartbreaker with a smile like his, for sure. I hope the rest of your settling in goes well! x


  45. Priya

    I just moved to NYC too! In my first week here, I walked around the whole of Manhattan it feels like. There's so much to explore!

    All the best with setting up the house.

    Sunshine Over The Mountains

  46. I cannot get over how cute E is holding Samson's hand in the stroller–too sweet! I'm so happy to see you guys back in NYC, and for a partially selfish reason–you always eat at amazing restaurants, and I can't wait to try some of them out. I'm in need of new eats!

    The Glossy Life

  47. Chelsea

    That is so cool! I can't wait to see more adventures of your family in NYC.

  48. Oh these pictures are lovely…I especially love your son's wide eyed look, how stinkin cute!
    I went to NYC once, all that hustle and bustle gave me a headache…you've gotta have a lot of energy in that city!

  49. Oh these pictures are lovely…I especially love your son's wide eyed look, how stinkin cute!
    I went to NYC once, all that hustle and bustle gave me a headache…you've gotta have a lot of energy in that city!

  50. ahhhh cant believe you guys are here!!!

  51. Mrs.Dr.

    the move is underway! looks great! wonder if we'll ever run into each other! enjoy NY!

  52. Thanks for the updates! I am having so much fun reading about your move and how you're all settling in. :)

    I am also loving your sister's hair colour! I have been looking for a picture of just that shade to show my hairdresser!

  53. Coryann

    What a blessing it is to have your sister there for help and support!

  54. Ashley

    so glad to see you guys back in nyc. being a long time follower..
    (2008) its fun to see you back in the city with the kiddos! Good luck to Josh and his new job! =)

  55. Katie

    Super excited to see what NYC has in store for you guys!

  56. Um, my mouth is watering with that pasta dish. Could you PLEASE share that recipe!?!?? Thanks! :)

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  58. Living vicariously through your posts and adventures. Lovely photos, truly captures the feeling of NYC (or at least that's what I think it is…)


  59. rawview

    God, what a journey. Terrific and terrifying. And oh how we all love NYC. Best place in the world, no? I´m just about to move myself, for the first time in my life I´m going to live by myself. All the best to you and your beautiful family. Can´t wait to see what´s next.

  60. That pasta looks soooo good. I sort of want to adopt your husband to cook for us. Can you adopt a grown man with a wife and two adorable children?

  61. welcome to nyc! looking forward to reading about y'alls adventures here. what neighborhood did you land in? i just moved to soho and am missing the shake shack in madison square park!!

    sweatshirt weather

  62. Kate

    Everyone needs a sister to help during moving!!! What a sweetie! I'm sure you're so thankful for her right now. Looks like you guys are doing great! can't wait to see a house tour. CHALK BOARD WALL???

  63. kwistin

    agh! as soon as you linked to the shake shack i immediately got jealous. eat a really good concrete on my behalf, if you ever need an excuse. :) though if you show a picture of it, i will likely salivate. embarrassing, i know.

    also, that samson is turning into such a handsome young dude, and eleanor is adorable as always.

    congrats on week one survival!

  64. Diana

    aww, that picture of eleanor holding samson's hand? so precious.

  65. so cute! you're making it work…i admire you.

  66. You are a terrific person. And mama! I love that you're taking on this adventure with two littles. Would you share the type of stroller you have? It looks amazing!

  67. Bri

    i'm so excited to hear more about your adventures in NY with you're adorable family! :)

  68. Oh my goodness, Samson's smirk is adorable!! and I love the Miss E holds his hand while in the stroller. haha

    Welcome back to NYC!


    brooke elyse

  69. Denise

    Glad to hear you survived week number 1!! Yay! Your post makes me want to sell my boring home in Utah and move to a big city. So fun!!

  70. Love the pictures! The picture of your sister Hannah, where did she get her purse?? It is so cute!

  71. Ash

    how lovely and exciting for you guys (: i can't wait for all your big city adventures!

  72. Marie

    Your sister looks like you! Vr pretty :)

    Samson and Eleanor's eyes are beautiful..

  73. Nikki

    I love, love, love how Eleanor holds Samson's hand in the stroller.

  74. I'm so jealous, I'm dying to get to NY as my old housemate from Melbourne is living there at the moment. Must save pennies!
    Looks like you will never twiddle your thumbs wondering what to do with the littles in such an amazing city.

  75. kristyn

    so glad you all are adjusting so well! it looks like the babies are quite happy and entertained :)


  76. Crystal

    Shake Shack! I miss it. I miss it so!

  77. Good luck over there!!

  78. Norbyah

    oh, the shake shack. one of my favorite things about new york. great pics.

  79. So.cute E holding Samsons hand in the stroller!

  80. you're doing it, you're doing it! your apartment looks so serene and beautiful, your sister is a hottie, samson is growing up too fast, and i can't wait to visit you guys. xoxo

  81. ps tell josh i remember the cheese sample hour at Westside market. Sometimes I wouldn't have dinner, I would just go have tons of cheese samples and go home and die happy. I miss NY and it's cheese obsession.

  82. yay! for a good first week. excited to read about your life in NYC. i didn't follow your blog when you lived there previously. hope you are framing that picture of S. that smile!

  83. a whole aisle dedicated to hummus?! hubba hubba.
    so glad your first week went well, can't wait to live vicariously through you in our new york adventure :)

  84. Josh should start a cooking blog. That pasta dish looks amazing!

  85. Hannah

    I know I'm a stranger commenting… but I am so excited to hear about New York! I love the city (went there a couple summers with ABT to dance) and have always wanted to go back and live there. So excited for you and your family

  86. Hope you are settling in okay- can't wait to see more photos of the new home, loved it when you were living in New York the photos were great and made me wish I was in New York with you! Can't wait to see you and the gorgeous family in the next post.


  87. awh its good to hear you all are happy to be back!
    it looks so great there.

    best wishes

  88. Oh how exciting! And what beautiful pictures! I'm glad the adjustment is going well. Blessings on this new adventure!


  89. You made it Naomi! :) So happy for you and Josh that you both found a place in New York between everything else that life threw at you for this big move. I just recently made a huge change similar to yours and still adjusting, but it's a good change for me. Thanks for sharing all this despite how crazy busy things must be at the moment!
    I'm Clare, by the way :) it's been really nice keeping up with your blog!


  90. kb

    keep the nyc city pics coming, you guys look great! i'm going to be up there tmr (and right in your neighborhood!) for a birthday but probably not enough time to swing in and say hi! will have to pick a weekend to come see you soon :)

  91. kb

    ps. it's kirby!