the worst haircut ever…

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still unpacking over here…
but we laughed until we cried last night listening to this piece and i knew i had to share. i can’t even choose which part is my favorite… pretty much every sentence that comes out of those little mouths is just priceless.
thanks to marissa for sharing this with me.
  1. Andrea

    Heard this a few months ago…such a hoot!!! "it was down to my hips" lol LOVE it!!

  2. Clio

    This is hilarious! Their little accents are the cutest!!

  3. Dianna

    tooooo funny.

  4. this is exactly what i needed on a day like today – too funny!
    thanks for sharing!!

  5. Shan

    Ah! I love this! And the radio reporter hails from Hartford, where I lived for four years while I was at school.

    I love what a sweet perspective the girls have on life. "That was really, really terrible, but everyone does that kinda stuff…once or twice…or three times in their life!"

    hahaha so cute!

  6. Yep, my husband and I died laughing over this a few months ago too. Those little voices kill me. :)

  7. Becca

    hahahaha, just sent it out to my whole family! thanks for sharing a laugh. :-)

  8. Karen

    Ha, that's great. My fave road trip was the one where we borrowed my parents' car which had an XM (sirius?) satellite radio channel of just PRX stories!

  9. A-freakin-dorable! I sent it to my whole office. So so sweet!

  10. "It was itching my hips" had me dying
    And "I hid the hair under the radiator." oh my heart! haha

  11. Haha what is this?! 'When did you realise something had gone wrong'….'this is bad, bad bad bad' hahah. Awww kids.

  12. That was about the best thing I heard ever. I love when my daughter says the most random of things.

  13. Hannah

    arww, this is soooo cute and awesome!!!

  14. Priceless!

  15. Coryann


  16. Lea

    "Her hair would like go into the toilet and that would be gross." Hilariously adorable!! I had just read of Kingsley's separation from your family, could sense your sadness, and then listened to this. I hope these moments of happiness keep you smiling!

  17. So adorable, I just had to share it on Facebook.

  18. "hair cutting takes a lot of concentration" hahahahaha.

  19. Kathy

    hahah this was so cute and hilarious at the same time.
    'It was itching my hips' hahah gotta love kid's honesty. Thanks for sharing! it made my morning :)



  21. I loved that! They are so bright!

  22. Mrs.Dr.

    hilarious!!! i enjoyed that, thoroughly.

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  24. that is the most hilarious thing!

  25. Marie

    Haha that was a really funny but adorable conversation :)

  26. tRiSh

    goodness, this is too cute!

  27. Beatrix

    This is so great! What a command of vocabulary for such young girls. I'm laughing into my morning coffee, thanks for sharing!

  28. Jessi

    "It was really itching my hips…"


  29. Lottie

    this made me laugh so much–"her hair would be in the toilet"–so funny.

    remind me of when my sister cut own fringe at four at it was short on one side and normal bang length on the other–my mum didn't know what to do as nothing would make it look better :)

  30. Shelby

    This was so funny! The logic behind there thought process is hilarious!

    Good luck unpacking… I am doing the same thing.


    Staying Optimistic

  31. Denise

    Hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

  32. Hi! I hope you will get rid of the boxes soon! :) It's nice to hear that your sister is helping out!

    As a dog owner I understand well that leaving Kingsley behind wasn't a easy decision.. But I think you shouldn't feel bad about it, you just did what was best for him! I can imagine having a dog in a tiny apartment full of boxes and two small kids.. that would be a mess!!

    One more thing, I just love your blog! And hope to have a cute family like yours in the near future, hih! ;)

    Lots of greetings from Italy!!

  33. Priya

    Found this a little while ago and YES it is the sweetest and cutest thing ever! Those girls are wise, and definitely articulate! Best of luck with all your unpacking stuff! Looks like the whole family is adjusting to NY quite nicely :)

    perfectly priya

  34. Sophie

    I love it when she says "like once or twice or three times in your life… or twice"