1. Faith

    beautiful photos! looks like such a great time.

    you have such a lovely family!

  2. love! it looks like it was a wonderful time!

    great photos–i love your family ;)

    alissa b

  3. those flowers are gorgeous!

  4. Alexa

    i need that burger right now and samson looks so much like josh's mom from a few posts ago! :)

  5. Awesome photos!!! Really truly looks like you and your family had a fab time. I <3 SF!!!

  6. Taylor

    Awesome! Sf looks amazing and the climate must be great.
    Cme enter my fashion illustration giveaway!


  7. anna

    these photos are just wonderful!!!! love you all!!!

  8. I love the double fisting it with the bebes. paci in one hand, drink in the other!

    ashlee @ somethingus.blogspot.com

  9. Monique

    certainly one of my favorite cities. lovely photos, san fran is bright and vibrant. look it at you flawlessly multi-tasking with paci in one hand and cup in the other. kudos and welcome to nyc

  10. Monique

    certainly one of my favorite cities. lovely photos, san fran is bright and vibrant. look it at you flawlessly multi-tasking with paci in one hand and cup in the other. kudos and welcome to nyc

  11. You can already tell Samson's gonna grow up to be a little heartbreaker- look at that face!! So cute.

    Love the pictures of E with her shopping too.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time in SF, maybe I'll get to go there myself one day. In the meantime, I'll have to make do with the UK!

  12. Tessems

    That is the greenest green cardigan that ever did green. As such, it's fantastic.

  13. Sarah

    These are so great!!! I was so hoping to go by bi-rites, but we didn't make it. I actually posted my SF trip I went on this weekend today =)

    – Sarah

  14. These are awesome photos and I wish I could just take vacation and go :) What are the restaurants you would recommend for anyone going?…and where did you guys stay? xx Jen

  15. love this! esp. the last two of E, and the one of your mommy-multitasking. so cute!

  16. Becca

    I'm pregnant with my second and we LOVE to travel (especially now that we live in Sicily!). You are an inspiration to keep hitting the road fearlessly.


  17. Robyn

    i don't know san fran-but it looks fab and you all look like you were having a blast

  18. that last picture is adorable! and your SF-posts make me want to go there so bad right now!
    xo, cheyenne

  19. your fam is adorable! love your new little guy :)

  20. I really need to go there!! great pictures x

  21. These photos are so special! You baby love is so hunky and dont even get me started on your lovely little lady!

  22. beautiful photos! love the family photo, eleanor touching water from the fountain, and you multitasking with the babies! LOVE it!

  23. Bethany

    San Fran was such a cool city! I loved it when we visited in June!

  24. Jenny

    It's so lovely to see Samson growing up so quickly already! Also watch out, the last couple photos could be an indication of a shopaholic in later life?… ;)


  25. beina

    You're a multitasking mom!!!
    Wonderful family!
    Buona settimana!

  26. The photo of your husband and the bearded gentleman is so great. I love dudes that seem to genuinely enjoy each other's company. Also, Eleanor is getting so big! What a doll.

  27. Little man is sure starting to look like big man!
    Cute photos. Adorable family fun always!

  28. so cute! what great pictures. must have been a really good trip.

  29. Priya

    What a gorgeous family photo in front of the Golden Gate! I just love it.

    perfectly priya

  30. We absolutely loved San Francisco, as well. (I hope to post pics from our trip soon on http://www.pumpstopumas.wordpress.com)

    Your family is so beautiful! I hope to share the same happiness that you have with my family someday! Keep up the posts. I really look forward to them!

    – Caitlin

  31. Marie

    Samson looks like he's trying to smile! So adorable. Eleanor looks really happy with the other toddlers :)

  32. Marie

    Oh and the last 2 photos of E is adorable!

  33. admin

    Gorgeous photos! you have a lovely family!

  34. Heather

    you know the old saying, "God never gives us more than we can handle" well,,,, there are days i know I wish he wouldnt have so much faith in me lolol. But you CAN do this!! Just realize that it wont be easy,but at least you are all togehtor :)

  35. Gorgeous photos–looks like you had a great time! I can't believe how big Samson is getting!

    The Glossy Life

  36. I love the one of you helping Eleanor with her drink and giving Samson his paci, classic mom moment. :o)

  37. Samson looks more and more like Eleanor with every post. Too precious!

  38. Honestly you and your family are just beyond adorable! It makes me so excited for when your little one arrives!

  39. haley

    Just gorgeous! All of the colors are stunning. And I love the picture of you, multitasking, and taking care of both of the babes…rockstar mama, for sure!

  40. I see that picture of you multitasking! ;)

  41. Gaby

    i love how most of eleanors outfits are things i would actually wear :) these posts are making me pine for sf!

  42. I love the blue building photo! so beautiful! :)

  43. Kym

    The photo of josh letting eleanor reach for the fountain, and the photo of you and samson are adorable. and that fam pic in front of the bridge is so awesome! a frame worthy one for sure.

  44. oooo this is my favorite bunch from your trip. such lovely colors! and that family photo in front of the bridge is perfect!

  45. Kym

    Oh that second photo is my favorite!

  46. liv

    your blog makes me happy- beautiful kids, beautiful pictures, lovely life. thanks!

  47. Ana

    hehe I love that shot of you doing double duty to both of your littles <3

  48. There ar e never too many photos!

  49. haley

    You guys always look like you have such a blast together :) Thanks for keeping all your readers in the loop!

  50. You're supermom with both babies in the photo at the table, and those last two of Eleanor are too adorable for words. Love your posts, as always!

    <3 Josephine

  51. Nay

    Is that cutie E ever NOT smiling? I don't think so… I love it!

  52. chrissy

    Beautiful family in a beautiful city! Great photos!

  53. Lovely photos, as always!

  54. Sher

    I love E's outfit poses ;)

  55. I love seeing my city through someone else's eyes! I spy that big blue house on 18th across from Tartine and the Oh Happy Day! kiddos! Cute! :)

  56. Bianca

    I love all the colours! especially the blues.

  57. San Francisco is probably my most favourite city in the world! No wonder you took loads of pictures. I had goosbumps looking through them….Your family is ADORABLE:)

  58. San Francisco seems like a really cool city.
    You took great photos. So good you had a holiday before your move.

  59. kate xx

    Gorgeous! Haha love the multi tasking with E and Samson! So cute! Looks like you had a fab time! :) x

  60. Nicole

    your trip looks like it was absolutely wonderful! all your amazing shots have made me want to make it a point to visit San Fransico someday , hopefully soon :)

  61. marla

    that picture of you helping E while holding the binky in …story of my life right now. great pictures!

  62. Harmony

    I discovered your blog 2 months ago.
    I love your pictures and your family, you look so happy, that makes me smile :)
    I'm french and was in L.A at the same time as you and was hoping to cross you in the street.
    Unfortunately I didn't.
    Keep going like that, I can't wait to see your adventures in NY! :D


  63. I just started reading your blog… more like zipping through your various photos and loving all of them, but I just had to say your photos of you and your children are amazing and you inspired me to rock the fedora, thanks!

  64. Too cute!! I just love how you dress E. :)

  65. Frances

    i love the san fran pictures! can I ask what type of camera you use Naomi? and what type of editing you do to your pictures if any?

    Thanks so much

  66. Beautiful photos of my favorite city!
    x's & o's

  67. colleen

    look at you multitasking! go mama go.

  68. Great city, looks like it has a Vancouver flair to it, or Vancouver has a SF flair

  69. pretty sure that San Fran is my most favorite US city. My hubby lives there, and walking across/photographing the golden gate bridge is my fave.

  70. just read an article about 4 million baby seats being recalled – it's a style made by Bumbo. just thought i'd pass the word around to you and all the other mama's out there. :)

  71. Just discovered your blog! Truely lovely photos, and a great inspiration for newly established Norwegian/british blog of ours.

    Note to self: become even better at documenting our everyday life and have fun fun fun in the process!

  72. Marla

    ive been kinda sad lately…i think it's cause i haven't been up to date on your blog lately. I just opened up your blog, saw your beautiful pictures and feel better already. :)

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  75. Sam

    Ok, that burger and fries looks crazy good! I'm so hungry now.

  76. …is it totally wrong if i'd actually wear e's outfit in the first photograph if it came in my size? i really love the snap of you multi-tasking with both the wee ones at the table. too cute.

  77. dilara

    you and your family are sooo freakin cute, i love all of your pictures and you're sooo great! i think your childrem are having a perfekt life.. :)) PERFEKT MOM AND DAD!:)))

  78. Cute- I love the network of Mormon mommy bloggers. Either there are some very close resemblance with her kiddos – or- I can see you got together with Jordan and her cuties. How do I tap into that network of fun blogger chicks? Oh, maybe I should start keeping up my own blog for starters ;)

  79. love this trip to SF! and your kids are amazingly cute!

    Dahlias are my fav flowers!!!

    Alessandra& 19mo Dahlia, from Italy.

  80. Miriam

    I LOVE the colour of your nails!
    Could you please tell me how it is called?
    Greetings from Germany! Miri.

  81. Miriam

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