a quick hello from our new home…

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we packed up the last of our belongings on friday before the sun came up and found ourselves back in new york city by the end of the day. there is an embarrassing amount of boxes currently taking over our new little space. it feels good to be back! the temperatures have been on the cooler side the past few days and i always fall hard for this city with weather like this (october, i cannot wait to see you here.) i have to admit, driving away from DC on friday gave me the biggest lump in my throat.... Read more

a little kingsley update…

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kingsley is staying with josh’s brother and sister-in-law in virginia for a little while. they are huge animal lovers, but their dog just passed away in the spring. without another dog to dote on and since their children are grown and no longer live at home, kingsley will be getting extra love and constant attention. kingsley gets his own big yard, his own dog run, plus his own bedroom!... Read more

a little good bye gathering…

we met up with friends in the park on sunday evening for a little good bye gathering. the people we have come across here in dc are so awesome. and they are what we’ll miss most about living here. but we know a lot of these friendships will last a lifetime (dc friends, right? RIGHT?!) so it’s not as difficult to leave… but still.... Read more

a big closet sale for a good cause!

in preparation to meet my new non-existent closet in nyc, i have been going through a lot of my clothing today and just put a bunch of it up for sale HERE. there are also a few other things for sale, like shoes and bedding and a baby mobile. all of the proceeds from this clothing sale will go to so others might eat, a local charity here in washington dc.... Read more