my little photographer.

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around the time eleanor turned 1, we noticed she took to imitating everything we did. it was kind of cute when she’d try to talk on the phone or cover her nose when she sneezed. and we would laugh with her (and we still do) when she’d do these sorts of things. but it’s almost scary how much she observes and picks up from us… nothing keeps you more in check than your little shadow who mimics your every move. just the other day she poured her glass of water on the floor and without thinking i reacted by looking at her and saying, “really? really?” in which she looked straight back at me and replied while she talked with her hands, “really? really?”
if there is anything i don’t want this child to pick up from me, it’s my quick temper and sass.
lately, she’s taken to carrying her camera with her everywhere she goes. snapping pretend photos of absolutely everything (even the floor. we call these photos her “ant” photos…) she often talks with her hands before she snaps the picture…as though she is ordering you to stand still, or move a little to the left. apparently, she must have an annoying blogging mama as her mother.

i caught a bit on video if you’d like to see. and below, eleanor taking a photo of her aunt hannah and baby brother. i’m tempted to give into it all and buy her a little disposable camera to take around with her. maybe when she is a little bit older and can really process it all.

  1. Okay this is the cutest thing EVER! I love her little wooden camera and her directing you before she shoots a picture, ah melt my heart! She just may be a natural ;)

  2. Sarah

    Whenever my little on imitates me I get all embarrassed and wonder "is that really what I look like when I do that haha! My 23 month old just said "goo-ness" when she fell over. She was saying oh my goodness lol!

    – Sarah

  3. abby

    Oh my gosh I am dying here…when she gives you direction on where to go and then flips the camera to the side and straight up…so perfect. And how sweet is that little girl's voice..thanks for sharing!

  4. Very sweet. We bought a similar wooden camera for our little girl at a music festival this year. She loves it. :)

  5. Oh give me a break! That is the cutest thing I've ever seen :)

  6. Coryann

    What a great little camera! Have you seen the wooden iPhone on etsy? It might be just the thing for Eleanor!

  7. Katie

    I just love this post, Naomi!

    Our daughter is 15 months old, and we call her "The Thinker" — She is ultra-observant, taking in everything we do. It's a lot of fun, and, as you say, keeps Mama and Dada in check!

    Thanks for sharing your precious moments with us!

  8. Diana

    omg, how adorable is she? Love her hand gestures!

  9. I love those wooden toys that she plays with…. So darling. Hannah looks great! I can't remember which ballet it was but my favorite dance she performed was when she was in that gold unitard with the leaves and flowers on it. My sister Ariel later did that part when she was older too! Why can I not remember the ballet??? Anyways, so fun to see all of your candid family pictures. Hope all is well!

  10. Amberly

    Omg, that is so cute. You should totally get her a real camera.

  11. Sophie

    God she's BEAUTIFUL.

  12. Jessica

    this is the cutest thing ever.

  13. What a muffin. I don't even have a blogging excuse for being an annoying momtographer! Ha. I mean, I blog lightly and all, but am certainly in her face with a camera more than that can justify. ;) she'll so appreciate all those photos one day!! – and who knows, maybe you even sparked her love for photography! So fun to watch them become their own. :)

  14. My mom found a cheap $20 digital kid's camera at Staples and got one for my niece and she really loved it. I think it held around 20 photos, which is perfect because they can see what they take (and some of her pictures are really good, especially of our dogs because she's on their level) but it it's not overload to delete like the time my niece got a hold of my camera and filled a 2 gig card before I noticed.

  15. Loulou

    I think that's just wayyy tooo high on the cuteness scale! How precious is this little one.


  16. this is SO adorable!! seriously! can't get over how precious she is!

  17. ha, how cute. "oo da dooo, doo, da do gat"

  18. Taza, there are children's cameras that come all rubberized so that they can drop all they want and nothing will happen. The girl I nanny has had once since she was at least 4. I'm pretty sure its by VTech. Too cute by the way!

  19. she sure is lucky to have such an amazing mama to look up to!! :)

  20. OMG!! How cute is that?
    And how scary!! :)

  21. Emily

    Cute! Oh and they do make toddler cameras that can apparently be dropped down the stairs (according to the picture on the box ha). My daughter got one for Christmas and has a lot of fun with it. She's about a year older than E.

  22. Priya

    That is too funny, especially the little story about her imitating you! It's crazy to think how impressionable young kids are. She is adorable, of course, with that little wooden camera. Wants to be just like her blogging mama!

    perfectly priya

  23. isabel

    we too are in the imitation phase with our son! i love this so much and it brings tears of joy (and incredible laughter) with it!

    E looks cute with her camera!

  24. i totally just died from cuteness. LOVE the direction! She soooo knows exactly what she's doing.

    ashlee from
    [email protected]

  25. Meg

    Ok, that's pretty much the cutest thing ever. I'd love to see her real attempts someday when she gets that disposable :)

  26. Shannon

    my little nephew is wondering if e has plans this weekend. He is blonde, two, loves nursery and balls and he thinks she is really cute. Zac enjoys flexing his big muscles, and he wants e to know that they are really big. Hope e likes that kind of a guy. Let me know if she's interested and he'll pick her up on his red tricycle before bathtime. ;)

  27. Gus

    I cannot stop laughing she is the cutest little girl ever. Love this post. Don't be discouraged Naomi you are a great mom and work so hard! You are an amazing roll model and one little reaction doesn't make you a bad one! Love your blog so much!

  28. the "really?! really?!" anecdote cracked me up! i think it would be adorable to see the world through e's lens. :) i say you give her a disposable!

  29. the "really?! really?!" anecdote cracked me up! i think it would be adorable to see the world through e's lens. :) i say you give her a disposable!

  30. This is so freakin' cute. I love that she gives direction on what y'all should do and then goes back to taking pictures.

  31. please do let her have some sort of real camera! my godson was allowed to use a camera from the time he was two, and his mother would post the pictures he took. it was incredible to see the world from his height and the things that were important to him.

  32. unbelievably cute! she's too little!!!!!

  33. Alyssa

    this is absolutely the cutest.

  34. marci

    Wow! This might be the cutest thing ever! You might have a future photographer on your hands. :-)

  35. sinika

    That is beyond cute! I'm always amazed at the good shots my little boys get with my camera…

  36. Elle

    She is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely a future photographer (:

  37. yes, yes, yes! get a camera in those little hands EARLY. when i've got a wee one, i'm going to get him/her a cheap film camera…i'd love to see what the world looks like from way down there, and he/she will treasure those snaps forever.

    p.s. hannah looks so beautiful…but, hey, we already knew she was a show-stopper.


  38. Corinne

    That is SO adorable. I feel your pain about them watching everything I do! Its a little scary sometimes. :) But she is super lucky to have you to look to. You are doing a fantastic job as her mother.

  39. Kristal

    Wow, she is just precious!

  40. oh my goodness! that was just beyond adorable! it really is crazy how much of our mannerisms and actions they devour and mimic. i definitely try to be on my best behavior when my 18-month-old is watching :)

  41. Kym

    so funny! that wooden camera is on my son's christmas list. he is only a few weeks older than Eleanor and he already says "cheese" when he see my camera, and asks "mama, peeture?" it's so funny how much they pick up on. i love the inflection in her voice in that video clip, and how she turns the camera :) she'll be an old pro in no time!

  42. so adorable! …but shes got the gift!, the way she closes her 1 eye & flips the camera back & forth proves it!!…so cute!!

  43. RoselyC

    She is such a cutie. Love her camera by the way.



  45. Carley

    SO cute!! love that wooden camera. and Eleanor is just turning into the prettiest little lady!!


  46. this is pretty much the most adorable thing i've ever seen. so cute!

  47. kirsten

    so very cute!

  48. Mariana

    Too cute!! :)

    And yes, it is almost scary how much they observe and pick up from us!?

  49. Our son is close to her age and doing things like this as well! Gosh – that video is so darn cute.

  50. yenaled

    you are obviously a fantastic mother. you are giving little e the tools she will use later on to express herself! this is an amazing gift to pass on to someone so young.

    you are so lucky to have such a special daughter.

  51. I just died.


  52. JOE

    this is too adorable <3

  53. Jenna

    So cute Eleanor! You will pick up plenty of fine qualities by following your mom's example.

  54. i agree with some of the other posts – you gotta get that girl a real camera!

  55. i can never get tired of reading about eleanor.she's so adorable, i think im in love with her.

  56. That's hilarious. This is one of the main reasons I'm terrified to have children – I definitely don't need to keep my annoying quirks going generation after generation.



  57. okay, this post has got to be the cutest thing I ever did see. Her little photo skills, demands, and precious moments captured of her aunt and baby brother….too cute for words!
    that video has got me smiling from ear to ear. love her litte "demands" ;)
    xo TJ

  58. kelsey

    this has been one of my favorite posts! be sure to post some of eleanor's pics when she does finally get her first camera :)

  59. Crystal

    Haha her pose in the first photo! That's how you know she's a pro! Us photographers will get into whatever position to get the shot :)

  60. Marie

    The videos are just too cute! Really adorable & priceless moments ;) my child loves to use his fake hp as a real hp & he pretends to take photos with it. Hahaha :)

  61. GA DA DO DA
    DO DA GA DA.

  62. how cute! a little artist in the making.
    xo, cheyenne

  63. Yes this soooo true. Kids are like sponges. I always find it odd how many parents say "where on earth did she get this" and yet the kid is doing exactly what the parent is doing.

  64. Mariela

    Aww! cute!!

  65. this is the sweetest, most precious sight!

  66. E is an adorable little girl. If you don't mind me asking I'd love to know were you found the wooden camera? I love to get it for my grandson & granddaughter! God bless your beautiful family!

  67. Naomi! I just love your blog and the way you share your story. I have yet to introduce myself in the comments, but today I just have to chime in. I love how handing cameras over to children offers incredible insight into the way these little people see the world! I work with elementary aged children (in the US and Tanzania) on a program called Literacy Through Photography. E's a little young for this now, but I think it might be something that interests you down the road! Between now and then, it might be time to get that sweet little girl a real camera :) Thanks again for all that you put into this blog.

  68. Natalie

    Can I have her?? This video is absolutely adorable!!! Hope the move has been seamless and your enjoying my old home! I just left NYC for my next chapter (in Boston) with my pup and I can't imagine it with two babies!!!!

  69. kristyn

    this is precious!


  70. Colleen


  71. Nanda

    "…and can really process it all." dry pun … I love it! How has no one caught that yet? Clever ;)

  72. she is so sweet!

    my kids are 7 and 4 and utterly on the edge from me, snapping pictures every moment of our day.

  73. I really, really :) looooove this post. She is the sweetest, little thing. And what a wonderful hobby to mimic: photography.
    I adore this blog. Excited to see more photos of NY, too.

  74. Oh my gosh, so so so so cute! X

  75. i die how she knows to take vertical photos and horizontal photos, and she also ZOOMS! oh that little e is such a funny girl!!


  76. Mel

    This is definitely one of my favorite posts from rockstar diaries! And E looks like a model baby in that second photo! such a doll!!

  77. How precious is this photo, so sweet xx

  78. Lauren

    So cute! I love her little camera!

  79. Oh you really should get her a disposable! She'll be able to look back on the photos she took before she could hardly talk. I have some I took when I was like 6 and they are funny enough. :-) So adorable.

  80. what a cute little lady. she will be just like her mommy!

  81. chloe

    I love Eleanor's vidoes!
    She just makes my heart squirm.
    I don't think there's anything cuter than her >^.^

  82. How cute is your little girl! I love that she is a budding photographer. And yes it's scary how much kids absorb and imitate. But also super cute! When they are not picking up our bad habits. LOL!

  83. Kathryn

    absolutely adorable!