my little photographer.

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around the time eleanor turned 1, we noticed she took to imitating everything we did. it was kind of cute when she’d try to talk on the phone or cover her nose when she sneezed. and we would laugh with her (and we still do) when she’d do these sorts of things. but it’s almost scary how much she observes and picks up from us… nothing keeps you more in check than your little shadow who mimics your every move. just the other day she poured her glass of water on the floor and without thinking i reacted by looking at her and saying, “really? really?” in which she looked straight back at me and replied while she talked with her hands, “really? really?”
if there is anything i don’t want this child to pick up from me, it’s my quick temper and sass.
lately, she’s taken to carrying her camera with her everywhere she goes. snapping pretend photos of absolutely everything (even the floor. we call these photos her “ant” photos…) she often talks with her hands before she snaps the picture…as though she is ordering you to stand still, or move a little to the left. apparently, she must have an annoying blogging mama as her mother.

i caught a bit on video if you’d like to see. and below, eleanor taking a photo of her aunt hannah and baby brother. i’m tempted to give into it all and buy her a little disposable camera to take around with her. maybe when she is a little bit older and can really process it all.

  1. Lizzy


  2. Jay

    That is adorable!

  3. a little artist already! how perfect! the 3 year old I nanny carries a camera around regularly and takes some pretty impressive photos! can't wait to see what miss e comes up with in the future!

  4. jackie

    So stinkin cute. But it is scary to think about how much they pick up on! I had a moment a few years ago when I realized that my 5 years younger sister mimics me and it really makes you stop and think, doesn't it?

  5. kate xx

    Such a cutie! xx

  6. CGC

    I love how she changes from horizontal to vertical and back again. A real artist at work!

  7. My now 7 year old has had her small digital camera since she was 3 and we've got the funniest photos taken by her plus some very good ones. She'll treasure them when she's older.

  8. You should give her disposable camera ! :) It can be really fun :>
    Camera is the best toy ever !
    hahahaha :>
    Have a nice day !

  9. You should give her disposable camera ! :) It can be really fun :>
    Camera is the best toy ever !
    hahahaha :>
    Have a nice day !

  10. You should give her disposable camera ! :) It can be really fun :>
    Camera is the best toy ever !
    hahahaha :>
    Have a nice day !

  11. Marie

    Aaaww soon she'll be starting her own blog & writing about her family! :D

    The video is just too cute & precious ♥

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  13. this is the CUTEST THING EVER!!!

  14. That video of her is adorable! I love the way she turns the camera and everything, so creative already!


  15. Jean

    this is so sweet. they really do mimic you, it's no joke.

  16. Chelsea

    That is hysterical, I love how she turns the camera back and forth between horizontal and vertical. So funny– looks like she's adjusting the focus too! Adorable.

  17. Eeny

    So adorable.
    The little girls I used to be a nanny for had a kids digital camera. They looooved it. I think it was from vtech. Really durable and perfect for little tiny hands. It has a little screen where they can flip through their pictures and you can upload them to the computer. Cutest thing to see the world through the eyes of little kids and have it documented in their own pictures.

  18. these pictures are precious!

  19. Reny

    Cute! :*

  20. whitney

    one of the best things my family did was let me use a camera when I was small. kids aren't often allowed to use them because they're expensive and fragile but my parents invested in disposables and then some cameras specifically designed for children. after awhile they bought me better models and because I loved taking photos so much, I took care of them. I think it's absolutely AWESOME that you're letting her play with her camera toy and I think "giving in" with a disposable is a great idea!!

  21. Sparkle

    she is just the cutest one! :)


  22. She is absolutely adorable! I love how she does seem to be telling you how she wants the picture :)

    I remember my parents did get me a kids-oriented camera when I was little, and disposables as well, so much fun…

  23. i love it… my nephew has started replying in gibberish, just complete gibberish, whenever you ask him a question. but, he uses his hands and changes the tone of his voice as if he's actually saying words… it's TOO funny. that's my favorite game whenever i get to skype with my big bro, "ask ryker a question" haha.

    cheers :)

  24. Kristen

    Cutest thing EVER!!!

  25. susanB

    my parents gave me a cheap camera when i was little, and i just loved it. in fact, i have a photo album with all the pictures i took with that camera. i hope your daughter's love of photography continues as she gets older!

    by the way, sass is good :D

  26. Kat

    so effing cute!!!!!!!

  27. that video! i love how she is turing the camera..too cute!

  28. Jenne

    aaaaw, how cute!!!

  29. that is amazing! you're so right naomi…she does have an annoying blogging mama! haha the way she used her hands and directed and turns the camera….like a pro! she's going to be something so special.

  30. Ashlae

    Adorable! Fisher Price make a great (and durable!) digital camera for kids. They're around $40 and completely worth it. I've gotten them for all the little ones in my life.

  31. incredibly cute :)

  32. Oh my goodness. She's TOO adorable. The way she directs her subjects and then turns to camera to capture landscape and portrait views. She really doesn't miss a beat, does she?

  33. she is so precious!

  34. I say do it! Buy her a cheap little camera. Won't it be fun and worth it if she actually catches a good photo? :) What a fun age! :)

  35. BethAnn

    This absolutely made my morning! Perfect way to start off a Monday and work week. How silly she is. I wonder what her blog name will be? ; )

    Have a beautiful Monday!

  36. Adorable!! She is sooo cute! ♥

  37. Sini

    She is so cute!

    With what you took the video, is it with your phone or real video camera? I like the result, the colors are nice.

  38. Smotzy

    Think you would get the best pics ever if you gave her a kid-proof camera!! She can get into angles…

  39. Ana

    this is the CUTEST! oh my gosh! our son does the same thing, imitating everything. I didn't even realize it all until my husband {in a minute of frustration} snipped at me "its like I have two Anas!" … yikes. its true. the little completely picked up on my quick temper and extreme stubborness. I need to tone it down

  40. ah that little girl of yours, she is a doll

  41. Zoë

    Oh my goodness, Naomi! E is growing up so fast. I love her directing the shot in that video, like a little fashion photographer… Amazing! What a nice Monday Morning post!

    waiting for kittenheart

  42. Annie

    oh my goodness, this is too adorable.

  43. she is amazing!
    she even closes her eye to take a picture!

  44. Awwww so cute :)

  45. Haha she is just toooo CUTE for words!


  46. Hannah

    naomi, this is soooo cute and adorible and gorgeous and wonderful, i am soo in love with this little tiny girl and i am so glad that you share your life with all of us….
    i remember my little twin sisters, they always wanted to do what i was doing, like helping with the dishes and wearing a little BRA…
    maybe e. is going to be a photographer one day… she got the obsetion and telent from her mother and maybe she does something with it and we're allow to visit the Eleanor Davis photo exhibition in 30 years or something!

  47. holtkamp

    she is too cute!

  48. Eleanor is always adorable as she is! Yes I agree!Our little's is our shadow, so I'm careful about the words and behavior that our child can adopt thru us and to the environment she's mingle into.

  49. I love that wooden camera!!! Where did you find that? My son would go crazy for something like that!

  50. Wendi

    Gosh, these pictures are sweet! Seeing how E is learning and growing is definitely an encouragement for someone like me who is still a little frightened of motherhood. But there is so much joy in re-living your childhood by creating a wonderful one for your littles! Thanks for the reminder, Naomi.

  51. she is so cute bless her :) love your new place in NY looks amazing give some tips on finding a good place in the City I'm moving there soon and never lived in the usa :) xx

  52. she is so cute bless her :) love your new place in NY looks amazing give some tips on finding a good place in the City I'm moving there soon and never lived in the usa :) xx

  53. She is one of the most beautiful little girl I saw in my life!!!

  54. As mentioned above, I think a Vtech or Fisher Price Digital Camera would be great.
    It reduces waste and you will enjoy it for years, maybe even hand it to Samson later on… and you can even make little films with them.

  55. Awww, she's adorable! I can't wait to see her own photos one day :)

  56. Lauren

    My daughter Sadie also had a facination with cameras. She just turned 5 Saturday and we gave her one of our older (but still nice) cameras for her birthday. She LOVES it! It's cool to see things from her perspective. Lot of pictures of our pug, ha ha.

  57. OOOwwwn So adorable!!!!
    I loved ♥

  58. Chelsea

    she is just precious!

  59. Lol when you think she cant get any cuter… seriously adorable! :)

  60. Marissa

    Absolutely adorable!
    I too was a photog child! I would "take" pictures with my eyes. Turned into a life time love of photography and taking photos. Keep encouraging it! :)

  61. Jacque

    I'm dying! That is beyond cute!

  62. what a cutie!! future photographer??

  63. Erin

    She is beyond adorable!

  64. Haley K

    beyond precious! like you said, knowing our little ones are watching and copying our every move is quite intimidating. but cheers to her following in your fabulous photography footsteps! :) that video was too darling for words, I especially loved that she turned it vertical, then horizontal, then vertical…making she it was just right. ;) and I say you should totally get her a disposable camera! how fun would it be to develop them and show her when she's older how creative she was even as a wee one! :)

  65. Jenny

    Oh my. I love how she turns the camera around, portrait to landscape. Hilarious! What a little muffin!!

  66. Dianna

    E is the cutest!

  67. Dianna

    E is the cutest!

  68. Dianna

    E is the cutest!

  69. that is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

  70. Hillary

    You need to get her a little camera. Pictures little kids take are the best. Seriously. :) They see stuff that we don't notice, and at a different level. You'd be impressed.

  71. This is ADORABLE! That video made my day! I love how she walks side to side, getting all the angles and turns her camera and twists the lens. SO cute! She's definitely got her eye on you. :)

  72. Francis

    Aww. She's so precious.

  73. carissa

    my heart! i just want to hug her- that is too much! miss you guys.

  74. Alisa

    So sweet!

  75. She's such a doll, Naomi!

    My niece was the same way at the age. Her daddy is a professional photographer and she grew up from the get go with a camera in her face. At five she actually can snap a decent photo with her own digital camera! :)

  76. Hahaha this is so cute. I love how she changes the direction of the camera from horizontal to vertical and back and forth. A very observant little lady. :)

  77. Betsy

    This is ridiculously cute.

  78. She is so cute!

    My 3 year old daughter and 2 year old son both love taking photo's on my phone, they've taken some pretty good shots lol