my little photographer.

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around the time eleanor turned 1, we noticed she took to imitating everything we did. it was kind of cute when she’d try to talk on the phone or cover her nose when she sneezed. and we would laugh with her (and we still do) when she’d do these sorts of things. but it’s almost scary how much she observes and picks up from us… nothing keeps you more in check than your little shadow who mimics your every move. just the other day she poured her glass of water on the floor and without thinking i reacted by looking at her and saying, “really? really?” in which she looked straight back at me and replied while she talked with her hands, “really? really?”
if there is anything i don’t want this child to pick up from me, it’s my quick temper and sass.
lately, she’s taken to carrying her camera with her everywhere she goes. snapping pretend photos of absolutely everything (even the floor. we call these photos her “ant” photos…) she often talks with her hands before she snaps the picture…as though she is ordering you to stand still, or move a little to the left. apparently, she must have an annoying blogging mama as her mother.

i caught a bit on video if you’d like to see. and below, eleanor taking a photo of her aunt hannah and baby brother. i’m tempted to give into it all and buy her a little disposable camera to take around with her. maybe when she is a little bit older and can really process it all.

  1. Oh my goodness, i absolutely love seeing young kids loving cameras. It makes me so happy :)

  2. JULE




  3. So cute! I love when kids start mimicking adult mannerisms, haha.

  4. photo genius!!!! sooo cute!

    p.s. my daughter dahlia has the same zara t-shirt!

  5. braids

    Blogstalking alert!
    I need to know where you got that camera!!! I love it!
    Sorry if you have already answered this question.

  6. so cute, I love your photos

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  8. Hey .
    I am " Nutella " and i am Poland .
    I love your's blog .
    Eleanor is very very sweeett ♥
    Regards <333