1. That bottom left one of Josh and E is so timeless! Looks like it was a great time in California.

    And now I want ice-cream.

  2. love your little family!!
    glad you had a blast.

  3. Tori

    LOVE your pics!

  4. Beautiful photos as always. E.'s smile always cheers me up. :)

  5. DaNelle

    Love hearing about all your adventures…it's true I live vicariously through you, the farm just keeps us too busy to travel;)

  6. looks like you have a great time in LA LA land! I just love that signature lion hat :)

  7. You cuties never cease to make me smile! So glad y'all had a good time!

  8. Jess

    so cute!

  9. This makes me want to go so badly!!

  10. Sarah

    Looks like you had a great time!!! Makes me miss both of those places even though I'm on vacation lol. LA will always be home, but the bay area is growing on me too. I want to visit that smitten place. After I looked it up it looks super new.

    – Sarah

  11. how is it possible that eleanor's sad face is maybe even cuter than her happy face?

  12. you dont even look like you had a baby! what's your secret??

  13. hands down, most stylish children ever. love!

  14. i SO look forward to your posts of your beautiful family! btw we are phone cover twins!!

  15. Loulou

    Great pictures. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Love the one of cute little Eleanor and friend at the yellow table!


  16. What a beautiful depiction of sweet family life.

  17. Kathy

    these are such lovely photos! It looks like you guise had a wonderful time in California! aw e's sad face is so cute haha.Samson is looking more handsome by the day! :)

  18. CMS

    Please read: josh's glasses found! Hi, Naomi– my girlfriends and I are grabbing a beverage at Capitol lounge and spotted Josh and your sweet children. He was far too kind to us and entertained all of our questions! However, after they left my co-worker, Michael noticed that he left his sunglasses. What is the best way to get those back to you all? I live and work on the Hill, happy to drop them wherever.

    I can't underscore enOugh what a treat it was for us. Thank you all for sharing your lives– a wonderful model for a loving family. Glad you had a safe trip! Cassie

  19. Lisa

    I'm passing on the comment on your happiest/cuttiest children ever (they give me stomach butterflies in these pics, oh common !!)
    I have one question : How on earth did you manage to pack for yourself and your 2 lovelies (let's assume Josh is a minimal packer) for 10 days for sun and for rain for beach and for hanging around and meeting friends?? I don't believe I can see everything in the airport pic, right ?

  20. haley

    Such precious moments! Both Samson and E are too cute for words. I can't wait to visit California…heading out that way in a couple of months for a friend's wedding. Looks like a beautiful place all around.

  21. Ellen

    It's a little embarrassing to note this, but did Eleanor get to meet Ruby? I recognize Joy's wallpaper and well, Ruby, another super cute baby! How fun!

  22. colleen

    Eleanor makes the best faces. so earnest when reaching for the food at the mexican restaurant! what a cutie.

  23. {alice}

    So precious!!

  24. Meg

    That pic of E all sad bc she can't touch the pigeons makes me smile every time. Mo Willems should write a children's book just for E: "Don't Let the Baby Touch the [email protected] ;)

  25. Bethany

    Such lovely photos, my dear!

  26. You have such a beautiful family. May you all always be blessed with love, strength, and contentment. Xoxo

  27. You have such a lovely family! I can never get over how pretty you are, and how adorable Eleanor is. Lovely pics. x

    Kate {Modette}

  28. Beautiful pictures, beautiful family. Xo

  29. I think this is the first time I've seen E look sad. You must be doing something right :)

    Samson is such a gorgeous little boy!

    Great pics x

  30. Love these pictures. You have so beautiful family!



  32. Looks like you have a vacation blast!Great family, great time. All your pics are adorable.:)

  33. So lovely, Kiss from portugal

  34. Klér

    lovely <33

  35. one of my favorite cities! we try to make it out there yearly.

  36. I was recently directed to your Instagram account by my sister and then clicked over to your blog. Love your adorable family & thank you for sharing them with us! In addition to this, please do tell where you found your cute iPhone case – the colors & stripes are great!
    Thanks & have a wonderful weekend!


  37. Karin

    Your family is just so sweet. And I spy baby Ruby…Eleanor cracks me up in this photo "Hello, remote control…is anyone there?". :)

  38. lovely pics!

    can i ask what baby carrier that is you have for samson? (the body wearing one)

  39. i can't even pick a favorite, these are all just way too fabulous for words! how beautiful!!!
    your trip looks like a dream.
    xo TJ

  40. the little samson definitely looks like a lot to Eleanor !

  41. Svenja

    Never get enough of your beautiful family. :)
    Greets from Germany again

  42. Wow, what a wonderful holiday you guys are having! I love these pics, such love and holiday frivolity, can't wait to visit the States one day.

  43. Ray

    Looks like a fun trip where special memories were made. Your family is beautiful!

  44. You are such an inspiration! I am reading your blog for such a long time now, when you guys were still in NYC, and you were studying…
    I once contributed to your happy lists a while ago too!
    You have come so far. I almost felt like dropping you a longer email but with that many readers by now and the move and being mum of two its only fair if I sum everything up in a comment instead! Best of luck with everything!

  45. Saar

    I really really really like these posts! :D They make me smile all the time I really don't know why!
    You all look so happy!

    love, Saar

  46. Unknown

    I've been reading your blog for ages, but this is my first comment! I am so glad that you went to my neighborhood ice cream place! I love Smitten (and Ritual coffee in the adjoining shipping container). Your family is so lovely! :)

  47. Jenny

    Eleanor has the funniest expressions, even the frowny-face picture made me crack up! Your family is a joy to read about, thank you for sharing everything that you do with us. x


  48. kendal

    so darling, and where is your grey beanie from? it's perfection.

  49. kendal

    darling, and where is your grey beanie from, it is perfection!

  50. I see you enjoy Mexican food :) the best right? Lol

  51. Maggie

    I love love love your iphone case, where did you get it? Such wonderful pictures, all of them!!!

  52. so many beautiful moments. e & a friend at the kitchen table? my heart's flown away.

  53. Such lovely photos! X

  54. so many beautiful moments. e & a friend at the kitchen table? my heart's flown away